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hi there

I am new and have been transitioning for about 6 weeks. The main reason is to help heal myself.  I have hormonal headaches.  Has anyone else had these?  Has anyone else healed themselves of this with 80-10-10?  Any support, advice, sharing or ideas are greatly appreciated.

be well


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Hi Anabea,


I believe I had hormonal headaches up until I removed unnatural products from my style.  4 months ago I had 6 headaches in 6 weeks. It was very unusual. Before that I averaged less than 1 headache per year.  The jump in frequency really scared me.  My first 2 were so severe I kind of panicked. I drove to 7/11 in the middle of the night to buy Bayer.


I was on SAD and the morning before the 1st headache I had applied a large amount of conventional deodorant (the ones full of industrial waste metals) for the first time in years - I previously used quasi-natural ones. I remember feeling a sense of shock in my lymph glands. It felt like my lymph nodes under my arms and neck were splashed with menthol on the inside. No sensations on the skin where I applied it, just In my lymph nodes themselves. What was very interesting was that the sensation was systemic. I applied the deodorant to my underarms - yes, right on those lymph nodes, but never touched the lymph nodes on my neck. However, the lymph nodes on my neck had the same sensations as the ones under my arms. I could tell the product was harmful, but i was at work and couldn't do much. I also told my brother about it and he laughed it off saying everyone uses it for years etc.


Now it's important to note that in the SAD I was on, there was a lot of dairy. And that dairy had a lot of antibiotics and hormones in it. I believe my body was at a critical level of chemical and foreign hormone toxins. Adding a heavy amount of chemical waste deodorant to this system, I believe, triggered a rejection reaction inside of me. I think my body was reacting to let me know this new heavy toxin was just far and beyond a level it could filter out. In that same day, I remember having 2 Strawberry Nesquiks, which is a flavored milk drink that can last for months unrefrigerated before starting to turn sour. That drink not only had the cow hormones, antibiotics and pus, but also the foreign matter that inhibits bacterial growth, and thus, all life growth.


At 5 pm that day, as I was about to drive home I felt two vertical lines of light pulsations from my middle neck to my middle skull.  I felt the pulsations turn to pain as they grew in length, extending horizontal onto the perimeter of my brain and gradually penetrate deep into my brain. LoL at how I am giving such detail on the development of this headache. But this is what I was feeling.  I was tilting my head downward preempting the next rush of pain and trying to breathe to control the flow of blood. Anyway, the pain started to become more and more dense and focused on a few small points in my brain. Breathing in deep helped so much, but as soon as I let the air out, the pain multiplied ten fold.  It got to the point where I didn't want to exhale and was holding in breaths as long as I could so I could have relief. But wow, the few times I tried deep inhalations were accompanied by a build up of panic because I knew the exhale was imminent. It was funny, because on the deep breaths I was trying to convince myself that this inhalation may clear the pain...  I tried stretching my neck muscles and legs... nothing was working so I laid in bed wishing it would go away. But the pulsations of pain kept coming and I started feeling nauseous. So, I got up and drove to 7/11 and bought water and Bayer. I sat in my car and drank some water and took two regular strength Bayer. LoL, don't get grossed out, but I immediately opened my car door and threw up. And it looked like it was the Strawberry Nesquik. LoL.. ok, so...... I immediately started feeling better. I wasn't sure if I threw up the 2 Bayer aspirins that I took, because I tried to look LoL and saw none...... Anyway..... What mattered to me was I had Some relief. I drove home fell asleep and told everyone at work what happened.  I shifted my thinking from, 'it was a toxin overload causing the headache', to, 'it was food poisoning that caused the headache.' So, I checked what foods at work I had and asked if anyone else got sick. No one else did and I was even suspicious of the grill man thinking he didn't wash his tools and maybe infected my food.  So... the day passed and I was super cautious of what I ate. My body naturally craved nothing and I fasted the whole day, drinking nothing but OJ and water. I was finally feeling normal again, but like I had just gone through a serious workout. The next few days I had limited processed foods and by the end of the week I was back on the standard American diet. I was ok. My two days off came and I was balancing out. I wasn't using that deodorant, and I was on a health inspiration and bought some fresh veggies out of the blue (all before I knew anything about raw food health). By the time I had to go back to work, I was feeling just peachy. But.... I hadn't bought a natural deodorant because I forgot to, and only had the conventional industrial waste one. I rationalized using it saying, "That event exactly 1 week ago was because I ate a food poison, and probably not because of a chemical toxin." So, i put it on again and what do you know, that same strange sensation of a menthol airy feel came to my lymph nodes under my arms and on my neck! I was really trying to ignore it. The sensation was so strong in my neck lymphocytes that I could feel it on my tongue. Like my tongue was getting dry and I needed a drink.  In short, the same symptoms came on and I was really not looking forward to going through it again. When I had a free moment later in the day, I went to the bathroom and tried washing off the deodorant with wet towels and mild soap. I felt so much better with the stuff off me and knowing it wasn't going in my bloodstream anymore.  In the next hour when it was time to go home I still felt the same headache coming on, but not as fast. In short, the headache was severe, but more like 80% of the other one and I was able to ride it out by taking a shower and going to bed at like 7pm. The next day, I didn't put any deodorant on and I didn't feel any headache coming on at any point. I drank plenty of water and started taking a lot more interest in my health. I really didn't want to get this same headache again next week.


I began to do online research about what was really in deodorant and found many of the ingredients, like ammonium alum, and aluminum zirconium are actually waste products from chemical factories. Instead of paying to dispose of the waste products, they sell them to cosmetic companies that put it in our foods, toiletries, etc. This research is what caused me to find out about raw food health.  So the experience was good in the end.


What I am saying here in so many words is that as i lessened my use of the waste product deodorants and cut out foreign sources of hormones and toxins, my headaches slowly disappeared. The next two I had were moderate and the last two I had disappeared as soon as I felt them coming on.


The parabens in the 4 different brands of deodorants I tried over that 6 week period were all acting as the human hormone oestrogen - a female hormone, and it was totally messing up my body's endocrine system. I included a link to an article that references all the things i was talking about with the hormone mimicking and influence on the endocrine system and the symptoms we show as a result.  I was lucky enough to have learned how to be super sensitive to the slightest imbalances in my body and allowed myself to learn what was causing the severe headaches. If I wanted to, I could have pushed through that suffering and my body would have had to adjust for survival in a very unhealthy way by producing more natural hormones to counteract the parabens that were in the deodorants I tried. 

Here's the article:


There is a lot of information in there and it is all referenced at the bottom.

I rarely need a deodorant now that I am on raw foods, but when I feel I do I use a deodorant called E Plus High C - made by Aubrey, found in Whole Foods, because it works great, smells great, and doesn't have hormone acting agents like 99% of others do. 


I apologize for the extremely long response, because it's tedious going through this testimony, but I figured giving as much information as possible was better than not. I would bet that your hormonal headaches are coming from oestrogen mimicking agents. Mainly because you are already a nutritionist and are conscious of what you eat, and these estrogen active agents are in more than just deodorants. They are in all plastics, and 90% of makeups, but the deodorant is so serious because most people put it on daily and directly to our central lymph nodes.  Please read that article and try to remove all estrogen active (EA) products from your life.

And be as raw as you can be :) I hope your headaches go away.

hi there

Thank you so much for the reply!  Thank you.

I am sorry you have headaches.  Yes, they can be rough.

I do not use deodorant and haven't for about 29 years now. I was using that "salt" crystal up until 8 years ago.  Your reaction to the conventional deodorant is amazing.  wow.  I get it and believe that happened.  wow.

That is hilarious about the NESQUICK.  Incredible.

Thank you for the advice.  I am dairy and sugar free.  I don't do gluten or grains.

It's true that while I don't use deodorant, I do use other products, like plastics that can effect my hormones.  Will look at the article.

thank you so much!!

i don't get those headaches anymore though... i really should have kept the reply to the article link and that it could be plastics and cosmetics interfering with hormones. Just that one sentence, but I had a lot of free time today and I just felt free writing there lol. Anyway.. you're really cool.  I hope you get rid of your headaches too. I love this online community.



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