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Hi everyone, some days ago I went to a naturopathic doctor who does a scanner on the whole body, organs, systems vitamins, amino acids, etc. A lot of information, I'm not sure about the exact name of the technology, its definitely NOT a standard type of exam, it uses a different technology, i think it measures the quantum energy of every part of the body and send the info into a computer.
Well, it showed that i had high vascular resistance. And I've been 80 10 10 (not 100% raw, but mostly) since about a year. I have had some binging episodes with bread and salty vegan cooked food...
Idk if I'm still on a detox process and the scanner showed that my body is still on a healing mode, or I am doing something wrong? Or those episodes (about once a month) are spoiling all my system really bad? :( I usually crave wheat SO bad.
I also had low bone density, and I was in risk of osteoporosis!
I also had low vitamin k... And too much tryptophan! Too much...
Well thats just a really short summary of ALL the information from the scanner, I also had Collagen deficiency in the skin and body, low thymus gland secretion, and some arsenic toxic load.
Any suggestion on how to improve any of these ?
Thanks a lot, hugs and love!

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YOU LOST ME AT 'WENT TO NATUROPATH YESTERDAY..." I also lost some of my banana smoothie out of my nose.

Thats like a cyclist saying 'I climbed a mountain in my car today and think there is something wrong with my bicycle.."

Its like a photographer saying 'I tried to film in mud today but I think there is something wrong with my lenses."

Don't go to quacks if you want real deal advice. Come to Thailand next year and in a few mins cycling up the mountain, I will be able to give some real things to focus on. We wont charge you either and you will actually get some advice that will give you slim toned healthy body like Freelee.

Stay away from quantum energy quacks. Unless you have too much $$$ and want to lighten your wallet.

I just went for the scanner, i dont care what she says to me, lol! I just went to know how my body was doing!
And the scanner was really cheap too, about 30 dolars, i really dont want to go to a traditional medical center, i think thats worst!

Give us a name of this scanner.  How can you expect advice from us, if you can't tell us exactly what kind of test you had?

Who knew you can measure vascular resistance using "quantum energy" with a $30 scanner!

yes, the test was $30, not the scanner itself.

the name its in spanish... im from Chile. 

Its a 'Quantum Scanner' 

Kind of like the 'health scope scan' i've heard of in USA

I know a lot of you doubt about the scanner's technology, I'm not here asking you about what scanner or test to do. I do have confidence on that scanner, and that's my opinion. I'm asking for how to improve the health issues I asked (low bone density, high vascular resistance, arscenic in the body, etc). I'm don't want to start a conversation about quantum scanners, please, I'ts my opinion and my will to go to that kind of tests.




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