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Here are some injectable b12 sources - hydoxlcobalamin and methylcobalamin

So I found some good info on where to source injectable b12 on the Pernicious Anaemia Society site and thought would share it. I used it to source hydroxl b12. Now Im looking at sourcing some methyl b12, and the recommended source is from Oxford Biosciences, but its in dry form and u need to add saline solution. Oxford Biosciences dont sell the saline but they have a link to buy it elsewhere but its not working so i emailed them to ask for a working link. will post it here if i find out any more. Seems good price at £25 for 20mg (plus £5 postage in uk, £10 elsewhere). Hopefully saline is cheap.  Anyway hope this is useful to someone.

If anyone knows of a cheaper source please send me a link :)


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You are in the UK right? you can order methyl and adenosyl (the two active forms of b12) from germany
 at http://arnika-apo.de

as far as i know the only place that has injectable adenosyl

They have this:

Methylcobalamin 1mg 10 Ampullen 28,50€  (oder 5mg 10 Ampullen 39,80€)

Adenosylcobalamin 1mg 10 Ampullen 28,50€  (oder 10mg 10 Ampullen 58,20€)

Just send an email to manufaktur@arnika-apo.de with what you want and your name and address, they'll send you the bill don't know how much shipping is to the netherlands it's 15 euro (might be the price for europe in general outside germany)

For example:

10 methylcobalamin ampullen 1mg

10 adenosylcobalamin ampullen 1mg

Ray Chil

blablastreet 23

1234gr London

United Kingdom

Oh nice one! Thanks so much, gunna email them now and see.  Yeh im in UK... Hahaha  wish that was my address! especially blablastreet :) 

lol, just after i posted that i saw your friend request, didn't see any comments then but just saw them.. we probably posted around the same time i guess.

oh yeh lol, i was just gunna ask you what sources u'd found, then found the page id been looking for for ages, and thought id put it in a discussion coz thought id seen few ppl asking bout methyl sources. Aaaaaanyway well appreciate the help. ive emailed them about 1mg methyl and adeno. looking forward to trying em. u got some yet?

i wanted to buy 5 of each to alternate between them, but 10 each was the minimum, so i only ordered 10 methyl ampoules, cause i thought i just try them if it doesn't do much more then the hydroxo's then i don't order more and otherwise i order more including adenosyl and let it be delivered on the address of a friend of mine who lives 5 km from here just across the border for free shipping, though i would give him 5 euro then or so..

I can't say for certainty if it does moreyet.. i usually went to the doctor where they would inject them for me, but they refused cause i didn't get methyl from the doctor and they didn't know what it was so i said then i do it myself if you tell how then she did it for me to show me once and ordered needles and stuff for me, but what she did was subcutaneously probably because she was pissed at me or something, but i have now injected once myself which i did by the video tutorial of plantbasedtoday, lol i moved the needle a bit though when it was in so a little more blood then should be came out.

But these injections say they could also be done intravenous so i guess you can't do much wrong with them, could also be a heroinjunk.

Yeh i wish i could order less just to try them. Really wanna try both though regardless of results, so thought id email for a price and then weigh up what i wanna do. i would like to use them seperate to see what effects i get from each, but i expect taking together could also b good as i expect they complement each other, so really not sure of strategy yet.

well i guess everyone is different, maybe it will take u longer to feel any benefit, at least u should b topping up ur b12 stores. i guess if after some time u still  arent feeling better u would consider whether u r low in summit else thats stopping ur body utilising it. 

oh thats so crap but doesnt surprise me lol. doctors are so frustrating. in my experience they dont like it when u try to take responsibility for ur health, u r supposed to just take instruction from them and settle for crap health and never question them lol.  but yeh i taught self to IM inject in thigh using utube. took me a while to get used, first one was very scary for me lol, now its 'normal' lol. i used 29g needles at first, recently switched to 25g which makes it sting less, dont think u can get thinner needle as 25g seems to only just break the skin.

hahahaha  ... fully fledged junkies.

i was planning to alternate between them i take 1 injection per week so one week methyl one week adenosyl..

don't know what a 29g or 25g needle is, on the box of mine it says 0,90x40mm so i guess 4 cm long and 0,9mm thick.. but it doesn't sting at all.. it was weird though i thought it would slide in without resistance but it's weird pushing it in.

yeh i reckon if i get both i'll alternate them, a week should b enough to feel some effect. 

oh well the gauge number (e.g.23g) describes the outer diameter of needle. but the lower the gauge number the thicker the needle. i got confused before, i actually went from 23g to a thinner 25g needle (0.6-0.5mm), also mine is 40mm long like urs. interesting to know what size doctors advised.

haha yeh me too...even the thinner needle u gotta pop the skin



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