30 Bananas a Day!

Ok, I've read posts about going on trips and stuff, but mine's a bit different, and I can't figure out how I might do it.

My a few friends and I are planning a cross-country horseback riding trip.  We will start at our barn and pick a destination up north (I live in Wisconsin..."up north" is what we call the interesting part of WI LOL) to ride to.  We will ride on roadsides and trails when available and either camp out in tents or find people who will let us stay with them.  The trip will be 5-7 days (I'm leaning towards 5, but my friend wants 7 LOL).  I'm sure we can maybe come across a grocery store on the way, but not entirely sure as we haven't sat down to plan yet. 

How can I stay 811 on this trip?  There is obviously no way my horse can carry 30 bananas a day (or equivalent fruits) for that long!  And even if she could, they'd go bad in the sun.  I'm thinking maybe I can have family meet up periodically to bring food, but even then, I don't see how fruits would make it more than a day in a saddle bag.  When my husband bring bananas to work, his lunch bag causes them to brown much faster. 

I know one of the solutions can be dates, but unfortunately I can not eat many dates in one sitting because they make my teeth hurt and give me a headache (kinda like a sugar-overload headache).  Maybe this issue will be resolved by summer as I get used to the diet more, but not sure.  Same goes for dried fruit...I think it might destroy my teeth if I eat it for a week.  I have always had really sensitive teeth.

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Hmm, maybe a few large bottled smoothies, with bananas AND dates blended together, would be able to get you a lot of calories?

I don't think that anyone would be able to carry out a perfect diet in your situation. But you shouldn't worry about that so much. Eating a lot is quite hard on a trip, but I'm sure you won't die of hunger if you eat a little bit less.:) Apples and cabbages might last for longer, though they don't contain a lot of calories, they are better than nothing. Haven't you thought of eating fruits that were dried at low temperature? I know that they are not as good as fresh fruits, but they have enough carbs. But you really shouldn't be thinking so much about this whole thing. Enjoy the trip, and eat what you can.:) It won't do harm for these few days.
*I meant dried fruits and a little bit more seeds, of course!:)

Do vegans go on horseback riding trips ?

I am not sure if i wouldnt to that, dont want to critisize you just was thinking that this is not that nice for the horse and I am agains keeping animals.

Its healthier for horses to exercise a lot than to just bum around in their pasture all day...same with humans, that's why 811 requires exercise.  Wild horses travel many miles every day and if we don't try to duplicate that, they can have health issues.  I use natural horsemanship, which means the horse is not punished and I am communicating with her as the top members of the herd would to make her comfortable instead of just forcing her to do what I want.  Horses WANT someone to lead them and dictate their every move.  If you do research on herd dynamics, this is how it works. Only difference is that I'm on her instead of next to her.  You can ride horses with no tack on them at all, no saddle, bridle, etc, just guiding them with your body language.  The horse has every opportunity to get rid of you in that situation, but doesn't, because it sees you as the herd leader and feels safe and calm doing what you ask.  I have not gotten to this point yet, I use a saddle and and a halter instead of bridle (so nothing in her mouth) and am working towards learning what I just described.  Still with just a halter, she does not HAVE to listen to me, she chooses to because of the trust exercises we've done.

The alternative to adopting horses and trying to keep them as happy and healthy as possible in a captive situation is letting them go only to be rounded up by the BLM and slaughtered (this is what is currently happening to our US wild horses).  As long as I'm not breeding and producing more animals to put into captivity, I don't see the issue.  You don't think we should leave homeless dogs in animal shelters to suffer and be put down just because you don't believe in pets, do you?  I used to buy pets before I made all the changes in my life, now I will only adopt, but I need to be around animals, that's one of my passions, and if its helping them have the best life possible short of being wild, then that's even better.

I am pretty sure my horse will think this trip will be the best week she's ever experienced.  She gets to travel like a wild horse, eat like a wild horse, won't be bored at all like she is at home when I'm not there...since I don't have my own farm, the thing I am looking forward to most is being able to be with her every single day, hopefully our bond will grow. :)   If we lived the way Native Americans did, you could gentile a wild horse just by spending time with it and acting like a herd leader, and you could ride it without ever having to use ropes or saddles...but unfortunately not many people know how to do that.  That is definitely changing though, I've noticed.  More and more people are getting into natural horsemanship. 

Hope that didn't sound like a lecture or anything.  I just think some vegans go too far in boycotting certain things.  As I said, I would never buy an animal from a breeder again, but as long as other people keep doing it, there are going to be animals who deserve someone who can make their lives happy instead of being euthanized.  If I were to get rid of my girl just because I recently turned vegan, where would she end up?  Many end up getting slaughtered without the previous owner even realizing it.  My horse would probably suffer with someone else because of her medical issues that most people would not have spent all the time and money I did trying to figure out.  She is also on a natural diet because she gets ulcers and bad feet if she eats the processed crap most people feed their horses, and I've had to leave a barn and get ridiculed for changing her diet this way, so most people wouldn't do that for her.  She gets massages, chiro, has a natural hoof trimmer who does not believe in nails and shoes on horses' feet, and I treat her medical problems with natural supplements instead of drugs from the vet.  I spend just as much time hanging out with her doing what SHE wants as I do telling her what to do.  That's our trade-off...and since I started doing that, she has showed her appreciation for it.  She runs up to me when I go out there to see her :)

We are still trying to just pick a date that all of us are available to meet and plan this LOL, so I don't have any details yet :)  My friend wants to go through the Indian reservation that's just north of us, I know that, otherwise, not really sure.  I live in Menasha.  This will my first long trip.  My two friends are endurance riders and I'm not (yet).  They are going to help show me how to condition my horse so she is used to it of course.  I'll let you know when its planned...maybe you can bring me some fruit LOL!

Don't worry, she said she wasn't criticising, she probably assumed you were a "health vegan" (ie not a vegan) hiring an unknown horse from a stable somewhere for her own fun. "Horse-riding" automatically invokes images of whips, stirrups, horse racing, fox-hunting & the upper classes, and overworked horses in general, so when an animal protectionist hears that someone is going riding, they wince without thinking of circumstances like you and your horse's

You did sound a little defensive in your response, although I do see why you had to clarify your situation.

"I just think some vegans go too far in boycotting certain things." That part did sound like you're  lecturing. Using another species in anyway, whether it causes suffering or not, is unvegan, and vegans are within their right to be absolutist not agree with it without being criticised or berated for going "too far". We get enough of that shizzle from necrotarians without one of our own dissenting!

Keeping pets is also not vegan, as it disrupts their natural social systems and they have to be neutered. But that doesn't mean they are suffering, because in this current world, as you said, so long as they don't breed, they will suffer more if we don't look after them. It's the kindest thing to do, and most vegans take care of pets. So, as a vegan can adopt a dog and get him neutered and take him out for walks, a horse owner without the luxury of miles of land can take them out on treks etc. I don't think less of you as a vegan for riding horses, and I'm sure most people will agree, especially after reading your post. I admit I automatically assumed you were one of those health vegans too, until I read what you had to say.

I disagree though that riding is natural, because a horse wouldn't naturally have 9 stone of human on it's back! Also horses weren't present in America until Europeans brought them over a few hundred years ago, so the indigenous American and horse relationship is actually a recent development. But if your horse was that bothered, she can always buck! :P

I kinda distance myself from claiming to be part of any kind of group who gets together and claims there are rules for their lifestyle because they have a label for themselves (be it vegan, political parties, or anything).  I use the word vegan because its a shortcut to explaining my diet, nothing else.  I don't like seeing people say things like, "a REAL vegan does this..."  That makes it sound like a religion, and dogma doesn't do anything to get people on the right path.  The most important thing I've learned going through all these changes in my life is that no one knows what is right or wrong better than the part of me that was hidden all this time under all the cultural conditioning.  I agree that, in a perfect world, vegan wouldn't e

Sorry I have no solutions as I'm new to this, but just wanted to say that made my heart melt! What a lucky horse xxx

Thanks :)  I have been pretty much obsessed with horses my whole life, even though I couldn't get one of my own until I was an adult.  My previous horse passed away in a freak accident (he broke his leg in two places) and that made me appreciate every second I have with my current horse.  She is just as much my child as my human child and I get very moody and depressed when I can't be with her for long periods of time.

I would suggest raisins and dates.  Both can stay unrefrigerated and both pack concentrated calories.  You would need to drink extra water to make up for the lack of fresh fruit.  But apart from that, I don't see why you couldn't do that... assuming you could put up with eating nothing but that for so long. 

I am hoping as I get used to this more (I started in Sept, fell off the wagon, then just recently started 100% again) that I can eat just dates as a meal, but right now it really hurts my teeth....to the point where I get a headache too :(  They have always been really sensitive, and now they seem to be worse.  They are whiter and look cleaner and everything, I am hoping the extra sensitivity is just from being clean, or a transition phase...I do have one cavity though and I'd like to see if I can stop it from spreading myself instead of having someone drill it. 



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