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Of course I waited until I hit a point of desperation to post this question...


I'm currently going Bikram Yoga Training (hot yoga).  It's intense.  We sleep only a few hours a night and practice hot yoga x2 a day.  I sweat a lot an am overall going through big changes emotionally, physically and mentally.  I'm craving salty foods, I tried sundried tomatoes, but don't feel great eating them.


I was overt fat free for about 2 weeks until I reintroduced avocado a few days ago.  It started with a quarter, then half and now 3 avocados (a day).  I'm at my whits end with the cravings for fat and salt. 

Has anyone experience physical activity where they sweat a lot on the 8/1/1 diet (salt free diet)?  I would LOVE any experience with this, PLEASE!

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Hi Ambeh, the first thing that pops into my mind is please don't beat yourself up! Until you zero in on what's going on and what you need, eating 3 avocados, although it may not be ideal, is still loads better than eating SAD.


With all the training you are doing and the cravings, I am going to guess that you are not getting enough calories in. Sure you can eat tomatoes, etc to up the sodium levels a bit, but for me, whenever I am having serious savory cravings, I am low on calories. 


If you aren't logging your food intake, I'd strongly suggest you start doing that, at least to start. You can download Chron-O-Meter, or use the web version. You just type in what you've eaten and you'll get the calorie count, the macro ratio and the vits/mins percentages. 


Eating this way is super easy to not get enough calories, because the food volume is so much higher than eating food with a lot of added refined sugar/fat. So it ends up being really important to get enough fuel in. If you are doing intense training you may need 4000 - 5000 calories. Chron-O-Meter can help with that too, you enter your age weight and activity level (I'd put yours as high) and it will show you your caloric needs for basic bodily function. Then you'll want more calories than that.


I bet some people will chime in with helpful advice for caloric needs for your kind of workload, there are tons of folks on here who sweat a lot every day! :)

Thanks Chris! 


I'm getting about 2300-3300 calories a day.  It very well may be a calorie problem.  I shockingly have a problem with appetite (not typically a problem with me) so calorie dense fruits are helpful...I'm glad it's persimmon seasons since I can lose my taste for bananas and dates.


What about sodium?  Anyone have any experience to share with this.  I tried to have some miso the last two nights and I don't think it worked well.  Very bloated and my headaches came back.  I have gotten headaches that last for weeks, a reason I changed to this lifestyle.  I would be curious to learn if the salt and headaches are connected.

I'm sure some more people will chime in re: sodium, but I get the same type of headaches going from a lot of sodium to no sodium (only that from fruits/veggies) that I do quitting caffeine. Just about any prepared/cooked vegan food has added sodium and a lot of soy products have msg or msg precursors which also give me headaches.


I'm not sure if headaches are from the salt, or if they are from the resulting dehydration (not enough available water). When I eat a lot of salt I get headaches and bloating, but when I cut salt and drink a lot of water, my body flushes (a day or two of a lot of urinating), loose the bloating and loose the headaches.


Anyway, I find that drinking lots of water seems to help if I ever get a headache.

Hi, you should really try adding celery to your diet. It has a good amount of sodium in it. You should feel benefits of celery very fast (e.g. fast recovery). Try to juice it with carrots, apples or something else, it tastes better then. Hope this helps, good luck :)
HI with all the sweating and intense exercise, your body needs to replenish its electrolytes. When I do intense exercise (which is quite often), I consume coconut milk right after usually from fresh coconuts, also pellegrino water which has naturally occurring sodium(small amount) and calcium. I also consume celery stalks usually in a salad or straight up One large stalk is about 50 mg of sodium :) Enjoy yourself! When you find the right path for your body, everything in your life will brighten! Cheers :D

Sodium and other minerals in drinking water are not organic. Our bodies are designed to get minerals in organic form from plants.

And I hope by coconut milk you mean coconut water?

Just wanted to add that there are two other great sources for sodium - swiss chard and carrot juice. But personally I think coconut water (NOT milk or meat) beats everything else, I love drinking it and I think it has reduced my bloating.

Plus coconut water is dang yummy! :)



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