30 Bananas a Day!

I've been doing rawtill4 for 2 months now (barely ate meat or dairy the past few years). I'm coming from a past of eating under a 1000 calories a day (2 years). I was so in love with the concept of having so much energy and eating all this beautiful food.

I now eat 2500 to sometimes 3000 calories a day. I mainly have bananas, mangoes and dates.

For dinner I have a few cups of rice with a salad or steamed vegetables. I drink a minimum of 3 litres of water a day and sleep for 8 hours every night.

I feel horrible! My skin is so greasy and breaking out, my hair gets greasy really fast and I don't have a lot of energy at all. I gained some weight as well. Though I try not to care, I can't help feeling incredibly insecure about myself. As if I am being punished for starving myself in the past!

How did you guys feel when you first started raw till 4? Did you feel awesome and energetic straight away or did it take a while?

Do you have any tips on how to feel better? (:

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Is your transition "sudden"? if not try a gradual approach as that gives time for the body to adjust and adapt

I think you're right. I have to allow my body to get used to handling this volume of food that comes in. Would you recommend upping my intake by 100 calories a day or should I adjust my calorie intake weekly?

My personal take is weekly. Always give time to your body to adjust with any new routine.

Thank you for your reply! Let me answer some of your questions!

I work out 4 times a week (on evenings): a combo of low impact cardio and strength training. One day i'll do half an hour of arms, next day booty/legs and sometimes total body toning workouts.

It's difficult to wake up and work out, because i'm really hungry when I wake up. This makes drinking a litre of water hard as well. I find myself searching for things to eat before I finished my water.

My insecurity holds me back from having fun, because i'm so self-concious about my body and skin. I should get out more and get more sunlight! And allow myself to have more fun (:

When I eat the recommended 10 bananas for breakfast I feel so heavy and not able to be light on my feet and move with ease. Because I am a 'go big or go home' type of person I didn't transition gradually enough.

I never eat overt fats, they scare me haha! Occasionally I will have some natural cane sugar when my banana smoothies are not sweet enough.

My skin problems remain an unsolved mystery, it could be detox, I don't know!

I really like your approach, because I think it would suit me as well. Glad to hear you're feeling good eating this way. It gives me hope that I'm gonna get through this.

This morning I only ate 5 bananas and to be honest, it feels much better!

Glad to hear you're feeling good! Sometimes I get confused because I eat so much more now, but my energy level stays the same. You're right, we're gonna have to be patient because in the end it will pay off, big time! (:

Hey Anne,

I've been on/off this lifestyle for about 18 months (always vegan when 'off' it).

I really relate to the skin problem thing. When I first started, I was doing 100% raw and I hadnt had any major pimple/acne problems before turning raw (some pimples here and there most of the time but nothing significant. When I started raw (and I was doing it properly cause I was posting my diary on the bananagirl diet fb page) my skin broke out REALLY BADLY. I actually developed adult acne. It was all over my face, my chest and my back. And it started when i was raw.

I had such poor esteem about it, and was always worried about what people would think of me cause of my diet and how bad my skin had become.

It's taken a long time for me to heal my skin, but I truly believe it was detox. I had abused my body so badly in the past that it just took a long time to heal. In particular I had used ALOT of prescribed meds in my past for someone of such a young age, I was a borderline alcoholic, I was hardly consuming any calories (even though i believed I was eating really healhty), and I had a LOT of healing to do.

You will come through this, but it may take time. And it may take a few months, it may take longer. But just know htat if you stick with it you will pull through!

For me these are the things that helped:

-I had to really push past caring about it and putting heaps of energy into it, and start LOVING the parts of my body that I had HATED for so long.

-I stopped touching my face (this was really hard to do, but it really worth it)

-Kept up my healhty lifestyle, kept up the carbs

-I ended up doing a 60 day juice feast (not recommended on here), but that didnt even heal it really - it was when I went back to high carb low fat vegan living that it eventually came good.

All the best to you

I gave been doing raw till 4 for three weeks I was doing paleo before this and was loosing weight but hated eating meat it made me feel not soo good. The first two weeks were rough going raw I had fever, runny nose, no energy, cough, headache, and was pooping 6times a day which was crazy....I guess it was all detox. I feel good now I don't crave chocolates, meats, cakes, pizza etc I listen to my body 4 bananas are my limit at one time and feel good after I eat. I have lost no weight which is very discouraging but am not giving up, it's annoying because my friends doing the low carb are dropping the weight and they make sure they tell me about it:(
I'm a month raw till 4 and have been finding so much help from (besides Freelee videos) Megan Elizabeth. She talks a lot about weight gain and loss and intake. I love her perspective on it! :) I don't eat the 3000 a day. I just can not without feeling Incredibly sick. So I'm gradually increasing my intake and activity with it. After the first two weeks of a detox "cold" I started feeling great! But the runny nose and mild foggy headedness lasted about three weeks. There is a fellow named Adam on YouTube that has a great video about detox. Adam fewer I believe....



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