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Hi everyone! My name is Amy, I had a question that I thought was interesting but I didn't know how to answer it. I've been on the high carb low fat vegan lifestyle for about 3 months and my hormones are still very unbalanced. I still have skin problems, no period and mood swings. I've been gaining weight primarily over my waist making me look like a rectangle and making me feel very not sexy, but I know this is all part of recovery and if I stick with it long enough that it will go away. I've been reading a bit into water fasting and how to let the body heal itself fully and I was curious as to if this is a good idea for hormonal problems and will it help my body really take the time to heal itself and help me cure my acne and get my period back?

What are everyone else's thoughts?

I was thinking only a week long fast in a secure environment, would this even help?

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Also I forgot to mention my hair started falling out really bad, it's slowed down now and I use coconut oil mask every second night in it. Is this part of the hormone issue? Will it grow back?

Background info. I came from anorexia type eating disorder (no exercising), heavy drinking in past and just some really shitty decisions

I am currently vegetarian (but eating mostly vegan. i am not vegan yet because of family reasons) and have been for about a year. after 2 months of turning vegetarian, i experienced hair loss and i became very worried. i let it continue for about 2 months before i went to the doctor because my hair would not stop falling out. i had a blood test and everything was fine. after a month after my doctors visit, my hair finally stopped falling out so much. i don't know why it happened in the first place, but it may be because of the almost-anorexic past as a child. my body may have been detoxing. My hair has grown back, just give it time. as for acne, i have suffered with bad acne for about 4 years and its finally healing. i still have acne scars but they are slowly fading with the use of rosehip oil. i hope everything goes back to normal, keep me updated x

Thankyou! Yeah it's stopped now, my hair is super thin so I'm thinking of cutting it short then just letting it regrow. My acne cleared up a bit then I accidentally ate oil (not sure how much) and I broke our really bad again. But I know if I give it time it will heal up. Time is so key. I'm so impatient though haha. Interesting with the rose hip oil, how do you use it to heal? I can't eat oil as I just discussed as I break out super bad but it doesn't seem to have a acne causing effect when used topically as a makeup mask about once a week, in fact it helps the skin. I seriously hope my hair grows back thicker, it's always been quite thin but this is ridiculous

To use rosehip oil, i just got the one in the bottle (one safe for your face) and apply it to my acne scars every night. just follow the instructions on the bottle. You will definitely get back to how you were before and probably look even better! 

Water fasting helps a lot, what I see from your photo you don't have much body fat, I would recommend you to try 1-2 day fast 1-2 times a month, make sure you drink just water, preferably distilled, and you rest well. Usually after the third fast you start seeing results.

The 30BaD team does not promote fasting as we have found the risks are often higher than the benefits. 

What we recommend is getting your 2500 plus calories a day of nutrient dense foods.  If your hair is falling out, you are probably deficient to begin with and fasting is the last thing you should be doing. 

Females: 2500 Males: 3000

Acne is often a separate issue, sometimes stemming form gluten containing foods, and foods that are high in oxalates such as kale, chard, spinach, and potatoes and many grains....

I am just going to share this for further reading....

Daily Recipe for Long Term Success:

Good luck and Peace, PK


Heya Amy.

With your hormones being out of whack, it's highly likely that it's related to other things in the body.

It would be good for you to get a full thyroid check done (make sure they test for thyroid autoantibodies, ft4, ft3 and tsh. Sometimes they just test for one or two of these things, but it's important they test for all of them).

If your thyroid is either over or under active, it affects so many things in your body.

Also, b12 and homocysteine would be important to get checked. If your b12 is low, your homocysteine is likely to be too high, which can cause all sorts of issues.

Have you ever had a red blood cell magnesium test done? This is different to the normal magnesium blood test they do. The normal magnesium test only measure the amount of magnesium floating around in your blood (this test is useless, as only 1% of the magnesium in your body is in your blood).

The red blood cell magnesium test is also a blood test, but it measures your cellular magnesium levels, which is a far better indicator of whether you  have adequate magnesium.

Vitamin D is also a biggie.

Cortisol/DHEAS Saliva Test (this will test your cortisol, DHEAS and testosterone levels, which will tell you how well your adrenals are functioning) *Not sure if this one is covered by health insurance

And do you have any gut/digestion/runny poo issues? If so, it would be good to get a stool analysis done to check for any parasites, which are surprisingly common, especially if you've travelled through Asia.

And you mentioned you used to drink alcohol a fair bit? It would be good to get your liver health tested too.

Eating a plant-based diet featuring lots of raw  foods is going to do your body wonders. But you may need to specifically target specific herbs/nutrients if there are a few things out of whack in your body. That's why it's good to get tested to see what areas you need to focus on.

Anyways, I hope that helps :)

I definitely plan on getting tested when I return to Australia, I am also planning on getting allergy tested too because I have had reactions to things (externally) and I dont know what it is yet. Of course the body is hugely complex and interconnected but I didn't realise that there was such a variety of things I could get checked to get to the bottom of it, thankyou for letting me know!

I don't have any digestion issues other than bloating sometimes after improper food combining or eating too much fat. I binge drank alcohol for about one and a half years (between the time I could get it myself and when I found the high carb lifestyle) which doesn't sound like much time to really damage the liver but then again even one night is completely detrimental so I will try get that tested too just to be sure.

The part about the herbs is interesting, I'd like to know further information about the benefits of specific herbs and their effects on the body, do you know where I could find more information about this?

Thankyou!! :)

exercise intensely, eat alot of carbs... also maybe masterbate less if you do that alot, only do it if your body says its time. deep breathing. early nights. sungazing. clean water. push urself to the limit when exercising make sure you are breathing really hard and sweating if possible.

I agree with PK that fasting is the last thing you would want to do. It should be used for extremely serious medical conditions only. Acne takes time. Acne has so many different variables to it that I did not even know about a few months ago.
1. Don't worry about it. Nobody cares that you have acne except yourself.
2. No oil, avocado, olive, etc. no high fat food
3. Food allergies. Common ones include wheat, nightshades, yams, apples, pears, bananas. Cycle out one to a few at a time for two weeks to see sufficient results if the food is causing allergies or not.
4. The five essential parts of health are sleep, water, sugar, sunshine, and sweat. It's almost impossible to overdo one of them.
5. No clarisonic. Ever. Use a light vegan sponge or a towel or none at all. Do not attack your face. Let it heal. It will disappear. It is really tough especially when it itches and hurts and is there for everyone to see. I understand.
6. Get your greens in. I think the oxalate thing has some correlation with some people, but that was not the case for me. I smash in the broccoli, kale, spinach, and chard with a starchy meal. If it does correlate with you, then get in lots of romaine hearts. Minimum a pound per day.
7. Time time time time time time time time time time time. It takes time. Get in your essentials every single day, maybe giving sunshine a few days a week off and sweat one day a week off. Low intensity = walking, very light jogging, biking. Do it. Give it time.
Thankyou! Wow I didn't know bananas were a common food allergy, I will try cycling around the foods and seeing what helps my skin best. Unfortunately I have to use a face wash as for my job I have heavy makeup applied to my face for sometimes 12hours a day, I would like not to attack the skin so much but personally I feel it's more of an internal issue than an external one. The makeup and cleansers certainly don't help but they don't make it worse either, on the days/weeks where I am not working and I don't wear any makeup because personally I hate it, I tend not to wash my face as much either, and it doesn't really make a difference. I know time is super important, it's as you said though it is hard. I will give it time thought, I must if I want to heal :)



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