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Anyone know any good recipe books, site or ideas for high carb low fat/protein meals? a couple of staples i can think of off the top of my head are potatoes, pasta and rice.
I have a couple of vegan cookbooks but they use too much salt and oils ect.
These meals would be dinner of course, breakfast and lunch will be fruit fruit fruit some greens.

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I believe Dr Mcdougall's wife has a HCCV recipe book

I suggest you ask on Dr McDougall's forum where they eat a high carb, *cooked* vegan diet http://www.drmcdougall.com/forums/index.php.

This is a raw food site so we don't encourage discussions about cooked food here :-)

Thanks anyway freelee!


I know. thanks for your informative reply....

First of rule 811 .. we dont talk about 811

Second rule of 811 .. we dont talk about 811

Third rule of 811 .. we dont talk about 811

I respect this is a raw site but feel you got totally slammed there buddy .. ouch!  Im sure transition periods are allowed. ;)

thanks perry mate.

I love this site, even when someone does something that's against the rules, people are kind and explain it.

I used to love rice, but I always added salt to it, so maybe it was the salt that I enjoyed... 


I bet that if you added some cooked rice to something like "zucchini pasta" it would be a highly enjoyable half cooked/half raw dinner and maybe over time you will find yourself wanting to decrease the amount of rice in the dish and increase the amount of raw vegetables. 


Steamed vegetables were also amazing to me and needed no salt or spices.  (Even broccoli tastes REALLY good when steamed)


Enjoy every bite of your transition :)

Ill try that! maybe make some simple raw sauces.
Thanks for the advise bro! 

Take time to adjust to the life style. Items such as rice or potatoe are last resorts or to aid in the transition, not used as a recipe. If you eat enough durring the day there will be less desire to eat cooked. Sean

Yeah im planning to eat raw basically all day, get all that fruit in and leave the cooked stuff for later..slowly adding more and more raw fruit and veggies then break off from cooked eventually.

Thanks allot swirl that was great info.

Fruit is best!



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