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Hey guys, first and foremost I already contacted some lawyers, including one I know, but after multiple calls, emails and promises, I'm waiting longer to hear back from them than I would like.

What happened?

I got hit by a car 8 days ago. The car was speeding. Hit me from behind. It was a country road, plenty of visibility. The driver was just driving TOO fast, and TOO close to me, leaving me nowhere to escape. The speed limit was approximately 35PM, I was riding 20MPH, they were driving 70MPH twice the speed of all the other cars.

Not sure the extent of my injuries at this point. I've seen a few doctors already, got the X-rays, they think seperated shoulder and a bunch of torn ligaments in my elbow, which would explain why I can't use my left arm, and why its hurting like crazy around the clock. Bones look okay so far, so I'm lucky in that regard, but the doctors don't really know for sure until I do more follow up visits.

 Starting therapy this week. Should have a better idea where I've at physically in a week or two. 

If anybody has some general advice about handling this situation, please let me know:

Few details:

-Lady hit me from behind going twice the speed limit, have one witness' contact who "saw her speeding and driving erratically moments before the crash". Another witness "just saw me flying".

-Have all the drivers info. I filed a report with the police, (or at least tried to  before rushing off to get medical treatment). Working on getting a copy of that. 

-Not sure the extent of long term injuries exactly until I do more physical therapy

-I am keeping all my receipts for medical coverage, and doctors visits as well as detailed notes about my injuries and recover.

Her car insurance is definitely going to have to cover my medical bills, bike repair and time lost for work.

Do they also pay for pain and suffering or potential future pain even if my bones aren't broken? I have a high pain tolerance, and can usually recover quicker than other people, but I still need to make sure that I'm compensated fairly. I don't want to be in pain two years from now because I am a "tough guy" and instead of getting some money to help me take care of myself and get my life in order right now, I try to "see if I can live with the pain" and "worry about long term damage later".

Again, waiting to hear back from lawyers but any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thank you!

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I am so sorry this happened to you!  Mike Arnstein was hit by a car while running, he was fine after.  Ruth Heidrich was hit by a car, not sure if she was on bike or running but she had multiple broken bones as checked by an emergency room but did not let them do anything to her, she just laid still in bed for a a week or a few, don't remember exactly how long, she ate light and raw until she felt like moving around.  She made a full recovery.  So I am sure you will heal beautifully!!!

As for compensation for pain and suffering, I am no expert but from experience it is usually 2 to 4 times of what you had to pay medically.  Attorneys will want in if it is going to be more than a $10,000 pay out.  I think if her insurance is reputable they will pay you fairly without much hassle.  Especially if they can see that you are an intelligent, present, sensible man that will stand up for what is right.  So by all means speak up and keep records and ask for what you want, but I think you will do fine working with the insurance on your own. 

Sending lots of high vibes of healing your way!!!

Glad you're all right.  You could have been killed.

I'm not a lawyer, so get proper advice.  Hopefully the lady got cited for something like speeding, reckless driving, causing an accident. 

If you accept money for your medical bills, you may not be able to collect any further money later (pain & suffering, mental anguish) depending on the settlement agreement, so don't be rash to accept a small settlement early only paying for your recent hospital bills.

The insurance company may want to settle with you (medical bills + pain & suffering) to avoid court costs and a judgement in your favor, or they may want to contest any claim you make if you try to sue the lady for a substantially large amount of money, maybe even trying to say you were at fault in some way.  It will help you a lot if the driver was cited.

I don't know if they even filed a police report. I waited for the police to arrive, to give my story to the police, then left for urgent care right away. Sounds like calling the police department is the next step.

Sorry to hear that.

I had an accident about a year ago while I was riding a bike and the insurance pays the material, the medical bills and the pain, remaining scars, loss of work, ... But this was in France, so I can't tell you if it is the same in the US. Just make sure your MD made a list of all apparent injuries you have.

Goodness, I'm glad you're still with us, B.  Terrible thing for you to experience.

You already live a super clean lifestyle which should stand you in good stead regarding healing.  

Indeed, I would pursue this to the maximum degree when it comes to your compensation.  If your lawyers aren't cooperating, I'd either get new ones, as recommended by a trusted source, or simply become the world's squeakiest wheel to the ones you've got.  

And yes, obtain and keep hard copies of each and every pertinent piece of legalese, med reports, police and witness docs, insurance claims, etc.  That way nobody can claim to have lost anything.  

Heal well, my brother!

Thank you I'm working on putting all of the  information in one place...receipts...photos...witness contact...diary of pain...loss of sleep....precriptions..all medical records...etc

Hi A.

So sorry you got injured!

Hope you'll get well soon, I send you good thoughts!

Thank you. I will come back stronger.

Thank you guys.

  • Yeah i only got one arm to use so i can't type so good at the moment.
  • Yeah her insurance keeps calling me but i refuse to give them a statement of "what happened" or how injured i am until i talk to a lawyer because I don't want to risk understating my injuries then find out later I have permanent damage in my arm/shoulder/elbow
  • I will try for the 4th time to get a hold of this lawyer (I am trying to stick with him because he comes highly recommended from various friends and was vary receptive the first time I reached out to him and he told me I'll get back to you and help you figure this thing out")

dang thats crazy man. I hope it ends up being nothing serious. But you really gotta be careful. I simply sprained an ankle and had on going pain for years. You really never know and if 3 years form now your back at the doctor for more issues you wanna make sure your covered!

I hit a guy on a bike once myself no idea how. I was coming out of a parking lot and supposivly the back of my car hit him....??? I swear in my case he just tossed his bike under my car looking for a quick buck but being terrified i took him to a bike shop bought him all new stuff and apologized profusely etc.. he was TICKED at me but i did whatever i could to make it right.

Yeah stuff happens. At this point I'm dealing with the ladies car insurance, and not her directly. Whether I'll have any further dealings with her directly or not, I don't really now. As far as the legal stuff I just need to make sure that I am taken care of and that my life isn't messed up (missed work, long term pain, trouble sleeping due to pain and injuries, disability, etc) just because I'm a "tough guy" who can take lots of pain. If I was a woman or kid or something I know that I'd be taken care of.

sounds like you got the right idea. See i'd be stupid and go oh i'm a tough guy i can handle it and i'd let stuff slide years later i'd be wining about some lingering pain wishing i had some options. 



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