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I am a RV in every other way, but can't get off liquid sugar.  Has anyone else ever been through this?  And if so, how were you able to get off of it?  I almost drink a 2 liter per day and have been addicted to it since i was a really young kid (like 10).  Thanks! <3

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With pepsi/coke, it's usually a caffeine addiction. Start drinking decaffeneited versions instead, then after a month or two, you will probably just stop craving it. Aspartame can be addicting too, so avoid the diet stuff.

I've had similar trouble. I started by buying smaller bottles and getting used to that. And then going to a smaller size again. Also, I found that drinking a lot of water just before I started to drink my coke helped slow me down and not want so much.


I then began to substitute other drinks like coffee and tea. Sometimes decaf and sometimes not, lol. I also found that if I didn't bring it into the house, I could withstand cravings much better. And after a while of not having it, the cravings pretty much went away.


I don't know if I should add this last part as it may sound a little silly but I read about it somewhere and found it worked for me. When you are experiencing cravings, take both hands and tap the top of your head 50 times with your finger tips. After you do this, you should find your cravings have decreased substantially.

Caution the following statement may be considered harsh:  You are literally killing yourself.  If your doctor has not told you this, I will.  I do not think I need to be a doctor to make that statement.


If you get a kidney stone from it (which you may have and not know it yet) that will surely make you think twice.


While never having an addiction, I would say I certainly never could see a day when I would get off a cold soda with ice.  Guess what,  I got off it without even really thinking about it.


First, always use a LOT of ice with soda, in case your not already.  While cold drinks are bad for you, obviously straight pop is horrible for you on many levels.  Next try moving to a heavily flavored water, again with ice. Then eventually start adding more water to that.


Try and force your satisfaction to come from the refreshing COLD aspect of the drink and not the ridiculous sweetness.  This worked for me.  Before I knew it I was rocking ice water even when I ate mexican food at a restaurant. 


As a stop gap,  if you drink a 12 oz soda, force yourself to drink 12 oz or more of water immediately after. This will get you used to water and help reduce the acidity going into your kidneys causing calcification.

I'm a dork. Saw this on a search & didn't realize it was a year old.

*oh, the shame*

Well if you aren't off it by now, maybe the fact that dissolved mice are in it will deter you somewhat. :P

Diet coke was one my part time lover.

I looooooooooooooved diet dr. pepper. For some reason when I started eating sweet fruits, I stopped craving it though. However, one thing I do is drink seltzer water. The bubbles satisfy the soda like cravings. It is a bit of acquired taste, like coffee LOL. But I love it. And you can probably flavor it with fresh fruit. Good luck!

Get a scan done, you most certainly already have kidney stones.

Can you find Fentiman's fermented "sodas" where you're at?

Curiosity Cola or Dandelion & Burdock might be nice? D&B at least is caffeine free and tastes undiscribably unique and is delicious but cola-ish.

They're mainly natural stuff.

Small bottles are kinda expensive, cafe type of purchases... there are 1 litre bottles though (glass) if you wanna drink a few litres a week of them. Those were quite affordable in London anyway but for sure not cheap like PET bottle soda.

Also you could ferment your own stuff. Ginger bug starter with maybe lemon or GF juice... kiwi juice? doesn't really get much alcoholic if you strain and "harvest" it by the time it has enough bubbles just.



Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Fermented Ginger Root Extract (water, glucose syrup, ginger root, yeast) Sugar, Glucose syrup, Pear Juice concentrate, Natural flavourings, Colour: Caramel (E150d), Herbal Infusions (Dandelion root, Burdock root).



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