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I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to learn about what other women are doing daily on this lifestyle so that we can all get a better idea of what others both new & old to this lifestyle are doing to achieve success.

If you can and want to please share your...

1. how many calories you eat each day

2. for how long and what you do for exercise each day

3. how long you have been doing this lifestyle

4. your age

5. your height

6. your weight

7. if you have been gaining/losing/maintaining weight on this lifestyle, and if you have a goal to gain/lose/maintain your weight

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1) 3000 Calaories

2) Jog/Jillian Michaels 20 mins

3) Since January 2012

4) 35

5) 5' 7"

6) 155+ (  I haven't weighed myself in a while.)

7) I have gained a few pounds. My goal is to have tons of energy, be more athletic, and in general be more healthy and vibrant. I would like to also lose at least 20 LBS of jiggle. 


1. I eat 3100 kcals minimum, usually about 4000 kcals

2. I go running every second day for 20 minutes, stretching every day for 15 minutes, weightlifting once a week and about 1-2h walking every day.

3. High carb vegan for about 5-6 months, mostly raw for 4 months.

4. 17 years old:)

5. 180 cm

6. 70kg

7. I've gained 10kgs on this lifestyle, I was underweight,sick and anorexic before becoming high calorie high carb. I don't have any specific weight goals, I just want to be healthy and fit.

1. about 3000

2. all kinds of 'exercise'  yesterday I shovelled, wheel barrelled, and shovelled compost for 1 hour, walked for 1/2 hour, did 10 strength training exercises, played tag for 15 minutes, vacuumed the downstairs, took care of 3 kids, and practiced baseball with our kids' team for 2 hous, also 15 minutes of yoga.  3000 cals was not enough and today I am tired as a result, something to keep in mind.

3. 2 years

4.  46

5.  5' 6''

6.  165 (was 229 , came down to 165, went back up to 180 and now back to about 170, going down slowly, healthfully)

7. My weight goal is to be at a health level where I can climb a mountain and not have to stop to rest so much.    Want to keep up with my kids.  I also want to run but feel my extra weight at this age would not be good to start now.  Am getting a bike for the summer.  My activity level just keeps getting higher and the weight is coming off again slowly.

The constipation is hitting me now. At first I was constantly in the bathroom, but I'm starting to have some issues.  Huge adjustment from meats/high protein to strictly fruits (tons of fruits) and veggies. Praying it will adjust soon. The bloating gets a bit irritating!

Good Luck!

We just have to trust that this process will pass and our bodies are being renewed. I'm only a few days in this...so let's see how long it will take. I find mixing certain fruits together mess me up! So for post-I do Banana and dates and after an intense workout,. a fruit smoothie of some kind.  But, yes the other day....I was bloated while doing some Plyo moves, girl...you can imagine! 0_o But, energy is definitely improving.  I'm not a raw vegan, yet.  Cooking Quinoa with beans at times with veggies.  My body is undergoing a major rahab! I miss my PBJ and WHey Chocolate Whey Protein powder!!!  lol

Yep, trying the "cooked" version first.  I  know the raw will happen. I guess my main struggle is the constant sweetness from all the fruits. I love.....dates and bananas, but definitely not at a place of eating 30 of them.  It's almost mind boggling to think of it..but I'm getting there. Salad with some Garbanzo beans are fab. But I soooo love Blackeye peas with Collard greens.  Either way its an amazing adventure I'm on! ;) And my body is killing P90x2! lol Hopefully our digestive system will be at a good place, soon!!!

I love beans, too, but I can tell you from years of personal experience... your digestive symptoms will never totally go away until you stop eating them.

I am very much new to this aswell.  I want to set realistic goals for myself. I say letting go of dairy, bread and meats overnight is pretty darn good!  I love eating fruits, but I'm not eating it in abundance yet... ;-) Only because I can only take so much sweets! lol I loved PBJ ate All Natural PB sandwich like it was going out of style!  So letting that go was :_-(  I also ate PB2 because it's 80% less fat. Anyway....glad you are sticking with it! Let's keep eachother accountable and give tons of support! ;) 

mono meals can actually be really good. my favorite way to do that is freeze the fruits and blend them! they turn out just like ice cream...mmm..

I'm not sure if DurianRider or the long time raw foodies are into the whole blending thing...but I hope it's 'okay' 


I'm glad there's someone around my age here, too :) 

I'm really trying to adjust to complete raw. was it difficult to make parents accept it/ buy certain foods, or do you live by yourself or something? 

keep up the good work! ^_^

I'm sorry, I am 5'2" and weigh 113 lbs I feel like I am thin and you are 5'3" and 115 and you feel fat? that is crazy "get a life"

Hi Pretty Girls!!

I'm super new to 30BaD (as in, I just joined today..Hooray!!) and today has been my first in trying out the HCRV lifestyle.  I've been an on/off raw foodie since last October; the only reason(s) why I haven't been 100% every day since is because of my huge suitcase of eating disorders I've lugged around since my teens.  I always end up in the well-known cycle of eating awesome for days at a time, only to binge uncontrollably/compulsively thereafter.  *Sigh :*(

I want so bad to find a way of living that really makes me feel awesome & I just pray that HCRV can do that =)

So, without further adieu...

1. I honestly don't know how many calories I'm at since today's Day Numero Uno.  Both the 80-10-10 book & Freelee's ebook say women should have a minimum of 2500 so I guess I'm just supposed to shoot for that???

I downloaded the CRON-O-Meter cuz I saw that's what others were using, but after I selected the "30BaD Plan" along with plugging in my physical info, it says my caloric intake each day should be "837 kcal"!  Someone said kcal/cal are the same, so I'm super confused why it wants me to eat so dang little?!?  Hmmmm... :-/

2. Exercise is a mix: I do P90X as my primary workout 6 days/wk (each WO is a minimum of 1 hour).  Each day, though, I do other workouts for fun like TurboFire, Rockin Body, Brazil Butt Lift, rebounding, jogging, etc.  So each day my time varies depending on which programs I do.

3. Today's my first day!

4. 36

5. 5'6"

6. 125lbs

7. I guess I won't know what effect today's eating will have on my weight until tomorrow, but my goal is to lose a few more pounds and tone/tighten myself more.

I'm so very appreciative to have found this community and all the people that have been so kind to me!  I really look forward to chatting with all of you and gaining as much knowledge, advice, & information I can to help me along my path to amazing health & vitality!!!



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