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I thought it would be nice to have somewhere to learn about what other women are doing daily on this lifestyle so that we can all get a better idea of what others both new & old to this lifestyle are doing to achieve success.

If you can and want to please share your...

1. how many calories you eat each day

2. for how long and what you do for exercise each day

3. how long you have been doing this lifestyle

4. your age

5. your height

6. your weight

7. if you have been gaining/losing/maintaining weight on this lifestyle, and if you have a goal to gain/lose/maintain your weight

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Thanks so much I smiled the whole time reading that =]  It really does feel amazing, this lifestyle is out of this world (or more, perfectly and precisely OF this world, haha).  But yeah I get what you mean, that notion is hard for me to wrap my head around too!  From what I gather though, that's basically what they're saying we can do- eat as much as we want and not gain fat.  For someone around our height I'd imagine they would gain a lot of water weight from the volume of the food and mayybe that would be too much fruit sugar if we were sedentery... Idk though!  I'd say that one's for Durianrider/Freelee or another long-timer.

I'm glad what I wrote made you smile! That makes me feel awesome. You really should be proud of yourself every day, every meal, for taking the steps to overcome an eating disorder. I believe that eating disorders are hell on earth, and that this lifestyle is heaven on earth. It's like they say, "if you find yourself in hell, keep going," and you walked your way right out of hell and into this heaven. How cool is that. And ya, with regards to the eating 8,000 calories and not exercising and not gaining fat/weight...It would be great if DR/Freelee could comment on that, or someone else that is really knowledgable and experience in this lifestyle. I would love to have that one explained in more detail/science.

I doubt you would be able to fit 8000 calories in, unless you were eating nonstop during your waking hours.  

You are trying to control your body with your mind.  Let go and let your body take charge.  It will do it's thing and it will work out better than your mind can imagine.

To more directly answer your question... Why does it matter what kind of calories you eat?  The body prefers to burn off excess carbohydrates and store excess fat.   Coming from a background in restriction changes how the body responds in the short term, but not in the long term.

i just needed to reply that it is VERY normal to fit in 8000 cal/day when recovering from anorexia.

me myself had days when eating up to 11-12000 calories per day.

im like the human calculator haha..... STILL.

BUT, this was not by eating only fruit and veg.

Yeah, it would be pretty hard to get that many calories in with all the fiber and water in fruit and veg.  However, if you were severely underweight, you likely needed those calories and overt fats.

yeah well, i gained weight like CRAZY..

now im losing weight again. without starvation or even restriction.

Yay!  :)

I think I could fit in 8000 calories if I wanted to, I can eat more than anyone I know...my stomach can expand easily, and I reallllly love medjool dates :)

It is hard for me to just let my body do all the work, my mind loves to jump in and comment on everything. It's often hard for me to tell if I am emotionally hungry or physically hungry. I can eat and eat and eat until I am sick. It's not good.

Thank you for pointing out though that the body likes to store excess fat not carbohydrates. I am going to keep that one in mind whenever I get nervous that I am "eating to much." 

You always give the best advice and feedback!

oo yes! medjoul dates for the win!

I know, I mean aren't they just the best thing ever?! If you haven't tried them, I also recommend dried turkish figs. They taste like fig newtons...only better! Just make sure you get ones that are preservative free. 

Thank you, Jennifer!  I know what you mean about your mind and having difficulty interpreting the different signals you are receiving.  That is why I go to a 12 step program of recovery, in combination with coming here and eating enough.  Working a 12 step program has helped me establish more trust in my intuition, because I believe I am being led by a higher power, so I don't feel like I have to rely on the "control freak" part of my brain to figure everything out and fix it.  I can ask for help, and I receive it.  (I am not religious, by the way, and believe the program can work for anyone regardless of their beliefs.)


You wrote, "I can eat and eat until I am sick."  I truly believe that this will go away when you are consistently eating enough.  It has worked for me.

That's great that you have found a group to support you. I see a therapist who is really smart and is challenging me to overcome my demons, but I lately I have really found this community to be so very helpful. It is so nice to have people to talk to, all day long if I need, who are going through the same things I am and who want to talk about it and offer advice and support. I just wish everyone here lived in my city so that we could all get together and chat in person! I think being accountable in person like how you go to your 12 step group meetings is invaluable. And I agree with what you say about I will not need to eat until I am sick once I am eating enough. I know when I am eating SAD cooked vegan I am getting in enough calories 1800-2000 with little or no exercise, but I think for me it's about consistently eating enough on this lifestyle where I will not only get adequate calories, but the calories will come from foods with nutrients and vitamins that my body actually needs...not just empty calories. I suspect and am very much hoping that once my body consistently gets the nutrients it needs my unhealthy relationship with food will begin to heal. 



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