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Hi guys! I'm new and I really want to become a vegan, especially hcrv! I know many people have similar questions and please DON'T TELL ME that the recommendation is at least 2500! I maintain on 1400/1500 and I'm 159cm and 45-46kg. Is it enough to eat 1800-2000 kg? I wouldn't "survive" it if I would gain any weight but I want to be happy and energized as you all here! Pleeeease help me!!

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You have an eating disorder, which is apparent. You will most likely gain weight if you eat 2000+ calories, as you seem to come from a past of restriction.

First of all: thank you a lot for your answer! And yes, I'm recovering from anorexia sincr June 2014 and I'm weight restored, so I don't want to gain.. It's possible that my metabolism is kind of ****** up .. How dies it fits together that all the calorie calculations tell me that I should eat around 1700/1800 when I do sports 5 times a week, but all people here say at least 2500+? Like is it a difference when you are eating hcrv? And would it be the same by "only" eating "normal vegan"?
Thank you a lot!! xx

Of course it dies! If I do a lot of sports, thank I'm burning more cals so I have to eat more to maintain my weight and if I'm taller than other people, I have less "body space" so I don't have to "feed" the same space as the higher Person.. (Hope you understood it, I'm from germany= poor english haha :D )

but me i did not gain weight and sometime i was eating like 3000 calories a day  of only fruits. i had anorexia, i was eating only like 600 700 calories day(for like 2 years) of bread, cereals nut milk some nuts in the breakfast and dried fruits, fresh fruits and teh rest of the day only cooked big amount of vegetable i was very skinny.   i have loose weight fast. i was weighting the same weight as now!!! i eat but now i am always full and i have stop eating vegetable ( its my '' medication,, cannot explains..) i eat raw fruits.. i am very more energic, very less depress, i am happy... others things enter in consideration.. but i have start school again.. trying to find  ajob. this diet of more calories have really help me and i did not gain any weight on the balance but we see less my bones... and i dont weight myself ( before i was weighting more than 1 time a day ) but like maybe sometime.. i am curious.. like less than once a month, i can go like 2 months without doing it .. anyway. eating more of fruits have deffinitly help me and i see myself really like i am now,  i dont see any fat. ( and before yes ) and my stomach is always more flat in like one hour after eating.. before i had always a big stomach expended all the day .. it was not fun.. for an anorexic. now i feel really goood.. thank you God 

Please read through Aloha to 30BaD's Welcome Wagon! to learn the hows and whys of following the 30BaD protocol.

Hi PBG, first of all, well done on getting out of the worst of anorexia and getting back to a more healthy weight!!! That's a big deal! :)

In the end, we each have to make decisions for ourselves. It sounds like you may have a little inner conflict, perhaps the information here about getting enough calories to thrive is clashing with your sense that you will go up in weight to the point where you may be attracted to starving yourself again. I'm sorry if you are having that uncomfortable feeling!

Here is a post with a lot of information and background on the issues:

Regardless of your caloric goals, at the very least, I would recommend that you set up an account on something like Cronometer.com so you can log all your food and exercise. That way you can see what sort of nutrition levels you are getting from eating. As you likely know, becoming malnourished for the sake of a size or weight just wont help in the long run.

Hang in there, you CAN do it! :)

Thank you sooooo much Chris, that's the first post that REALLY helped me! And thank you for your kind words as well! :)

I'm pretty excited now and I'm looking forward to try this lifestyle :)

Excellent! :)  I'm really glad and just want to encourage you to keep on! You can do this. I think the more hard data you have the better able you will be able to make good solid decisions for your goals as well as help to stave off the fears that would drag you back into unhealthy practices.

You'll be able to see what is going in and tweak it as necessary, as you see what effect it has on you. I hope you'll be able to use not just weight or how you feel you look, but also how are you feeling energy wise, health wise, etc. In cronometer, you can record not just your food and exercise and weight, but also notes. Once you have some data built up you may well be able to go back and look at caloric intake, or nutrition met%, etc. and correlate it with your food and exercise (and water and sleep).

You can also record your water intake with the food which I would focus on as well as jot down in the notes how much sleep you are getting and when.

It may all seem like a bit much at first but as you log things, you'll become efficient at it and after a while you should be able to get some data that you'll really be able to make some predictions and act upon.

When I have had rough patches, they have always been when I was not tracking my intake, etc. So I knew what I was doing wasn't good, but in the back of my mind I irrationally felt like if I didn't pay attention, it wasn't really happening or it wasn't real. So not recording things for me is a way I have used to give myself an "excuse" to not be mindful and thoughtful about my health and well being. Far better to just do something and own it and move on, than to kid yourself like I have done and allow yourself to fall into a rut.

I'd also like to say, to approach all this non-judgmentally in this sense; log things no matter what, don't not do it so you can pretend that you don't have to face the decision. Try to divorce good and bad from the process and just decide on goals and what you need to do to achieve them. You don;t have to carry all the stress of good and bad, you can just see from the data if your steps are getting you closer to your goals or carrying you farther away and adjust them on that.

Decide ahead of time that you are the captain of your own ship and do whatever you want! But get the data. That way, even if you make mistakes (and who doesn't?), at least you'll have some good data from it to help yourself out moving forward. I'd love to see you adhere to the guidelines here and have your body come to balance in a most healthy and well energized (for you) way. But no matter what you decide to do, or how you decide to do it, just don't give up on yourself!


Is it only windlord & ednshell of the moderators who are pro calorie restriction & against the recommended amount of salt intake based on government guidelines?

I hope so, otherwise, this site will unfortunately have to be shut down.



Why are you asking this question Margarie?  Is it rhetorical?  Do you want us to chip in and let you know our thoughts?

Have you reached the pro-calorie restriction conclusion from that single thread? Presumably you've gone through all their posts to get an overview; in which case, you can't possibly think that either Windlord or Ednshell are pro-calorie restriction.  You'd also know that none of the other moderators are pro-calorie restriction either.  So why the question?  

What's your ambition in posting a provocative statement re' shutting this site down?  Why would you do that ahead of actually being certain of the situation yourself?  

+1, I didn't get that post either, seems like maybe they had some context that I just didn't understand.



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