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What fruits would be considered the most calorie dense. I know only of bananas when it comes to fruits that are high in calories.

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Can you order some of these things for a decent price online? We dont have a lot of these fruits here and I could use more variety then mostly bananas.
I am sending you a pm! :-D I am not sure if I like them but I'm sure it will be good.
Dear cbs ♥,
I think Robertishere.com is a good place for ordering the sub-tropical exotics in the States.
Have not had personal experience because I live in Australia.
Best wishes with finding more the exotic denser fruits ♥
Love and Peaches XX
Hey Anne,

First of all, you are so cool! I just have to tell you that =)

I've never had Abiu. I have 2 farmers who grow it but don't sell it because they only get a few per year... one farmer said it took 23 years for the first fruiting, and it was just 2 or 3 fruits!

Have you ever had the "Pantin" variety of mamey? The texture of that is pretty smooth, kind of wet and pudding like. See the photo below. Is green sapote smoother than this?? I don't know how that is possible. LOL!

Interesting that you think that about the caimito / star apple... I notice that you said you find them more "nutrient dense" rather than calorie dense... I am assuming this was a conscious choice on your part, yes? If so, very interesting. I tend to trust your judgment when it comes to something like this as you have been eating a fruit diet for almost as long as I've been alive, and for about the same amount of time that I have been eating solid "food". Also, do you have any different of an opinion on the nutrient density of the different colors of caimito, such as the green or the red/burgundy?

Lastly, I'm not such a big fan of canistel... I over ate on it once and felt very sick, haven't liked it much since. Have you ever had a similar experience?

mmmmm my mouth is watering!!!
Dear Taylor ♥
I hope you get to try Abiu, they are amazing ♥ one guy sells them,at a local market for 50 cents each, but you have to get up pretty early early to score any!
I have not tried the 'Pantin'. I don't think the Green Sapote looks smoother than that.
The orange colour is less vibrant in the Green Sapote flesh and it has less of a sheen.

I did mean nutrient dense regarding the Star Apple/Caimito, I sometimes find it hard to look at a fruit just in terms of calories, which can seem a bit limited and 'linear' to me.
I think Caimito are very nutritious, and I am far more drawn toward the deeper coloured purple ones than the green varieties. So I guess they contain more of what I need than the green variety.
I also find that the bit right inside the skin is important nutrient-wise.

I cannot eat too much Canistel, definitely a fruit for sharing!
Half a fruit at a time is just about my limit.
So I have not (fortunately) over eaten on them.
Love and Peaches XX.

Are black sapote really like chocolate!? Never had them. Want to try.

Just had ripe black sapote. It definitely has a chocolate pudding (or cooked sweet potato) texture—but not a chocolate taste. Carob gets closer in taste to chocolate than sapote I think.

Fruitbatanne -
can you get all of these in Australia?
Dear Anne ♥,
yes you can.
Although they mostly in the sub-tropics and tropics.
Durian only grows in the tropics in Australia.
Happy fruit hunting ♥
Love and Peaches XX.

So want to taste peanut butter fruit!

How many lbs would you call a medium-sized fruit? Dragonfruit is like 35-40 calories per 100 grams, that'd have to be a HUGE fruit to have 500 calories. Maybe you're thinking of something else?



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