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Hi again, I just found this website and I search desperately for people from Germany (I'm from Munich)

Just wanted to say hi and see, if you're still involved.

I would really really appreciate a quick note!
Thanks a lot!

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Hi FeEva,

aren't Miriam and Martin back yet? Maybe they can help you once back from their trip to the mangolei. ;-)

Hope you'll find local fruity friends soon.

Greetings from the Saarland ;-)


Hi Atreju,

das war der Indianerjunge aus der Unendlichen Geschichte, oder? Tolles Buch, muss ich bald mal wieder lesen. Danke für die Mail, ne, von den beiden hab ich noch nichts gehört. Wollte mich nur  kurz für deine Mail bedanken!! Mal sehen, ob sich auch jemand aus München findet. Wie lange bist du schon hier dabei? Viele liebe Grüße und ein gute Woche wünsch ich dir!

Hi FeEva, I'm from Ohio and also searching for people in my area. Maybe we can encourage each other in the meantime. :)  I am doing 80/10/10 right now. But I fully support the raw til 4. Either program is so healthy! I have loosely doing raw til 4 for the past month and in the last week transitioned to all raw. I have yet to meet anyone doing this diet in person but can't wait til I do.

Hi !!

Thank you so much for you reply! Yes, it would be great to encourage each other! I'm doing kind of a mix between both 80/10/10 and rawtill4. I'm eating raw Sunday to Friday and on saturdays when eating out with my boyfriend I do rawtill4:-) My boyfriend just isn't interested in diets etc so he's neither but eating pretty healthy in general.  He doesn't mind me eating whatever I eat, though. Currently, I'm struggling with going to bed eary or earlier to get more than the ususal 6 hours sleep. I also try to stick to 3 meals a day (I come from an eating disorder so I usally eat all day long, snacking on veggies, fruits...not much in calories but I want to establish "mealtimes" and get my body used to eating and non-eating periods, to get a feeling for hunger also. I also try to do 50 squats a day (just starting with exercise, besides jogging)           How are you doing? What are the topics or/and challenges you persue currently? I really really hope to here from you again! Love, Eva

Hi, yes, I know - far too many people go back to the standard diet after a couple of months. Well, lets see.  Sure, I could say I feel oh so certain to never go back but I just begun about one or two months ago with eating fully raw (with the exception of my saturday-eating.out dinner with my boyfriend)     Anyways, thank you so much for you reply! How are you doing with the 80/10/10? CUrrently, I'm thinking a lot about a 2 day trip with my work colleagues. I live in Bavaria, GErmany and I'm a teacher at a vacational school in Munich where we train electricians, industrial mechanics etc. So I'm one of 3 women with 45 men, I'm new in this school (I started in February) I really don't know how to handle all the meals and coffee breaks without eating or drinking too much shit.  I will bring lots of fruits, of cause which I can eat in my room. .... but breakfast will consist of dairy and breads, lunch will be meat and noodles, dinner usally similar to lunches...

I don't eat meat and dairy, never said that. NEver eaten meat actually. I've already written my story, comming from Munich, Germany, 32 years old, only RAW vegan low fat about 2 month  .

misunderstanding. There will be all that kind of food, and since I'm not going to eat it I'll have to eat something else. And deal with all the comments and dissaproval from my colleagues. Forget it, I just thought you might have some kind of advice . Sure, sure, might also be you just don't care about what your colleagues think about you.But I do. Just forget it.


Very well said!

well, thank you. It turned out I only had to handle two meals since we arrived late afternoon and only had dinner that night. It was a kind of buffet with enough veggies and salads for me as almost none of the other had any salad or veggies:-) I guess, they were glad I didn't took my share of the ham and cheesses:-) In addition, there were little tables with free apples all ofter the seminar rooms.  Breakfast next day was a bit tricky due to lack of salads. No fruits either. So I ate all the deco (slices of paprica, tomatoes, cucumbers and the grapes and strawberries with decorated the cheeses) Ate a little broun bread with honey (I've always loved honey and it was organic but still.... I shouldn't have had either) FOr lunch they offered a vegetarian option which turned out to be fried zuccini and paprica with potatoe salad. I skipped the fried stuff and enjoyed the potatoe salad. Had lots of apples all afternoon. Lunch back at home.

hm, well. I think, I kind of avoided any statements or confrontation and nobody commented on anything. I think the longer I'll stick to this lifestyle the more I'll get used to eating in public. And the easier it 'll become to explain why I eat what I eat. Thanks for your time and patience!! Enjoy the weekend!

      FeEva I hope you will watch Earthlings.  I have been raw vegan for 14 years. Vegetarian/vegan 28 years.  It is easy not to eat crap when you are an ethical vegan. It might help you to read more books on being a vegan.

Get in the mindset of not caring what other people think of what you are eating. 

earthlings? That's a movie? not caring about what people think ....yeah, nice. Thanks for the advice

Hi FeEva, Thanks for your reply.  I will message you soon so we can go into more details.  I totally fell off the bandwagon last week and I am trying to get back on board.  I feel so horrible when I stop eating raw foods.  But I can't go back to my old way of eating!  I am going to succeed on this. :)



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