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Help! What should I eat while on vacation with my family?

Hey guys!  Thanks to Freelee's challenge, I have been 100% low fat raw vegan for the past 30 days!  But next week I am going on vacation with my extended family... who do not eat the same way I do... at all...  Well, one sister is vegetarian - but high dairy.  Some other family members sort of lean towards vegetarian...  But there are definitely no vegans and no raw vegans...  

Any pointers for me?  I don't know if I should just try to eat high carb vegan - getting as many fruits and veggies as possible and then maybe a cooked meal at night?  Or should I just take a bunch of dates with me and try to live off of those and supplement with whatever fresh produce I can find?

I will be gone for 8 days - southern California.  I'll be getting lots of sun and exercise at the beach - so that's good!  :) 

Attached is our vacation menu (if you dare read it!)

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I would take as much fruit as poss with you(if going by car), as you mentioned, lots of dates and bananas and then buy what you need there, If your going to Southern Cali  im sure you will have no issue. But if you do, just eat cooked vegan food until you return.Have a great holiday. Wish i was coming with ya, instead of sitting here in the middle of winter freezing my ass of.

Thanks Omni!  Wish you could come too!  :)  I think dates will be the ticket!  I need to pack light, which they do, and they won't spoil!

visit supermarkets and grab some fruit.

Ok, not going to ask what an 'otter pop' is :0

Seems like this is the perfect opportunity to get all your family familiar with your eating habits.  You could bring your own food and check farmers' markets in the area where you'll be staying.  The menu to me sounds like, salt, salt and them some salt.  Not what you're going to want for all that sun and fun at the beach!  In my experience, eating one cooked, condiment filled meal only will lead to cravings for more.

Yeah, we are a family of salt/ condiment/ sauce addicts!  :)  I'm sure I could get some of the meals meat-free, but salt free?  Not gonna happen unless I make it myself, in which case I might as well just eat fruit or a salad!  Thanks for your input Mary!

you won't ask, but we'll tell you anyway! :)

LOL Windlord!

That's ok, not at all what I was visualizing!

Try to get as many calories from fresh fruit as you can, then resort to dry fruit, then HCCV meals if necessary. 

I lived off dried fruit and pasta when I was in Italy, and then Greek salads w/o the cheese and some fresh fruit & dried fruit when in Greece. 

My digestion was definitely poor when on vacation b/c of lack of fresh fruits and water (I traveled with a educational group, so I couldn't stop at the market whenever I wanted) as well as having to eat grains via pasta. 

Since you are going with your family, you probably will be able to have the freedom of going to the market and buying fruit. Definitely bring the dates as back up, though! Dates are probably the best dried fruit, IMO. 

Plus you'll be in California! They have TONS of good, local fruits and I think they have a higher vegan population than most states. (Which is NOT the case in Greece--I was surrounded by animal carcasses and mammary secretions!)

Have fun though!

Southern California - you should have no problem getting hold of fresh ripe raw. 

I would advise you to NOT compromise your goals/ambitions in life just to please your family. You've been 30 days raw - do you really want to undo all that hard work!!! It took me almost 2 years to be able to do 30 days straight and that was with the help of Doug!!! Don't let ANY situation cloud your judgement - in fact embrace these new situations because you get to PRACTISE how to handle others/families whilst on this lifestyle. 

I certainly would not be caving into cooked.. especially if I were in SCal.. I would be embracing all the wonderful fruit that there will be around - and I'm sure you extended family all eat fruit!

Enjoy and get the most out of the situation and focus on your GOALS!

+1  Just imagine how wonderful and strong you will feel if you can achieve HCRV on a vacation with cooked family members!  Try to visualize yourself returning home both ways.  Maybe that will help you make choices in the moment.

You haven't said exactly where you will be staying, but it sounds like you've been there before?  It's true that Southern California is the ideal vacation spot for HCRV.  Do mind sharing details, either here or an a PM?  For example, will you be in a condo with a full kitchen, and a blender?  Or if only a hotel room, will you have a mini fridge you can claim as your own?  Will you be going out to eat at all?  I live in Santa Monica, and I can point you to the farmers' markets, the raw food restaurants (at least 3!), and the vegan restaurants.  Let me know if I can help.

Thanks for your replies friends!  It will be a little bit tricky, because we are right on the beach.  There are not a lot of grocery stores around - only beach houses and a few taco shops, etc.  There is a little convenience type store that I'm sure will have a little bit of fruit, but if I get bananas, I would have to let them ripen up for a few days first.  We always go to Costco to do all the grocery shopping for the family - this is probably a 30 minute drive from where we are staying - and I will not have my own vehicle.  (There is limited parking, so we are carpooling.)  But I will load up on fruit there.  Yeah, my family eats a little bit of fruit, but I could probably eat their whole stash in 1 day.  haha!!!  When we don't feel like driving to Costco, we go to the local grocery store (Ralph's), but it is not within walking distance either.  I'm thinking dateorades, fresh fruit and green salads at night.  Thank you for your encouragement!!  :)     



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