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Hey everyone,

Ive been on this lifestyle for about 1 month now and absolutely love it! 

Are there any experienced Vegans on this lifestyle willing to offer advice, support or mentoring?

I am currently experiencing detox symptoms and overall lifestyle changes, and would love to build more friendships with likeminded people on this lifestyle who i can relate to :)

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Hi I´m also Newbie here I´m now 3months...I´m actualy a lite in houl cos I´m gain waiht but I gues it need to be cos of how I was eating befor...Can I ask U haw U are...how many calories U eat per day and U feel??? 

Hey :) Im 22, I'm averaging around 2000 a day but am trying to get up to the recommended 2500. I feel great eating this way, so full of energy and vitality! But my skin is breaking out badly and i get headaches and other detox symptoms, can anyone else relate?

Hey, I'm new too! I'm going through lots of changes as well :).

I'm getting more acne than usual on my face. I've gone high raw one other time and the same thing happened. It'll go away eventually, but take it as a good sign because your body is healing and eliminating toxins. I've also been getting headaches that feel like a pressure on usually one side of my head (I experienced the same thing when I went high raw last time, too), but that will go away as well because it's another way your body is healing. Idk, I always try to be grateful when I'm experiencing detox symptoms because it means I'm doing something right and my body is cleansing itself :). The euphoria I get from eating this way is amazing!

Yes i totally agree with all of that! I feel the same way about the lifestyle and the detox, but at the same time its frustrating especially when you feel your best but look your worst! And you have to convince others its not the lifestyle's fault but the detox, and they can't understand at all lol! 

I have been on a high carb vegan diet for about 3.5 years. I give online coaching. If you're interested just drop me a line :)

Awesome, thanks :) 

it is normal to experience detox symptoms.. some people have more, others less..it depends what your diet was like before and what exactly you are eating now :)

skin issues are possible while you are transitioning but food is a major factor there .. maybe too many dried fruits? and not enough water-rich fruits & veggies? also make up etc could be the reason.. what kind of cosmetics are you using? is it organic? 

regarding headaches.. are you drinking enough water? 

Before i was vegetarian for 5 years, and more high fat that i am eating now. I do eat medjool dates but usually have them with water to try and make up for the dry factor! I don't use makeup unless i really have to and when i do its an organic brand. I am struggling with finding a good face wash or shampoo though and i feel like this could be contributing..? What do you use? and what kind of symptoms did you get? 

Thanks! :) 

Hello there!  I have been HCLF vegan for just over six months.  I have gained weight because of my previous diet but I have evened out for the most part.  I had very clear skin before this lifestyle then I broke out really bad up until these last two months.  My skin is brighter and clearer than I have ever seen it.  I don't even wear foundation anymore.  I love all the excess energy I have too. 

My biggest weakness is sodium... honestly I probably would drop like 10 pounds of water weight if I could just learn to keep my darn sodium intake low....lol.  That is my biggest suggestion for you.  If you do raw till 4 keep that cooked dinner low in sodium. I have already noticed a huge difference over the last few days with lowering my sodium intake.  I am always looking for a good buddy too! Feel free to add me if you want! :)

Yes i can relate to what your saying 100% ! I have the same issues with weight gain because of my previous diet too, and i haven't gained heaps but at the moment my weights just stabilised and I'm hoping it will even out like you say yours has! What kind of lifestyle did you come from prior to this? 

Ill have to try lowering the sodium, that could make a difference now that i think about it! What kind of a difference has lowing it made for you in the last few days?

Id love to be buddies and chat more!  feel free to PM me on too!

Hey Ashleigh, I know exact what you mean! Im so much more emotionally stable eating this way and nourishing my mind and body with what it needs that I'm able to deal with it a lot better than if i were eating my previous diet.

How long have you been on this lifestyle for? 

I haven't heard of the emotional stuff being a release of surprsised emotions before, but I does make sense! Do you have any links to the youtubers or videos your talking about? I'd love to check them out!
I struggle with dinner time for meal ideas as well, even if I try to have a salad with a calorie dense, fruit dressing it's not enough like you've said. What have you been having nowadays instead? And has it been making a difference?

Also did you have any changes in weight when you started the lifestyle?



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