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Ok, I've read posts about going on trips and stuff, but mine's a bit different, and I can't figure out how I might do it.

My a few friends and I are planning a cross-country horseback riding trip.  We will start at our barn and pick a destination up north (I live in Wisconsin..."up north" is what we call the interesting part of WI LOL) to ride to.  We will ride on roadsides and trails when available and either camp out in tents or find people who will let us stay with them.  The trip will be 5-7 days (I'm leaning towards 5, but my friend wants 7 LOL).  I'm sure we can maybe come across a grocery store on the way, but not entirely sure as we haven't sat down to plan yet. 

How can I stay 811 on this trip?  There is obviously no way my horse can carry 30 bananas a day (or equivalent fruits) for that long!  And even if she could, they'd go bad in the sun.  I'm thinking maybe I can have family meet up periodically to bring food, but even then, I don't see how fruits would make it more than a day in a saddle bag.  When my husband bring bananas to work, his lunch bag causes them to brown much faster. 

I know one of the solutions can be dates, but unfortunately I can not eat many dates in one sitting because they make my teeth hurt and give me a headache (kinda like a sugar-overload headache).  Maybe this issue will be resolved by summer as I get used to the diet more, but not sure.  Same goes for dried fruit...I think it might destroy my teeth if I eat it for a week.  I have always had really sensitive teeth.

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Regarding teeth, after eating fruit if you floss and then rinse out with baking soda dissolved in water, it neutralises the acid and kills bacteria. I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to take a little tooth floss and baking soda with you so that you can eat dates. 

It's probably best to bring a larger proportion of nuts and seeds with you, just this once. The higher levels of protein in the nuts mean that you need less calories, and one 6-inch, 300g bag of nuts can contain 2000 calories. This means that you need the same amount of calories as everyone else (2000-3000) and would be carrying about the same amount of food as everyone else. It's only for a week and it's natural, because in the wild if we came across a treeful of nuts one day we'd scoff away. Plus some seeds, like sunflower seeds, are actually designed by nature to be eaten. Each sunflower has many hundreds of seeds, and if they all germinated the world would be over-run! Nature designs sunflowers so that when an animal or human picks some out to eat, others fall on the ground and grow where the parent plant grows. I haven't read the book but apparently the 8/1/1 proportion is an average over the entire year, so if I'm correct eating a larger amount of nuts and seeds for one week means that you're still actually 8/1/1.

You don't have to eat 100% perfectly while going on trips/holdays. No one else worries and nothing bad will happen! In the Vegan Society magazine there was an article about a year ago about how the head of the VS had gone on a camping trek in Tasmania and she was saying how she'd prepared everything to be nutritionally balanced, with like dried soya meals (or something) to heat up. I was like what??! Why do vegans feel the need to worry all the time when we are already doing so much better than everyone else??! Not accusing you of worrying, by the way, just saying!

Another thing to remember is that your food will go down over the week and be increasingly light. I would keep the food in fold-up bags, so the when a bag is empty you can put it in your main bag and have less to carry. 

Have you considered where you'll all get water from? If you eat a smaller than usual proportion of fruit, you'll need more water than usual, and of course your friends will need more fluids than a fruitarian. Your horses need to drink too! Are you all intending to carry water, or just drinking at the end of the day when you find someone who'll let you stay in a barn?

I'm assuming everyone else is just going to eat at gas stations and bring snacks.  "Normal" people can do that LOL.  The reason I'm worrying is that right now I feel like crap when I eat anything besides fruit, so I don't want to ruin the trip with the wrong foods.  I'll have to experiment beforehand.  As for horses getting water, I know the trail we are starting off on has several creeks crossing it where I have let my horse drink before.  Not sure how long we'll be on that trail so that will be part of the planning we haven't had time to do yet.  My friend who is going with us did this alone last year with her horse and the other friend who's going is a competitive endurance rider, so they know what to do.

When I travel, I am still able to find a lot of fruit at gas stations that sell snacks.  

Peace, PK

dried mangoes r the bomb!! they r hard to find especially good soft ones but when u do u will no it! I buy them at whole foods n that's a chain store so im hoping u have one near u. I ordered sum online n they were dry n hard to eat. the trick is soft yellow/orange slices. I really hope u can utilize them cause there veryt yummy n sweet n not low in calories. hell id even pick em up n mail em too u! from one horse person to another I appreciate ur love from ur horse. ive seen all too many ppl treat them as property n it kills me. I have 4 horses. 2 r rescues. I call them all my children : D I luv them sooo much! good luck w ur trip n letme know if ud like ne mango help.  

Good luck on your journey and hope I am not too late to reply here.  

Raw nuts and seeds, dates, raisins.  

If one of you has a smart phone with a gps device, you can track where grocery stores and or gas stations are.   A lot of modern gas stations like BP have food and breakfast bars that have bananas, apples, and oranges.  

Also, if you  know what friends houses you are staying at, call ahead and ask for oranges and lettuce greens to be purchased.  Even if you stay with strangers, do not be shy to ask if they have lettuce greens in the fridge.  Most people do because they do not eat them:-D  Offer to pay for their expenses and or replace a strangers food though.  

The lettuce greens will offset and balance out the date nutrition and you will have less oral pain.  

Bananas sometimes need to ripen, and oranges are almost always ready to go and or travel well.  When I travel by car, I take boxes of oranges with me.  The oranges are also high in vitamin C and calcium which again offset you date problem (pain usually caused by improper calcium to phosphorus rations which should be about 1:1 or better.  And the vitamin C will help keep your skin and immune system strong.  Many early explorers and or sailors actually had health problems stemming from lack of vitamin C in the diet and or developing scurvy.  

Have fun and remember if the trip is only 5-7 days, you will probably be fine in the long run.  

Peace, PK



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