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Hey, I'm Steph. I live in Surrey on the outskirts of London. Any Londoners here??

I've been a vegan for over a year now for ethical reasons. Although I have been gradually moving towards raw, I've been 100% raw for just over a week and I just love it. Feels so natural to be eating a mountain of fruit every day. I have no problems getting in 3000 calories every day because I really love eating!!

If anyone has any tips for where to bulk buy organic fruits that would be great. I'd rather not give my money to the supermarkets and my local greengrocers don't sell organic. Plus I don't drive so ideally need it delivered.


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Hi Stephy!

I live in London too, have been 80/10/10 for 50 days now. I found that "The People's Supermarket", a co-op, near Russell Square Station sells basic fruits and veggies (mostly organic I think) for relatively cheap. You could ask if they deliver boxes. When you go there, it looks like they don't have very much, but I found the quality of the produce really great value.

Good luck in your journey!


Hi Izzie! Thanks, I will definitely check out that place next time I'm in the area. My local greengrocer can get 18kg of bananas for £37. I would prefer to buy from them to support local business but Tesco is just quite a lot cheaper :(

How are you finding 80 10 10 after 50 days?

Hi, I can't describe my experience, it's beyond words (I don't want to be pompous or anything but its really amazing). The changes on the surface have been things like clear skin, super soft hair, better sleep, better mood, more cheerful and I don't need my glasses! Also after about one month your taste buds really change (it depends on where you started food-wise, if you come from high fat or vegan) but now avocados literally taste like fried eggs, so delicious! And dates taste like Nutella, and so on... It's really cool.
At the moment I'm going through a bit of a detox (I had my first detox after about one week lasting for about ten days), but now it's more emotional? I don't know. But I actually think its a good sign, it means you're really doing a deep clean.

I hope you're enjoying your new lifestyle. By the way are you going to the 80/10/10 "chill out" lounge in London next month? It looks like fun! Message me if you're going! All info's on the 80/10/10 adventures meet-up group on http://www.meetup.com/london801010/?oc=gvam


That sounds fab! In the past week I have noticed a massive energy increase and I feel more balanced. I'm really hoping to get clear skin too as that's something I struggle with. I've been eating fairly cleanly over the past year or so but it's been up and down and I totally binged on (non-vegan) chocolate before I started 80 10 10. Clearly wasn't getting enough sugar!

I came across that event yesterday actually. Sounds intriguing. I would like to go!

Ha! Maybe we could go together, I don't really know anyone doing what I'm doing (my boyfriend thinks I've joined a raw cult) :D

Yeh that would be cool. Let's do it. I don't know anyone doing what I'm doing either, hence why I joined this forum. I'm not really telling people to be honest because it's just too different from the standard way of eating. I think simply being vegan is weird enough for certain friends and family!

I'll check it out too!

Hi there :) I am from Brighton, if that counts. 18 kg for £37, is that organic? Either way I agree it seems really expensive, for that money i would get them a few bunches a piece rather than a box.

The wholesaler TG Fruits close to here sells a box for around £17 (not organic). There is also a company here called sun harvest that delivers a box for £18. 

Biggest problem I find is getting quality fruits, no matter if local, big supermarket chain or wholesaler. Sometimes they just come bruised or turn grey. Actually that is especially a problem with local organic ones.

Hey! Yeh Brighton counts! I used to spend a lot of time down there. Love being near the sea. I'm next to the river but it's not quite the same.

Yeh the price was for organic. They told me that is close to the wholesaler price but it does seem like a lot. The organic bananas from Tesco are cheaper even though I'd rather not shop there. I wish organic was no so expensive. If only we could grow them here! I have a lot of organic apples growing here but it's not the same. I tried an 8 apple smoothie last week and felt kinda sick by the end of it..

I wish the quality of organic was better, then maybe i would feel better about the price. my experience is that organic food mostly not really fresh at all! I did find an company online that delivers organic produce but they do it by the pallet. It is too much transport cost for us alone and also too much food. The produce cost themselves were really good though. Their price for 18 kg organic bananas is £19.75 and 20.50 for organic fair trade. The transport costs for the brighton area would have been between £37 and £47 for up to 250kg of produce (a bit more for up to 1000kg). The name of the company is phoenixorganics.

Hey, those prices are great, although I assumed organic was fair trade. I wonder why they offer both at such a minimal price difference! I've contacted them to find out how much I'd have to pay for delivery. Thanks for the tip :)


I live in Surrey too, whereabouts in Surrey do you live?! Have you signed up to London 801010 raw vegans on meetup.com, I think I remember seeing your picture on there?

Fruity love,




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