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I'm totally on par when it comes to what I eat but I can't seem to rouse myself to work out. I bought a bike but hardly ride it. I'm so out of shape I can barely ride up a slight incline. I want to do fun workouts.. but I'm very busy with school and work too.

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No, I don't even lift

You could ask a friend to come along with you for runs/jogs/walks, or to bike with you. I know it's a lot easier and more fun when you have someone with you and you each can keep the other accountable as well. I enjoy walking and usually choose when I can to walk to places like stores that are in walking distance. I also think dancing is a great idea too, I love to dance and will usually be dancing to k-pop as a form of exercise. :3

I'm busy with work and other stuff too. I work 55 hours a week, not including work I do on the site. Plus I'm always getting into other things. 

One simple solution. Get your workout in FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, every morning. This is the test. Yoga, push ups, squats..whatever...just designate 10-15 minutes every single morning to working out. If you can't at least maintain this for one week, then you know you need to work on your discipline and get more organized as an inability to get this done, would mean that a more structured routine of cycling, gym, etc, would be impossible for you, as you won't be consistent enough to get any sort of meaningful results.

The other alternative is to do what most people do...work out a few times a month randomly, with no plan, no goals, no structure, then go a few weeks without doing any exercise...like a boat with no destination, just floating around, getting zero results.

Think of it as building self discipline and start w 15 min/day.

What motivates me is when I eat a pound of wet medjool juicy dates. After I eat those, I just want to flip out and spring down the street! Try it! Lol but just be sure to drink lots of water before you eat them. They can clog you up if you don't.

I had a hard time getting myself to work out too. I'm not very fashion concentious or a clothes snob but buying excercise clothes really helped me. i made sure I had a shirt and shorts/pants ready and on the hangers for each day. I bought 5 outfits, really cheap. when they are dirty I wait to wash them all together and hang them all back up and do it 5 more days.

Go on the cycle or treadmill when you're favourite programme is on and watch it while you're excercising. I know its sounds so silly but it really is a great motivator. I go to the gym and make sure that I start my workout exactly when my programes start. I like to watch detective programmes they are 30 minutes each and one after the other. So I cycle throughout one mystery non stop (including the adverts ) thats exactly 30 minutes on the cycle and then I go to the treadmill for non stop brisk walking for another 30 minutes when the second programme starts. Et voila! 1 hour of intense cardio with only a 2 minute break in between. 

Not Bad. I bet every one who reads this is probably laughing out loud but it really works and I suggest you try it if you're lazy like me :o)

Good Luck !!!

For me, I tell myself "only 20 minutes and then you can leave"...after less than 20 minutes, the endorphins kick in and I do push myself to 40 minutes, sometimes an hour. I like to warm up on the treadmill (5-10mins) then do some free-weight and body-weight work, and then return to cardio for an additional 20-30 minutes. The hardest part is getting myself to drive to the gym; once I'm there, there is no turning back.

i went for a walk each day for 30 minutes forced myself to go rain or shine. at about 6 months it was habit and 99% of the time i wanted to go and looked forward to it from there i started running and kept the same thing go each day no exceptions i might walk on a rare occaision if i'm fighting pain or fatigue.

its nothing more then a habit you have to form eventually you grow to enjoy it.

I really got into biking when I met up with local riders and joined their group rides.

Ask your local bike shop about regular rides.

This is my local fixie group:


They saved my life!

I found that for me community really helps. People in your life doing a similar thing. Support network style.

For 2 years I worked out on my own. Can do but it's a little tougher to maintain for me. About 4 months ago I joined a crossfit gym and that has proven to be very motivating. I dig the community.

Best of luck! Sometimes it's simply a matter of that 'Just do it' thang!

do exercises that fun, and ones that make you feel good, you dont have lift weights and stuff!



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