30 Bananas a Day!

Hey everyone,

Ive been on this lifestyle for about 1 month now and absolutely love it! 

Are there any experienced Vegans on this lifestyle willing to offer advice, support or mentoring?

I am currently experiencing detox symptoms and overall lifestyle changes, and would love to build more friendships with likeminded people on this lifestyle who i can relate to :)

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Be happy that you are seeing changes after a month and be prepared to experience changes for years! What's happening ( I think) is that you are slowly changing your body chemistry. Lots of changes to come. Enjoy the journey! Feel free to add me:)

Thank you! I am enjoying the journey but also not sure what's going on and what to expect with all the changes etc! What did you experience?

I experienced so much but mostly bad reactions to foods that I never had problems with. Not meat but certain fruits and veggies would make me feel strange for a few days or a weeks then I would try them and it would be fine. It was like the opposite of cravings (repulsiveness?). I now look at it as my body's way of teaching me it's language. Maybe it was balancing some chemicals and eating apples, for example, was the wrong thing to add to the mix at that time. My skin definitely got clearer. My digestion was NOT smooth for a while because of not enough water intake. it's fine now. I went through bouts of low energy mostly because I didn't understand the whole calorie/carb thing and I exercised a lot. I still struggle with eating enough but I have a better understanding of what's going on. I have lots of energy when I eat starches (in my case raw starches). I also had some issue with my knees that lasted years but they are fine now. My best guess is that eating more greens, drinking more water and yoga fixed it.  I went through more than what I'm saying but the main thing is that I took each issue as some kind of message from my body and through research, asking questions and experimenting; I learned what it was saying and dealt with it successfully. Wow, didn't mean to say a mouthful! Best of luck to you! Contact to me anytime.

Detox comes in phases, it's your body thanking you from the inside for giving it a break! now it is not overworked processing all the crap coming in it can spend time getting rid of all the stuff it stored up for later!! it will pass and it will come back sometimes with a vengance! but the key is to stick with it, eat clean, stop putting crap on your skin, drink enough water, get at least 30 min of sun a day, and sleep more because this is when your body repairs, drink 1L of water 30 mins before bed and 1L of water when you wake up, this will clean the pipes!!

Hey thanks for the tips! It's winter over here at the moment so it's been hard to get sun, but I am getting the water in regularly as you've said! Yes now that you've said that I have noticed it comes in phases, I guess this will happen until my body clears it all out?



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