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Hello everyone, merry post-Christmas! 

Here is a photograph of my body before i went high carb (i apologize for the crappy photo, it is all I could find) and one of after about 3 months on a HIGH CARB diet. I lost 20lbs. Most of my diet consists of raw fruits, but sometimes I eat massive bowls of pasta or heaps of potatoes for dinner. I come from a past of eating disorders and massive calorie restriction. Yes, it did take a little while for my body to balance itself and recover from metabolic damage, but here I am now :) I am so happy to be able to eat TONS OF FOOD!!!!!! 

I do exercise almost every day; I cycle for about 80 minutes. I know it sounds like a lot, but the only reason why I can do that much on a regular basis is because of this diet. Before i went HCRV, I did exercise for an hour every day, but I was still heavier! 


Any questions, let me know. 



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You look amazing! Thanks for posting because I am coming from a calorie restriction background and have put on a few. ( Or at least it feels that way. I am not getting on a scale). New to this lifestyle but loving it so far.

I don't like to get on the scale either especially because some days I will weight something like 5 lbs more due to the amount of food/water I have consumed and my brain will go "omg you're getting fat!!" when in reality, it is just the volume of food :) keep going and i am sure you will eventually see results

Looking good, congrats!

Amazing!  Please let us know what a daily food intake is for you right now.  How often are you eating pasta/potatoes and the like?  I also come from a calorie restrictve lifestyle fueled by massive amounts of caffeine.  I've gained 20 lbs since starting HCRV, but I do eat some cooked pasta, potatoes and rice and wonder if that's hindering the weightloss.  Thanks for sharing!  Very motivating.

Hello, i consume around 3500 calories a day, and if one day i don't get the chance to exercise, that number will be around 3000. i drink 3-4 liters of water a day. here is what I eat on an average day:

Breakfast: smoothie with 24oz water, 6 bananas, 2 cups frozen mango, 1 cup frozen blueberries, and leftover grapes i have laying around.

Snack: 1 apple, 8 clementine oranges.

Lunch: smoothie same as breakfast.

Dinner: couple of tomatoes, smoothie with 24oz water, 7 bananas, 2 cups frozen mango, a lot of grapes OR (if I am eating cooked food that night), the entire package of corn pasta (1 pound, appx. 454 grams) with a couple of no-salt added canned tomato sauce. 

My ratios are usually: 92% carbs, 3.8% fats, and 4.3% protein. I feel best with these ratios. I never consume avocados or nuts or any other overt fats like that. 

I eat cooked about 1-2 nights a week. For example, last night I was at my family's house and there was really no fruit. But, there was a bunch of cooked whole wheat pasta. So, I ate that. I actually took the "after" picture this morning after eating that much pasta!! I will admit that, at first, eating cooked did bloat me out the entire day after. And at first, I found it very difficult to stuff my face with that much pasta. It affected me mentally because I kept thinking "if I eat this much, I will get fat!" But, now I am totally accustomed to it and feel good with it. Some general advice would be that if you do not have access to good fruit (frozen is good too), then eat the cooked food. If one night you simply want pasta or potatoes, eat it!! Really, that won't be the thing that makes you gain weight. In relation to your weight gain, I have also felt heavier at times. It wasn't until about now that I really began thriving on the weight loss front. Something I will mention though...I went through a period of time when i would eat around 40 dates a day, and a couple of weeks later, I had gained 8lbs. I cut out the dates and replaced them with more bananas, and I went back down to my usual 122lbs. Other than that, keep going strong. Maybe sure you are getting in at least 3000 calories a day, exercise even if its only a 30min walk, drink lots of water, cut out all sources of added sodium (super important for me), and finally, keep the motivation strong, know that this is the best lifestyle for all aspects of your life, and good luck!

p.s. I do have days where I feel leaner than others. It all depends on how much food/water I consumed. That is normal :)

your picture looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your average day details, I am striving for lfhc - but i have not been eating enough fruit and drinking enough water. this is really motivating!!!

Did/do you track what you eat on a daily basis? I just set up a blog (sleepwatersugar.com) so I can start doing that, I think it's important, but it seems like a chore.

I think it's good to track in the beginning so that you can get your bearings and your baseline -- so that you know you are getting enough of the calories that you need. I like the Chronometer a lot because you get a lot of information from it. 

I write everything down on paper first, and then plug it into the chronometer before bed. Then I know what I might need to "up" the next day. 

Hello! thank you  for your kind words :-) quick comment about the water-- drinking lots of water has been one of the best things to improve my body/life. Being hydrated and eating on a hydrated system (at least 24oz appx. 15min before every meal) is so important for proper digestion and minimal bloating. I do track what I eat in order to make sure that I am getting in enough calories. It definitely is a chore, but the payoff of knowing how much I am eating and how many nutrients I am getting in, is totally worth it. Maybe track it on some app on your phone to make it easier (such as cron-o-meter or MyFitnessPal). best of luck to you!!

Thank you so much for that.  I love frozen mango in my banana smoothie too!  Having one as I type this.  That's interesting about the dates; not really eating many at this time (can't afford), but I do like them.  Do you ever eat greens?  I usually have one large salad during the day but my favorite dressing has been 1/2 avocado, lemon and orange...I know, there's some fat there!  Need to get my butt in gear and start running and cycling again.  I'm finally starting to feel good enough to get out. Thanks again Berny7 for your help and inspiration!

I do eat some greens. Not too many though simply because I don't like them very much and I don't want to eat something I don't like when I have delicious persimmons or mangoes! But, I love iceberg lettuce (when i eat potatoes, I wrap them in it and make little high carb vegan "burgers"!). I am pretty sure that 1/2 an avocado is fine, but I have heard to limit your avocado intake to one avocado per week. I used to eat 2 avocados A DAY!! and after a few days of completely cutting them out, I lost my desire for them. Now I dress my salads with pure lemon. Now it is so delicious to me. For the exercise, remember to start slow so that you don't burn out and make your brain think "this is too hard!" Also, I will openly admit that every day when I am on that bike, I want to quit about thirteen times. But, I keep going because the payoff is so sweet. Exercise is mostly mental. Your body could go for a very long time. Your body is stronger than what your mind makes you think it is. Having a positive mental attitude and thinking "i CAN do this. my body has the power to do this. I am fueling it so that it can do this."--that is what gets me through my long workouts :)

Thanks for sharing your daily menu.  It inspires me in several ways:  1) gives hope that I can restore the digestion of fiber,  2) gives hope that I can restore the health and energy which I had some time ago.  You did it!  You are a winner!  Congratulations for the successful transition to the 80/10/10 lifestyle.

awesome incentive, thanks for posting. I am about to start! Just waiting on my bananas ripening and i'm a go...! This really helps to know, and it's a great reminder about the exercise, i.e, its a lifestyle not just about a 'dietary intake'. :) 



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