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How are you going to eat fruit in the event of an apocalypse or earth changes

Have you thought of stocking up on dried fruits or canning?


Fresh fruit will be gone from shelves in about three days in the event of world crisis. Also people will be killing you for your food. I saw a special on tv called AFTER ARMAGEDDON  and this poor family what they had to go thru.


Here you can watch the whole thing


Hope you guys are prepared.


 I was told I should CAN my fruit, in the event something like that. My friend wants to bring over a canner but I am too lazy for that. Also maybe seeds for sprouts. I got survival seed bank can of seeds all vaccum packed. But I dont know what else. Maybe nut butters and dried fruits. Dehydrated vegetables I can rehydrate with water.


You never know guys.


There will be no internet so no 30 bad or emails or text messages or cell phones. Nothing.

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I prefer to focus on the positive, which is that my world is only getting better, and smarter and more healthy and beautiful. In case I'm wrong, I prefer to die along with my dream.

Also, in Chinese medicine, they say that paranoia and excess fear is caused by a toxic liver. Detox and Create a loving world around yourself - it only spreads. We all know this.
My values align with this philosophy, focus on the positive and be willing to die for it!
well if they have babies to feed. they will
Thanks for that, I expected to get a chuckle when I opened this thread but I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment.
I won't dwell on what might happen post-global-apocalypse but it would be a lot worse than killing each other for food I imagine. things got that bad I'd be eating an ounce of salt. :)

you can't plan for the unexpected, the ideal is to not worry too much about the future and live each day like it's your last because you never know it might be.
start planting more seeds :)

Good idea! There is actually a book called "The Humanure Handbook" that explains perfectly how to do that last part!

This is interesting because lately I've heard a lot of talk about the world ending; mainly 2012. I'm not a big fan of expecting the world to end. In my short life I've seen thousands of people freak out thinking the world was going to end, and I always shrugged it off because guess what? It didn't. I've heard countless times how this president or that president of the United States is the "anti-christ." puhhlease.

Just today, actually, I spoke with someone who gave an extremely convincing argument about the world ending or something major happening in 2012 (ie, God revealing himself, etc), because Planet X realigns itself every 2,000 years and the next time will be 2012...too bad I can't type as eloquently as the gentleman spoke. I haven't looked into it in depth enough to provide an actual position of such.

Honestly, I believe that if the world were ending, diet would be the last thing on my mind. SURVIVING is key. Sure, it'd be great if I could could get my hands on the best food there is (fruit, veggies), but I doubt my survival would depend on it.

I would fight untill the very very end of the world.
What will be will be. Perhaps this would be a calling for a good 'ol fast.
yes i agree
What kind of world ending are we talking about here? If the sun implodes and takes our whole galaxy with it, we'll all be dead ... so no need to concern myself with fruit in such a situation.

If we're doing the Christian version, all the good Christians will disappear - the rapture. I'll still be here as I'm an atheist, and so will a lot of other people. But, according to the Bible, this time period will basically suck. So, I think getting fruit will be the least of my problems. We may even have to resort to things like cannibalism.

If we're talking "no more oil" kind of disaster, then I'll just go live in a fruit orchard. But, I'll bring my shot gun in case of hostile humans. ;-)

I don't think my generation (I'm 27) will see much in the way of enormous world change to the point of not being able to fund fruit anywhere. However, I definitely think future generations will be facing major things - most especially when we run out of oil.



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