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I've recently became homeless. (going on 3rd day)

I've been filling at least 2 applications a day and hopefully I get something.

I'm keeping the majority of my things in a friends garage, while I mob on my bike with a backpack.

All the cash I have and/or will receive will be going towards fruit and bike repairs.

Any advice/tips would be much appreciated.

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thanks man. Ya. my money supply is gonna run out sooner or later and the freegan, dumpster diving for fruit was on my list of to do things.

THanks for the advice man.

I'm really sorry to heat that. It's hard to be homeless. I experienced it.

The best thing I can tell you is just to take one day at a time. One fruit at a time. 

You can do it!!!

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

http://freegan.info/ Gook Luck Bro!!!!!


Thanks man. It's reassuring hearing the positives that can come from this experience.

I appreciate the advice.

I was homeless for a year...I slept in my car at night. I made some poor decisions and it was what I had to do to distance myself from bad influences that I had brought into my life while also paying for court costs. Are you sleeping on a friend's couch? 

There are an unlimited supply of jobs for people who have a desire and willingness to work. If you are unemployed it is purely because you don't want to work. A lot of us fall into these sort of ruts...sometimes we let ourselves slip into vulnerable positions in life...and only when tragedy strikes and our back is against the wall do we take decisive action. Hopefully this doesn't describe you.

Post an add on craiglslist offering to clean people's toilets. Get a job moving furniture for people. Stand outside the home depot and jump in when the trucks roll up. Go EVERYWHERE and submit applications...demand to speak to the manager. Smile, look them in the eye, tell them you want a job immediately and that you are a hard worker. Get there early, leave late, bust your ass. When people see this, other opportunities will avail themselves of you.

No job is beneath me, no job is beneath you. The janitors of the world and manual laborers are honest people doing good work...as long as you are open to this you will have a job immediately. Once you get on your feet, you can transition into whatever job/career/lifestyle you want. If you work extremely hard, have a positive attitude and are humble your situation will be easy to get out of.

You seem to have a very positive attitude...this one thing will give you strength to turn this into a transformational type experience.

Would you mind either sharing with us how you became homeless? If this is personal please don't...just need to know...are you sleeping indoors or in the street, how is your health, how much $ do you have, what is your plan, what are your goals...do you have friends or family that are able to be of assistance...

Great thoughts, RS.

Dunk, Have you looked into house sitting?  

I discuss and link to some of the details here:


Also, you might look into couch surfing with appropriate hosts until you get your feet back under you.  

Wish I had some good advice, just sending some good vibes your way!  For what it's worth, the Buddha said if anything bad happens to you, understand that you are paying a debt and be glad that the debt is now paid.  Is there any way you can do some videos on this topic about what it's like?  I would think it would bring a good amount of views.  You are certainly not alone.  I had a friend that lived in her car for 2 years, went from friend's to friend's.  Couch surfing, youth hostel's, maybe those can be options?

Also I don't know if you'd be interested but this might be perfect timing for you, a free meditation course, room and board provided, no pressure to donate after either.  You can almost always stay and serve a course or two afterwards too.  It's a great place to learn and make connections!  Find a center near you and learn about the technique here:http://www.dhamma.org/

(You can stay raw fairly easily at these centers too.)

Anyone on this site in or near Santee, CA that can help Dunk by providing a couch to sleep on, a job prospect, anything?  Dunk, are you still in CA?  Get the word out where you are; there are a lot of members in CA on this site.  You look healthy and young-I feel really positive that you will find some employment soon.  Bussing and dishwasher jobs may be available if you're in a big enough city.  Stay positive-you are young, healthy, determined and strong and you can handle this temporary bump in your life. Ask for help from family or any friends/acquaintances you know. Believe me, it happens to all of us-even us middle agers.  My husband and I are house sitting in a new city while trying to build a new business.  Without this gig, we would be living out of our van for sure. This happens; it's a test, or I like how Ednshell described it, a "debt" we are paying and be thankful that it is being paid!  If we retreat and we don't pay it, it will certainly come back for the payment in the future. Remember that the Universe is for you, not against you.  Let it know your needs, practice gratefulness daily and then watch out, because the Universe will open new doors for you!  Peace brother. 

Dumpster diving in Whole Foods dumpsters!



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