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I am really trying here guys. Breakfast, Lunch, most snackage... All fruit and some veggies. But I am around that point of the day where I just want to bite into something... something bad... *cries* I just feel like... I like fruits and veggies... I'm cool with eating a ton of fruits and veggies everyday... but I just want to eat the other stuff too... I really want to cut that bad stuff out completely, but I'm weak.  :(   How did you guys go from SAD/Vegetarian/Vegan to RAW? I've been a vegetarian for two months now. I'm fine cutting things out, but I just can't get through a whole 24 hours without eating carbs or vegetarian meat or something. Suggestions and words of encouragement please! Thanx!

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I went cold turkey overnight, no overt fats either.  Detox came on very hard though because when you switch from a SAD lifestyle to something so clean so fast...WOW.

Wow! That's incredible! :)

When I became vegan I didn't have much information, but I still had heaps of non-vegan stuff at home, so I made like a 'deal' with myself so I wouldn't 'miss' those things. So for example I told myself to eat the yogurt in the house and when I finished it, I wouldn't buy any yogurt any more, and the same for other stuff. :)
and to become raw, I literally watched all of Harley's and Freelee's videos within 3 days. On the first day I got enough information to start cold turkey the next day. :)
If you can, don't keep the bad things in your house! :)
And I just follow the typical 801010 'meal plan'. So a big breakfast, (I love 8-12 large Cavendish bananas with 8-12 dates, or half a large watermelon, or 3 cantaloupes/rockmelons, or 3-5 red papayas), then at lunch I like to mono-meal (whichever fruit until you're satisfied! (grapes, bananas, peaches, nectarines--I suggest picking calorie-dense fruit, since berries and oranges are low calorie and high water content you have to eat a lot more of them to get your calories in, so at the start while you're getting used to the lifestyle I recommend high-cal fruits so it's easier to make the transition :) ). Then about half an hour to an hour before dinner I have more sweet fruit (pears, apples, anything! :P ), then the big typical salad/lettuce wraps, etc. :)
Hope this helped you a little. :)

Very good advice Carolina!

Alright. I've watch several of Freelee's videos, but not even close to all of them yet. I will have to do that. One of my biggest problems may be that I'm getting hungry. I'll work on eating more earlier in the day so I can make it through the night. Thanks for the great advice!

I was eating raw until 7pm or so, then I'd have my 'treat'- some cooked food- typically Indian snacks like samosas and sweets, with a salad. I noticed that after the cooked meal, my energy levels would drop, and I'd feel depressed.

I did a short water fast for health issues. It was on day 2 or 3, I made a decision, I would go fully raw and stick to it. So I did.

I have no idea how cooked food would affect me now- it's been about 7 months.

I don't think you have to be 100% to be healthy, by the way. What is the reason you want to be 100%? Just sit down, work out EXACTLY what you want, then what you think you can stick to, and stick to it. If you have a goal of 100%, make a schedule of how long you think it will take to get there, and what steps you want to include along the way. There's no rush. You could also include 'treat' days. No-one's a saint after all, except maybe Doug Graham, haha!

I have noticed that I feel bad after eating SAD food, but I always find myself wanting it anyway later on. Ehhh... I don't technically want to be 100% raw. Granted, I want to be 100% most of the time, exceptions being traveling and visiting family (which doesn't happen often). I just want to be healthy. I was paleo for a few weeks during the summer and I really felt great. Then I did more research on what was happening to the animals in the food industry. That turned me into a vegetarian. I was glad to be doing my part for out furry friends, but I missed feeling amazing. Then I learned more about the fruitarian diet and thought it was my ticket to health... and weight loss would be nice too. lol

Well, if you don't want to be 100% all the time, allow yourself a few exceptions to eat cooked on those occasions. Sounds fine to me- certainly healthy enough. What do you think? :)

Sure. But I still need to get to a point where I'm not dying for the really bad stuff. I guess my current biggest problem is that if I fail to eat just fruits and veggies... I go all out bad and eat something sweet or salty... Not good! So I want to go all raw and then just dial back with some decently healthy cooked food on occasion.

Where do you order produce online from? I looked up mangosteen and dragon fruit and they are outrageously expensive from the sites I found.

i found this place that has lots of cheap produce and has a lot of imported fruits and i got dragonfruit there pretty cheap.  try asian or other ethnic grocery stores. might find some good foreign fruit cheap

For a couple of years, I would eat a big salad with lots of hemp seeds for lunch or dinner- it would be my main meal. Other than that, I would eat whatever else I wanted, and some days I would skip the salad and always noticed I would crave it the next day. Eventually, I felt like the raw part of my diet was the best part, and looked into raw foodism as a lifestyle. After a couple of months of 'cleansing' on a somewhat calorie-restricted raw, but high-fat diet, I read 80-10-10 and jumped all in! It took a couple of weeks to stop drooling every time I smelled bacon and cheese, but now I just crave bananas! I think that getting the fat down is the key ingredient- if you focus on your target percentages, with cooked food or not, I think you are well on your way. 



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