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I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to learn about what other women are doing daily on this lifestyle so that we can all get a better idea of what others both new & old to this lifestyle are doing to achieve success.

If you can and want to please share your...

1. how many calories you eat each day

2. for how long and what you do for exercise each day

3. how long you have been doing this lifestyle

4. your age

5. your height

6. your weight

7. if you have been gaining/losing/maintaining weight on this lifestyle, and if you have a goal to gain/lose/maintain your weight

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Yes, in-person support is helpful and the support here is great, too! I know you could find sources of support where you live, too, when you're ready... You make a great point about getting adequate nutrients as well as adequate calories.  You sound inspired.  Let us know how we can support your momentum.

You sound like you are doing amazing. Really inspiring. If you are 108lb with having gained 10lb you were definitely underweight. I bet you have so much more energy now that you are in a healthy weight range. I would imagine that you would have felt a lot of physical and mental fatigue before. I know what you mean when you say you'd be okay to get back to 103, but that is unhealthy for your height and as a woman. From personal experience, I know that it's a challenge to realize that you look much better and still slim after gaining weight to getting into a healthy range when you have spent a lot of time in an underweight body and that becomes the "norm" for you. Also, I know what you mean about how people don't notice that you have gained more than 2-3lb. When I gain 2-5lb I am like "OMG, it so obvious that I have put on weight." But my boyfriend is like No, it is not. He says that people cannot tell when you put on anywhere from one to even maybe 15lb (especially if you are underweight in your case, I bet people just tell you that you look way better and more beautiful and don't even know why. They likely don't even notice that you have gained weight but you probably just look better to them). He says that it takes gaining like 20-30lb for people to notice a difference. Him saying that has made me realize how hard I am on myself and that I don't see myself the same way the rest of the world does. Maybe you can relate to some of that? Either way, you look great and are really an inspiration to me here on this site. 

^^^If this were Facebook I would like this comment.

It is apparent that you have really done a lot of personal growth. It takes a lot of inner strength and maturity to (1) recognize one's unhealthy habits, (2) stop those habits, and (3) develop totally new really healthy habits. That is something to be really, really proud of yourself for. It really inspires me to know that you made these types of changes, and encourages me to make my own. Also, I agree about the pressure for women to be thin. It is so messed up. The media breaks us down just to build us back up with diet food and products and clothes and make up that they can sell to us. Almost all of the images in the media are of underweight women who have their hair, makeup, and clothing professionally styled. No wonder we feel inadequate. We live in a world that is really, really sick in so many ways. 

You inspire me, too, Alison!  And I think you look fantastic!

1. 3000+

2. 90 minutes of Ashtanga Yoga 6 days a week

3. only a few weeks of hclf but fully raw for a bit longer

4. 24

5. 5'7"

6. 140 lbs (last time I checked, it may have changed though)

7. I'm not sure yet. Its a bit early to tell. I hope to find perfect equilibrium and balance in the perfect weight for my body!

1. 1500-2000 I'm trying to get 2000 as a minimum but struggling a little, as I'm working quite often and find it hard to count calories at work (eg. tasting soups etc.. unfortunately these are obstacles I see no way around atm)

2. Usually 40-60 minutes a day depending on the time I have. I always bike to work which is about 30 minutes there and back so I get my exercise in no matter what! It's not like I can skip my JOB because i dont wanna work out haha.

3. I've been doing this since February 26, not so long, but I am loving how I feel, especially on my 100% days!

4. 20

5. 5 feet!!! (so short!!!)

6. probably 107-104, I try not to weigh myself as I'm still recovering from both anorexia and bulimia. This lifestyle is SO good for me! It's taught me how to live again!!!

7. So far I haven't really looked at the scale. I'm going for a month and then hopping on to see if I've made any changes. I'd like to lose a few pounds, just enough to see the muscles I've been building under the little bit of fat I do have :)

1. On average I eat around 3000 calories each day

2. I exercise 1,2 or 3 times a week - normally 2 nights of badminton (from 7 - 10) and 1 time of sports with friends (whatever they are up for that week - from cycling to surfing to exploring the country side)

3. Officially, not very long - a few weeks? But I was pretty much at least 70% raw for the 3 years I studied for my undergrad in UK.

4. I'm 24

5. 5'7

6. 110 ish? (I don't weigh myself very often)

7. I have no idea if I have gained/lost/stayed the same so far, but I tend to slim down during the summer and put a bit of weight on during the winter. My goal is to keep doing what I'm doing, I feel great!! :)

1) Drum roll....I have no idea how many calories I eat in a day. I honestly couldn't give a f***. I listen to my body and have been eating to my heart's content. If I crave food, I eat fruit. If I feel even sorta hungry or like eating something, I eat. I have been eating tons of bananas. Works for me. I don't think I get over 2500 naturally, but who knows?

2) Drum roll...I don't have an "exercise plan." My life is so busy (9-5 job + a lot of volunteer work and community/social/activist activity outside work. I get in runs about 3 times a week (about 40-60 minutes), do HIIT (I love Zuzana Light and bodyrock.tv) a few times a week. I just try to do stuff. I often train with a local parkour group.

3) I've been doing this sort of lifestyle for a few weeks now. 2.5? I dabbled in gourmet raw vegan a few years ago only to become discouraged by health problems, as we all know. This is the first time I've really done my research and learned to also listen to my body. Fruit is what I want. 

4) 22

5) 5"1.75

6) ?? My weight has always fluctuated like insanity. I've been below 90 pounds (eating disorder), and almost 140. I gained up to 140 after I was gourmet raw vegan for a few months! That shows you how unhealthy that lifestyle is! But my normal weight has always been around 110. When I exercise it INCREASES because I'm a muscular lady. My muscles get big fast. I'm pretty lucky to have the naturally lean/muscle thing going on, because my papa made me play soccer for 15 years, and I've done various sports after that. Honey, the number on the scale means N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Take Freelee's advice and mine (coming from a disordered past). THROW OUT THE SCALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your weight will be SO MUCH BETTER because you'll learn to feel out your body and make honest choices, rather than convoluted ones based on the vague scale readings. I used to beat myself up, when I was a track runner, for being the same weight as girls who were 3,4,5 inches taller than me. But I wore pant sizes waaaaay smaller than them (like size 0 or 1) because the weight came from muscle mass. Had I known that back then, I would have saved myself so much self-esteem degradation. Please smash your scale. Last time I was weighed (3 weeks ago) I was 107, and I'm feeling pretty much the same.

7) Eating tons of bananas seems to work for me. In fact, I seem to look less puffy and swollen. I had that for a long time with bulimia. Bulimia makes you look like a puffy marshmallow. My tummy looks more tucked in, probably because I poop big poops twice a day now (another lovely benefit). My energy is always sky high and people can't keep up with me. I am puzzling my coworkers because I'm not becoming emaciated, I'm looking healthier, and my energy is inexhaustible. I've never been fat (except for that 140 year), and I am "blessed" with thinner genes, but I'm also maintaining quite well while healing a lot of disordered thinking and other horrible side effects I've been dealing with since quitting my ED. 

Sorry I type so much! Good luck, chica!

Thank you for sharing. It was a joy to read what you wrote. You sound like you are in a really good place right now with this lifestyle and keeping your eating disorder in check. I totally agree with you about getting rid of the scale. I hadn't weighed myself for a month until today, and I am happy about that. I always go back to the scale when I am nervous that I am just gaining and gaining weight and that the scale is my "reality check." I am going to put the scale aside as I start this lifestyle and just see how my clothes fit and how I am looking and feeling and maybe in a few months i'll step back on, and maybe not. Maybe I will never step foot on a scale again! Ooo, that sounds nice. I can really relate to you on the disordered thinking surrounding food and body weight/image that comes with eating disorders. It is so awful and miserable. I am sorry you have to deal with that, but know that you are not alone. Good luck to you on your journey with this lifestyle and thank you for the encouragement!

Jennifer, I like you. You have a great attitude and the cutest picture EVER. I am positive that if you nourish your body have have compassion for yourself (including lots of patience and integrity!) your body will achieve its intended equilibrium and you will be satisfied with yourself.

Thank you for saying such kind things. I am really feeling an inner strength building inside me. I feel recommitted to this lifestyle going to try to go all raw tomorrow and just keep it going, forever is the plan. I am trying my best to focus on health and not body image/weight. That is going to be a big challenge for me, but I have come to learn that is what is absolutely necessary. I am so thankful for all of the support and open and honest communication here on 30BAD. I have never before experienced this level of support and enthusiasm surrounding my thoughts and feelings about health and wellbeing. It beyond wonderful to have a community of people that are going through or have overcome the issues that I am experiencing, and to be able to talk to people that see health and wellbeing in the same way that I do. I am just so thankful to have found this community, this lifestyle, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for everyone on this path. Keep in touch!



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