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I am a RV in every other way, but can't get off liquid sugar.  Has anyone else ever been through this?  And if so, how were you able to get off of it?  I almost drink a 2 liter per day and have been addicted to it since i was a really young kid (like 10).  Thanks! <3

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I used to have a huge soda addiction as well.  So, I can understand how you might feel about this!  What I did, was sort of a slow transition sort of thing.  I realized it was the caffeine addiction for me.  I loved Diet Coke!  But, I switched over to Diet Rite, which had no caffeine in it, and tasted pretty good to me.  I drank that for a long time.  Then, one day, I just realized that it would be better for me to get off it as well, for it was all just chemicals anyway, and I just stopped.  I bought bottled water instead, and found out that it really did make me feel better.  I would put it in the fridge to get it cold, because I also was addicted to that icy cold beverage.  These days, I drink it at room temperature, and don't think twice about it anymore.  I have been off the sodas for a number of years now, but I do confess that every once in a blue moon, I do accept one if it is being offered.  Thankfully, it does not trigger an addiction for me anymore, and I can leave it and not worry about it.  I wish you well on your efforts to get off the sodas! 



do you think you could try to replace the liquid sugar for dateorade?

good idea spekgirl,

soak 25-30 dates in water over night.
blend with enough water to produce the consistency you desire.

fill your coke bottle up with that stuff. 

so you still get to hold the bottle you are addicted to.

I used to be heavily addicted to diet coke, I drank 2 or more liters a day of the stuff and couldn't function without it. I needed the caffeinated diet stuff to wake up, and in the evening the zero to calm down. I tried to stop but found myself going back to it several times. Then I decided to switch to regular, simply because I deemed that "better" than the aspartame version. So I was on that for a while, and one day, as my diet improved, I felt no need for it anymore. I have never gone back and am never tempted. 

And I found that a number of my neurological complaints disappeared after I banned it from my diet. My vision is better, acne is gone, chronic back pains are GONE, after years and years of struggling. 


You have to realize it's not food, it's not a beverage, it's a DRUG. And, you (as was I) are addicted. You get rid of it the same way you get rid of all addictions, by going cold turkey, go through the detox (there will be a detox) and steer clear of it. AND get your sugar from other sources: FRUIT!


Oh one thing I did for a while was try those Whole Earth cola replacements, they are fermented drinks, without any chemical additives. They helped, but when I drink them now, my stomach starts to hurt. So I rather turn to fruit juice (store bought, without added anything) for a sugary drink if I want a break from plain water.


Best of luck to you! Cheers :-)

Does the tooth disappear?


Mythbusters: http://mythbustersresults.com/episode5

Cola is able to dissolve a tooth overnight.


The tooth did start to dissolve, indicating that with enough time it could be completely dissolved. However, the acidic solution used for comparison was much more effective in dissolving the tooth.

people make sweet drinks with agave syrup to get off pop ... but i would suggest dateorade (dates and water)


oranges and dates blended with a bit of water is also SUPER yummy and sweet...probably any fruit with dates is super sweet and delicious.....experiment!

I've been working on that too after years of a coca cola addiction.  I started off  by drinking 1  Club Soda or  1bottled carbonated water four days a week and drinking coke 1 day a week works, the rest of the day and on weekends I drink all water. This really helped in getting the same fizzy feeling without the sugar and calories and toxins. Now I rarely drink coke. Good luck on your journey

I went cold turkey for no reason after visiting my grandma in the hospital for a upper femur bone break.


I went from like 4-5 diet cokes a day to maybe once a month.

I had the same problem with Coke. Addicted to it from as early as I could get my hands on it as a kid. There didn't seem to be any really healthy alternative either. And I'd tried many diets and also to go raw vegan before and always failed because I couldn't kick the Coke.


I decided "cold turkey" was the only way to do it (same as I did with smoking 12 years earlier - I knew I had to treat it the same as for me it was a similar addiction), and I made my mind up that once I stopped I wouldn't ever have it again because I thought it is just too addictive for me.


I began to make fresh fruit/veg juices after buying a couple of juicing books by Jason Vale (aka Juice Master) and finding those tasted very good if you follow his recipes, and I started to make some juices before I quit the coke, so I knew how to make some nice tasting, healthy juices to take to work etc.


I made sure I had plenty of bottles of water to drink through the day, and made myself make lots of the fresh fruit/veg juices up for the day and then I just got to a point where I decided this is it - I'm stopping the Coke.... went to bed one night and was determined the next day to drink the water and juices and no more Coke for me. I kept a record of the date I last had a Coke, and then I would tell myself - 3 days no Coke, 7 days no Coke, 20 days no Coke etc... then it was 3 months no Coke. I felt proud that I had achieved this and decided to stop counting after the 3 months.


I tried to stay away from any fizzy drinks as I felt it would cause me to go back to Coke so I tried to stick to fruit/veg juices made by myself and water, and I barely had any cravings, no headaches, nothing. I was eating mostly raw vegan for a couple of weeks before this as well. So was doing a whole change of life thing. I got a bit cranky in about week 3 but realized what it was and made sure to not relent as I knew it would go away and it did.


I have had lemonade on occasion in more recent times but not Coke and I have had to make sure I don't drink much of the lemonade also as although it isn't as addictive, it would be easy to just get hooked on its sugar content. At least it doesn't have caffeine and sugar.  I also made sure not to have coffee as I felt it would lead me back to Coke.


I got a bit slack with making the juices over the last month, but I'm just starting back on them now.


The other thing I found helpful was just to keep watching healthy/raw food/ etc videos on YouTube - Dan McDonald and people like that, as it kept me thinking about getting healthy and helped me to stay focused.


Oh, also everyone told me I would lose so much weight if I stopped drinking it, but it didn't seem to affect my weight in the slightest, so luckily I didn't do it just to lose weight or I might have gone back onto it. I don't think it is good for me, and that's why I stopped drinking it. I did lose weight after a while but I attribute that to changing my diet rather than just stopping the Coke.


Anyway, that's my experience. Hope it helps you in some way.




Yea, just stop it
I stopped craving soda when I switched to tonic water (still sugary, but no caffeine) and later to fruit juice - Tropicana makes a mean ruby red!

I had to switch to sweet tea to start the weening process.




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