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HI I am desperate for advice i keep crashing and buring :( on 80 10 10.

HI I am desperate for advice i keep crashing and buring :( on 80 10 10.

hi, i come from a past of anorexia,binge eating,bulimia and compulsive exercising. i first started the 80 10 10 diet a month ago to loses more wight and to not gain any wight i'm being truthful. And it worked i only eat fruit and juiced alot alot and exercised i lost wight, but was still unhappy with the results i still had a gut,and loses skin? and had terrible skin break outs on my face and hands and a emotional roller coaster happy - sad, mostly sad and  zero energy and by the end of my first month i crashed and binged. felt horrible next day a new started back on the raw. i though maybe the problem was i wasn't eating enough so i trued my focus on eating more a stopped juicing and i had no energy and stopped working out then i gained wight which made me depressed. so i started juicing again and working out again got sum result but by the end of a few weeks in month two i binged again on cooked food. i feel horrible and just don't know what to do.            


i cant go back to cooked food because it makes me feel horrible and it a cycle of anorexia,binge eating,bulimia and compulsive exercising. 

and i feel like if i dont workout on 80 10 10 im going to just gain wight and not lose any wight because it happen.

if you want to know a normal workout for me is mon-Saturday, Sunday-rest day every morning before i eat breakfast, breakfast is usually a juice. 

two hours on the treadmill thirty mints jump-rope then an hour of aerobics i tried to do less than that, but i just get anxiety about not doing the full work-out. with no energy always have to force it. 

but now i just want to stop all the cycles and get health and happy like i see other who thrive on the 80 10 10 lifestyle but i just don't know what problem to fix or what i am doing wrong????


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You're over-training and under-eating..

Recipe for disaster..

You're not following 811 correctly..

Agreed with Rawbert. Your body is desperately trying to figure out how many calories it can burn and store, but is getting seriously confused based on over exercising at some intervals, and then not exercising during other times. 

Also, you're going to have to be patient when it comes to weight loss and getting the ideal body. One month, in the scheme of things, is a VERY short amount of time. Think in the 1-year range, really. 

The first suggestion is to throw away your scale. Seriously. If you're pinning your daily happiness on a number, that's going to create a ton of stress and misery. Judge each day by how you feel, and trust that this lifestyle is a fool-proof way to a gorgeous body, health, and from those two things, happiness.

Tavia, Here's the thing... as long as you are obsessed with your body, you will never be happy.  It will never look good enough to yourself.  You will always feel the fear.  You will under-eat and overtrain and never get the results you want.

There has to be something more to life than how you look.  Turn outward and think how you can help others and the planet.  Get involved in something meaningful.  Do things that you are passionate about and make you happy.  

Enjoy eating as much as you want and moving as much as you enjoy.  Rest when you feel tired.  Throw out the scale and stop looking in the mirror.  Give your body time to heal and recover from all the abuse you have given it.  It will take a minimum of a year, and probably more like two.  

You are endangering your own life, and life is wonderful!  You are missing out, but you don't have to!

great reply :)

Awesome advice GM!

Hi Tavia! ;)

I only can agree with the other comments.. please, help your body to get HEALTHY again. You are really overdoing the exercices, I'm also loving to exercice, but I do not even do half of the workout that you do. That's too intense!! And you REALLY have to eat more, give your body all that it needs and it will serve you all the time and give you so much energy to feel energertic and happy all the time! Don't put your focus on your weight, focus on being healthy and fibrant. You woun't put on weight like crazy if you eat enough fruits&veggies, you will stop putting weight on if you've reached you ideal weight to be healthy and happy and full of energy, just give your body all that it needs and your body will do everything to be healthy and fit..your body doesn't want to be obese nor underweight..

I wish you so much luck, send you a big hugggg!! :))

from Desi

Just as achieving a healthy body weight and vitality is a physical thing for most people, it is an emotional hurdle that many have to overcome.  The 80 10 10 lifestyle is pretty basic, as Harley repeats over and over to people.

- Eat 10 grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight daily from fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible.

- Do not consume any overt fats.

- Drink enough water to pee clear.

- Sleep enough (for me, enough meaning that I wake up naturally without my alarm clock feeling refreshed and recharged).  That may be 12 hours for someone like Harley but only 9 for me.  

- Exercise daily, however, abbreviated intense workouts (maybe twice a week) and the other days go for walks/light jogs/jump on a rebounder/ride your bike around town; something leisurely and enjoyable.

The emotional aspect is quite a different situation.  That's deeper and you may have to seek professional help. A great book you may want to read for the weight loss and emotional aspect is The Gabriel Method, by Jon Gabriel.  He has helped many people address the issues you are encountering.

LIFEstyle change is a lengthy process and may require time and patience for transition.  Celebrate successes and look at lapses as learning experiences.  If you keep focused on successful steps to transforming your health and wellness, you be celebrating more and more each day.

Take care!

Stop juicing, Eat a lot, stop all training until you get your energy back, drink water, sleep, eat vegetables, when you get your energy back just do 20-30 mins exercise a day and see how you go if you lose your energy again step back and give your body more time to adapt to the diet change and try again a bit later, and be consistent, it will take time, at the same time you are going to have to learn to accept yourself until your body can change into something you idealize. If you eat something else you will bloat, retain water and thus add weight instantly due to many things (salt,irritation,etc). Dont make weight your goal, make it body composition, weight is a number, took me 3 months to loss 7-8 kg and still had a little flab but I was on the way. just did 30min-1 hour exercise a day, 2-3 days off a week. No more fast food mentality for you. And dont try to be an Olympic athlete unless you have the rest of the day to eat.

It sounds like you need to relax a bit.  My guess is that a lot of your problems are coming from stress and not exclusively your diet/exercise.

i want to thank everyone so so so much for the advice

and i going to turn my focus off losing wight and more on eating 10 grams of carbs per my kilogram body weight daily no matter how i feel. 

And stop juicing completely cold turkey because it gives me that old feeling on not eating.

and giving exercising a break until i feel good enough to do it thanks everyone for the advice! 




good choice! I hope you let us know how you are in a month or so. 

Calm your nerves, let your body rest and sip your water or juices slowly. Eat food pleasantly and meditate on the feelings of love as well as compassion and free yourself from your worries, cares, and the negative energies that surround you. Let yourself do what must be done and then observe a time of peace. Give yourself a week at least to bring your body together and eat what you must. You must love yourself though a time of calm and spiritual unity before you can love yourself within the world of physical connectivity. Yet do remember on a nutritional stand-point that the more physical activity you do, the more calories you burn thus the higher your caloric in-take must be. Yet meditation will help you think clearly and calmly.

Heck, I commune with the trees and listen to the swaying words of the wind while I meditate. I feel the ripples of the pools and the tides about me and soak in that peace. Finding your spiritual center will give you a peace like none other. This is the ideal meditation you should practice for physical relief. As an Animist, I know that you will find a great comfort through nature and find that it can be a great friend and ally.

Some will say this stuff is for hippies but I promise you, you will feel a calm that you have never experienced. You must simply commit yourself to it and there you will find yourself.

To meditate, sit down in a calming place free of sounds you have no need for and distractions that will remove you from this state,

Close your eyes and clear your mind,

Bring yourself to peace,

Feel the ebb and flow of your breath,

in and out.

Now once you have taken in this peace as the water of the sea,

exhale with an, "om," for as long as you can,

let the sound carry you off...

far away to a distance you cannot imagine.

Higher with each wave of this chant until you have found your center.

Once you are satisfied you will feel free and refreshed.

It is as much a cleansing of spiritual negativity as this diet is of a physical one. Remember that a healthy spirit is important for a healthy body, which inevitably leads to a healthy mind. When all are in balance and all are clear you will feel free. However, remember to appreciate what you have as that will bring you closer to a healthy mindset free of anger, jealousy, fear, and many other negative feelings.



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