30 Bananas a Day!

I've read 80/10/10 of course, Ive watched the Youtube gurus and I eat about 10 bananas+ a day in morning and mid afternoon and some cooked vegan food as well as Ive fallen off the wagon visiting the UK. Im freezing and fruit does not look very appealing here, I miss Florida!  Anyway, I still aspire to be back on 80/10/10 when I get home but I have a serious question that I have trouble finding an answer for:

What makes eating that many hybridized (you wouldn't find grocery store bananas in the wild) fruit,  from hundreds and maybe thousands of miles away in mass quantities good for you? 

Supposedly there is vitamin A, folate, b vitamins, copper, magnesium, potassium, Iron, zinc and selenium in bananas but is there in grocery store hybridized bananas? 

I don't feel terrible when I eat them but this question is nagging at me.  Plus, I would love a great answer to tell people when they ask me WHY in the world I would eat even ten bananas in a day. 

Thank you so much!


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Hi, and thank you for sharing!

I am not gonna answer your question directly, but share with you my experience with bananas as the fruit I eat most at this moment in my process. I am pretty new in this community and to this diet. I started out summer 2011 more seriously trying out raw food. And first around Christmas last year and until October 2012 I have been 75% and more on a raw vegan diet. Now in November I transitioned 100%. I love bananas. They taste great. When I am at home I often mush them quicly in the food processor to a porridge. Easier for me to digest and the flavour taste better and it is good for my eyes to eat bananas this way to change from time to time. I don't know what I should have done without bananas in my diet. With bananas I have kcalories enough during the day. I eat around 15-20 bananas a meal - and often twice a day. I usually mix in either 150 grams of spinach ( I crush them first and then put the bananas in) or 2-3 handfull of parsley. Taste great!! And I can feel energetically very clearly how my body just love this combination and absorbes it well! This is how I usually get my greens. I follow my intuition and let it lead me to the fruits, vegetables and greens that is what my body tells me it needs daily. And it works out fine for me. I have had some trouble the past months to get enough kcalories and that's also why bananas is great for me.

Bananas helps me stay carbed up every day. If I go under 2500 kcalories a day I don't feel good. And when I exercise I need more - around 3000 - 3500. I exercise 3-4 times a week. A little running and strenght training. I always have bananas around + clean water.


Hi Lena,

Thanks for your reply.  Just hearing some insight into your style of eating is inspiring.  Im still trying to work out the banana subject.  I know that bananas are the best carbs for low fat raw vegans but there is still something nagging at me about the quality of nutrients a hybridized fruit that can't reproduce itself  will give to us AND especially if were eating them all day.  
They are a 1,000 times better than bread and other processed carbs, I agree. The research continues... 

Thanks Lena,



Your question is a good one though the part about hybridized fruits is a 'red herring' as pointed out by the link provided by Peter Csere.

Bananas and dates (although I eat both almost daily) have a limited range of nutrients, Greens I believe are especially important as they are packed with nutrients.

The main reason that bananas and dates are so widely used on this site are that they are readily available, generally cheap (not so much for many types of dates) and are high in calories compared to most other fruits and particularly vegetables.

Jonn from http://www.okraw.com/ I think explains clearly that the best strategy is to eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

My strategy is to eat with the seasons so over the course of the year I eat a wide assortment of F&V. A few times during the year I also have access to a wonderful vegetable garden where I eat large amounts of greens. I use up whatever is around.

There is so much misinformation out there about bananas. First off, you absolutely CAN find banana plants growing wild, in fact they're considered a weed in most places. The banana plant, even the varieties humans have "hybridized" (which is a misleading term because every plant is a hybrid, all we did was push them along and select for certain characteristics) but the banana plant is actually very hardy. 

The fact that humans had a role in making plant foods more desirable (sweeter, higher caloric reward) is not something "bad" or unnatural." It's something beautiful. It's a symbiotic relationship between two species that benefited both. Nature is replete with examples of this. 

People need to stop listening to the fruit-phobic nonsense on the internet that paints bananas or pineapples as "unnatural monstrosities." The reality is these foods are intimately linked with our evolution in one form or another. Even if a pineapple in its current form is a relatively "new" food in terms of how humans "hybridize" food, the only thing important is that the effect it has when we eat it, which is proven: calories, carbs, countless minerals, enzyme, phytonutrients, and a zillion other benefits that we'll need a thousand more years to study.

If you don't get this through your head, you're going to keep believing that bitter roots and grass and a couple leaves and goose eggs and dead possums entrails are more "natural" for humans because hey, we never hybridized them! All I can say is, try that, like many have... and see the results for yourself! :)

Bananas are bad. Make you fat. Just look at Freelee. She eats more bananas than probably any female on the planet in the last 5 years. Getting fatter every week.

WOW!  Thank you guys for all of the great info I appreciate you so much!



Actually, bananas are not hybridized at all.  They found a good variety in the wild, and kept the variety exactly the same through years and years by grafting.  Today's Cavendish banana is genetically exactly the same as the very first Cavendish that they found, therefore it's not hybridized by man at all.

wow interesting, totally the opposite of what I've heard. Do you have a source for that?

"Banana - The fate of the fruit that changed the world" by Dan Koeppel

2 points to consider...most food we eat is hybridized. Think of all veggies we eat like kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussell sprouts, mustard green etc...they all are hybrids of a wild mustard you would never find commonly

that is just one plant example but there are lots of others.

secondly, in order for a fruit or veg to taste good, all of the nutrients have to be there. For example even though science hasnt discovered everything in plant foods, the nutrients we do know about  and the ones we dont have to be there in some ratio or the fruit will taste shitty, or not grow at all. If soil is deficient it will often produce the leaves and roots of a plant but wont bare good or any fruit. So considering most the store bananas throughout the year taste good, it I think it is safe to say they regardless of hybridization they have the same nutrients as any banana tested to set the nutritional data for the average banana



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