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You know who you all are, 14 - 20something and you "get it". You get it in a way that many people 2 and 3 times your age don't. They invent all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify what they think about animals, meat, etc. And you simply cut to the chase and cut out all the BS.

Well, I think it's awesome! I wish I had known at your age, what you know. I know you will probably get all kinds of flak from friends and family, so let me just say preemptively, well done! You rock! :)

I've seen quite a bit of brilliance from you guys lately around here and it makes me really excited to see. I sometimes feel bad when I look around and it seems like the human race has all taken stupid pills or something and then I see all these flashes of brilliance from you guys, giving me hope. Thanks! and keep up the good work! :)

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They do rock! Impressionable? I don't know, I mean I guess we all are in one way or another, but to be so young and be able to break free of the social programming that most just blindly accept? That's pretty eyes open if you ask me!

It makes me sad when people around me complain about their health while they think they are total victims of health and their shortcomings. I always suggest the china study but no one really realizes how effective the 'diet and exercise' suggestion is because it is suggested like a broken record. It is repeated daily and yet people still think that having memory loss at the age of 55 is totally normal. 

I have not eaten meat for 10 years. Vegan for 4 years. Raw for 7 months. 24 years old and smiling :)

Awesome Justyna! Just keep doing your thing and thrive! People will start to notice and ask questions.


Well said, Chris! I didn't really start to "get it" till I was in my late 20's and didn't fully get it till my mid 30's, although I went "vanilla vegetarian" at 23. It's awesome to see the younger generation understanding, acting on this understanding, and generally being smarter than us oldsters were at that age. It's an acceleration, and it's great!

Totally Richie, it's awesome! :)

Thank you for your nice words!:) As a 15-year old vegan (rawtill4) it can be pretty hard sometimes, especially when you live in a rural area, 'cause everyone's like: "YOU'RE WHAT?!" :D But I know what I do and I know what's right, and I'm glad that I understood such important things so early.
I think, it's the "living by example" which is so effective - since I'm a vegan, my little sister and my parents have become vegan, too, for example :) And now they are spreading the message, it's awesome!

(sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker)

LOL! I know how that goes (live on a farm)! :)

Right on! Yeah you are awake and I think you also have identified the most powerful way of sharing and really getting through to people, by example. That will drastically cut down on how much grief you will catch from people who are disturbed by anything that is "different".

It is so wonderful that the awake-ness is spreading to your family!!!

Your English is excellent by the way, A HECK of a lot better than my German! :)

Thank you!!! :)



Great! Your opinions DO matter, don't let anyone convince you otherwise! A lot of people with more years may have some experience and wisdom, yes, but they may also have "calcified" beliefs (at least I did... and may) that they simply haven't thought to question. They may not be intentionally trying to hold anyone down, or deceive, but could be deceived themselves.

Always use your head, always be willing to reexamine things and never feel too invested in anything to not be able to change course if you find data to the contrary! :)



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