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I think I have a stress fracture in my hip; I recently upped my running mileage and increased my speed training (starting in late December) by joining long-distance track, and my hip bone has been hurting like CRAZY. From what I read, it sounds exactly like a stress fracture--hurts when I run and a little after I run, then feels better when I sit down/rest, but hurts the second I start running again. After I run, I can barely walk because there is this deep, shocking pain on every step.
I'm freaking out, though; My dad said that he can't afford to have it checked out by a doctor/orthopedic and I can't just tell my coach that "my hip hurts and I can't run anymore".
On top of that, I don't want to quit running--I just started getting faster and it's been a LOT of hard work to get there. Plus, I'd really like to lose some weight/get a flat stomach and Freelee insists that high intensity training like the speed workouts we do in running are ideal for that. If I stop running, I'm going to get fatter and less fit than I already am. :/

So, I need advice. What should I do about this? And how can I exercise efficiently and still get those "human growth hormone injections" via speed training when I can't run???
Biking doesn't seem to pump my lymph anywhere near as good as running does. :/

I'm really confused and really, really upset about this.

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Please, don't run! I'm not kidding... Last year I had a stress fracture in my hip from increasing my mileage too quickly and over training  I disobeyed my doctor's orders not to run for a while and it turned into a full-blown fracture. I needed surgery and was in crutches for 4 months. This is not an abnormal thing to happen if you continue to run on a stress fracture. The rule of thumb is that if it hurts, don't do it. I know it's hard, but try to do something that doesn't hurt for now: swimming  the elliptical, walking  biking, yoga, etc. are all great forms of exercise. You will run again, but you really just need to let yourself heal. 

Yeah, do not run at all. You don't want to end up in a cast for months on end if you haven't reached that point yet.  Running will only make it worse, guaranteed.

Ugh.. Is there any exercise I can do to get Freelee results but not hurt my hip?

I'd stay away from lower-body exercises until you know for sure it's not going to injure you further. Hopefully you will recover quickly, but if you don't, be prepared to take a long rest to heal from this. I know it's frustrating, but believe me, it's not worth causing permanent damage to your hip. Just take it a day at a time and do what you safely can.

I convinced my dad to take me to the orthopedic, despite the costs. But my coach has little competence; I've been complaining about my hip for weeks now, and he just tells me to "ice it". He probably thinks it's just an excuse to slack, since I'm already the slowest there.
So hopefully a nice X-ray showing a fracture on a bone will show him that I really have a problem.

I don't think I burn quite 1500 from exercise... When I plug my exercise into cronometer it says I burn around 400-800 depending on what exercise I did that day. But you make great points, as always. I kind of knew that the stress fracture came so easily because of my anorexic/restrictive history.
But would exercising less and eating a lot more actually make me lose weight?
It seems strange, but I know it's probably true.
Yes, maybe the hip fracture was "fate" but I feel like it's going to get in the way of the body I want.

Trampolining really stimulates your lymphatic system, like I've said. It only takes me thirty minutes on the trampoline to get a good workout. Just turn on some music and go! :D But I haven't really run in awhile, and I get great workouts on my bike or just with strength training. In fact, strength training is at least as good as cardiovascular if you're wanting to up your metabolism--you build more muscle and then your BMR goes up! (:

Little trampolines don't give the same workout.. Rebounding doesn't seem to get my heart rate up at all :/

And I feel like biking is too easy, I never get tired from that, either..? It's strange. I wish I would, that way I'd have an alternative.
But I have upped my strength training quite a bit ;)

Biking is only as easy as you want it to be. As long as you have a multi-speed bike or hills you can get a heck of a good workout in. Try Spinning if you haven't before.

Awh, really? You can do a trampoline session with me next time you come over, haha. (:

I know what you mean about biking, but it really is the next best thing (in my opinion). It's harder to get your heart rate up as high, but if you stand up and sprint it can really help. Also, you can bike relatively soon after eating without getting horrible cramps. I like that. (; After a nice bike ride, I feel that same sort of natural high (but different, too, in a way) that I did after a run. And, of course, you can really go places and see more scenery. OH, and you don't get nearly as hot! That's a definite plus. It's perfect in the summer, as long as you have a light, well-fitting hat or some natural sunblock. (:

It's not a stress fracture! :D The growth plate is not fused properly and is irritated from all the impact. The doctor said just rest (with light exercising like biking) will help it out. So this means that I can still do track; I just have to wait a week.

Now I have a calorie issue: I managed to get around 2700 raw, but Peter says I need at least 3000. With money how it is now (my dad just got a bill saying he owed $2200 and now a $400 bill for the x-rays) I don't know if I can manage the 3000+ all raw. Should I eat boiled potatoes?

Great news! Get well soon. Potatoes are fine.



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