30 Bananas a Day!

Can't give it up.

Any argument against bread will be highly appreciated.

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Yess the common dogma, common knowledge based on? here is a good explanation- gluten is a just a umbrella term-so fractions of the gluten are still THAT ---,  all grains have gluten- grains are for birds- not for humans.


in time  you won't desire it at all  unless your undercarbed   

make sure you load up on fruit and more fruit   

then go for choice back ups as mentioned by other posters 

however in my humble opinion   it ain't no big deal   you pick up some salt and some calories that digest poorly 

next day you won't want that feeling   and bread in your colon  compared to our gentle sweet fruits    ill eat a whole loaf of bread before meat dairy eggs etc   if your trapped unprepared in this  world    carb up by any means 

30 bad should pay more attention to this, cause gluten are garbage, and all this rice eating and so on is imo not in line with nat hygiene nor 30 bad. Pomping gluten in your body. all grass bearing seeds have gluten -

what then would you suggest as a  back up food if there is no ripe fruit? instead of rice / potato corn etc

we"ll in dont run the 30 bad philosphy or the site- i understand cause of the low fat and such- but this info is important to know imo.  I think if you push this as a bufferfood or back up than its good to know this side also. Gluten are incredibly bad for the system.

i also understand  the need for a back up food wich is low in fat, cuase not all of us live in tropical countrys and so-imo i think its interesting what other people think of this- as imo this topic can be more adressed.

Yep there are many who cannot tolerate any grains and many more who do not realize they don't tolerate them well, good info., thanks!

Sweet potatoes appear to be the best cooked back up, secondary to fruit of course.

Some good videos here:

Gluten-Free Planet! Launches at GIG. PART 1

Against the Grain, Why Gluten is Bad

Gluten Causes Hormone Imbalances

Doug Graham Talks About Why Grains Are Destroying Our Health!


The sad reality is that many folks go back to eating animal corpse and pus secretions when they fall off the wagon.  That is even more detrimental than gluten, for our health and for the planet and for the animals.  So high carb, low-fat can give most people fairly good health compared to what is promoted mainstream.  Going vegan is the most important thing one can do for their health, the other people on this planet and the animals, hands down.  Main thing is it to keep it low-fat and high carb and refine your choices from there as desired.  Raw is ideal and what 30BaD promotes as such.

Great info. ednshell. I liked where Doug Graham said that gluten was like wallpaper paste - ugh!

It's a tough one to let go of, Zuza, that's for sure. I enjoy baking, especially breads and buns, and half the joy always came from eating the finished products. Now I just make them for others and get my joy vicariously through them hehe.

I agree with banana - boy -- if you're carb'd-up, you'll find the desire for it diminishes.

yeah it always comes down to money and resources. you could be somewhere and suddenly you're hungry and forgot fruit.  better to eat something then in the meantime.  i experimented with rice every day and it sucked.  dehydrated me so bad and made my joints achy.  my backup plan is dried potato flakes mixed with water. i dont even cook them. im just afraid to know what temperature they dry the potatos at.  i also have organic NO SALT NO OIL added popcorn that i found at wholefoods. i really want to live in tropical area.  i like not being limited to like 5 different kind of fruits. staples always seems to be mangoes bananas unpasteurized oj dates and grapes (along with celery, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers). theres tons of tropical fruits i have never tried b4. im scared to just pack up and move.  im sick of cold and snow. i just dont want to move alone.

Yeah, my plans for the future are pretty similar. I want to move somewhere hot or at least all year long warm. It doesn't matter whether I'll do it on my own or with someone. 

i used to eat bread like my life depended on it. i once ate an entire loaf of bread by myself in one night. my first job was at bertuccis and i had access to free and unlimited bread rolls. it seems impossible to give up bread if you're really hooked on it. like life will never be the same (i'm not kidding i actually thought this at one point). but trust me, if you go long enough without it you don't even miss it. the temptation is honestly 100% gone, provided i'm not absolutely ravenously starving. 

i hear when we digest gluten it produces "exorphins" which bind to opioid receptors in the brain and make you high. its basically a drug in that sense and is also highly addictive.

getting over gluten is really hard but it is so worth it! it'll get easier and easier the longer you go so keep trying :) if you need to talk to anyone my inbox is open

*edit it may be helpful to tell someone that you're trying to not eat gluten. people you live with, friends, anyone you eat around too. it really helps to have a second pair of eyes and someone to say "hey, i thought you were trying to give that up?" 



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