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How do I tell friend and family how good this diet is for me if I look like HELL?

Seriously, I look like I am eating things that are bad for me. My face is covered with a rash, and my neck, its not acne, it is red and speckled all over. For a while when I first started the diet, my face really cleared up. I thought I had Rosecea before, but it completely went away, and NOW its worse than ever. I keep getting advice on here to keep plugging away at the diet, and it will sort itself out. Its good advice in theory, but its been MONTHS, and not much of a sign that things are improving.

I did an 8 day stay on banana island, and not much improvement. I mainly mono meal, and when I do combine, I am conscious of the rules. I drink plenty of water. I try to get enough sleep, but with a busy hectic life, I am sure I don't get an optimal amount.

Everyone asks me if I am allergic to something, and I say "yeah, probably, I just wish I knew what it was. I must be allergic to fruit, cuz thats all I eat"...it might be nightshades, it seems like it all started when I ate a ridiculous amount of tomatoes this summer. Yes, SUMMER, this started the end of August, beginning of September, and its almost January. I went raw in April this year, so in 3 and a half months, I will be raw for one year.

My new years resolution is to cut out the overts all together.
But, how am I supposed to feel good about what I am doing, if I feel like it might not be working for me considering how I look. And how am I supposed to tell my family and friends that I am OK, and that this diet is NOT hurting me, because it looks like I am falling apart. I feel pretty good, so I know that I want to continue, I am not giving up or anything, just frustrated, and feeling a bit let down.

I need inspiration, does anyone have a success story they can share, or any advice on what foods I should be cutting out or adding in?
I am thinking that I need B vitamin rich, beta carotene rich, and zinc rich foods. Any others?

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I figured that if I go, I would be bringing a fruit salad of sorts, and hoping to shed light on some about my path, since they are already part way there, right? I mean, when I first went raw, I indulged in many gourmet type meals, before naturally gravitating towards 811. I assume that many in the group are only a percentage raw, and maybe just striving towards raw. I met someone who is in the group at the Green Owl, where I work, but he ordered cooked food, so... Soon we will be having more raw on the menu, and also having a night a week that we have raw specials. I will be sure to make an announcement on the meet up board when we do that.
There are a few of us who are 100% raw, but most people just dabble in it. I'm looking forward to the Green Owl adding a few raw entrees. I can imagine how much work it is getting a new restaurant up and running. Its nice having a raw enthusiast working there, and a low fat one to boot.
Madison's city water is very poor. One of the guys in the Meetup Group distilled some of it and it left a nasty goo in the bottom of the distillation kettle. I've also tested it with my ppm equipment and it has a LOT of gupe in it. I even try not to shower in it too often.
yeah, I remember a few years ago the whole Manganese scandal. The report was fudged to read just under the acceptable ppm, when it was actually WAY higher. I usually fill jugs at springs when I can, or get the reverse osmosis water from the CoOp. I used to have one of those shower filters, I should get another one. Not only is the shower filter great for cleaning the water that hits your skin, but when we are in a hot steamy shower, we are breathing the vapor water droplets, full of heavy metals, and other impurities in tap water.
I hope it all clears up. Its very frustrating when your chosen path doesn't seem to be getting you where you want to go. I don't know what is causing the challenges you are faceing - I'll leave it to the experts to help with that. I just wanted to say that I hear your frustration and hope that it gets sorted soon. Have a Merry Christmas
Exercise does wonders for my skin, as well as sunshine. I'm afraid you're going to have to earn this one. People are very judgemental of outside appearances. The best you can do to show them your diet and lifestyle are healthy is to be a shining visual example of health, vitality, and fitness. A healthy positive attitude is a must as well.
I agree, I know I slowed down on my exercise since the snow came, I need to make it to the gym more. I also started working two jobs recently, and am finding less time to work out for a descent amount of time. Now that the holidays are about done, I will focus on making it to the gym for the rest of the messy months until I can get back on my beloved bicycle and run outside.
do whatever you have to do to sweat!
I will! I think I will rearrange the living room to hoop dance indoors for the winter.
Seems like you are allergic to a fruit you are eating. Mono on different fruits and see if that helps. Go a week on one fruit I mean.
it definitely seems like I am allergic to something. I know that tomatoes give me flare ups with this, which makes me wonder about nightshades. I wish I knew what it was. I am going to eat just persimmons and bananas for a bit, thats what I have...oh and I have dates, too.
Maybe your "flushed looking" skin is just your healthy glow!
I LOVE pears! I got a hold of a lot of pears for a great price recently, not OG, tho. I monomealed on pears it was so great! Like 7or 8 pear meals. and when they were getting too soft to eat whole, I blended them up with a bit of coconut water, oh my, that was so good!

I have heard that about cucumbers before, and have been eating a lot of them, they are a regular staple in my diet.
BUT I have a question about cucumbers:
They are technically a melon, right? So am I NOT supposed to combine them with anything? I usually combine them with lettuce, or I have made cucumber rolls before that have a good combination of ingredients...? Any thoughts on this?



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