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Help!!!! Repetitive UTI's and I can't take it anymore

My daughter is now 20 months old. Since I've gotten pregnant with her I've been getting repetitive UTI's. I can't take this anymore !!! :( Last month I was on strong antibiotics because apparently I had one for so long that it actually affected my kidneys. The infection finally went away. The doctor actually prescribed me cranberry supplements that I have to take every night for the rest of my life. But I haven't been taking them the past 2 weeks because I keep forgetting and am exhausted because my daughter still wakes up often during the night.The thing is when I get them I barely get any symptoms (no burning) just a ''strange'' feeling down there. But today, I actually have pain down there (nothing major) but I KNOW i have one AGAIN. I don't know what to do. I know why I got it, because last night I had to go pee but it took me forever to get up to go because I was so tired and I didn't wanna get up. With me, it's as soon as I have to go pee I gotta go right away otherwise UTI. It's been like this since I got prego.

I've been doing Raw til 4 for the past 2 weeks and it's making me have to go pee really often (plus Im also drinking more water now) and I have felt some pain in my kidney area as soon as like 2 mins after I drank my smoothie (not always but sometimes). But there's NO WAY I'm giving this up, I've been trying to do the lifestyle for 5 years and Finally Im able to chug my 10 banana smoothie in 30 mins-1 hour without any problem at all, my stomach finally stretched and Im finally so used to this and I dont want to give up this acquired habit!! and since I've been doing this everything in my life is better from my energy (even If i dont sleep enough) to my relationships and my skin so nothing is going to make me stop, not even this.

But I don't wanna take antibiotics or miss another day of work to go to the doctor again. What do I do ? Did anyone out there manage to actually heal this naturally? My doctor told me that as soon as I feel like I have an infection, I have to go right away to see him and not wait because UTI's don't heal on their own and will affect my kidneys now. 

I've fasted in the past for 14 days (water fast) and I'm honestly considering fasting now to heal my kidneys, anyone have any tips??? Do you think doing a fast of 2-3 days would help?

I can't believe I have to go to the doctor again, im going to cry.

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The first time I had the beginning of a uti or kidney stones I was told to drink a gallon of water for the day.  I was, I don't remember, maybe 7-8 months pregnant with my first.  After I did, I felt better and ALL pain went away.  Whenever I have had pain in my kidneys (mine are well-worn with 10 kiddos) or even down there I realize that I have not had enough water.  If you go several days without quite enough water you will have tons of problems in elimination.

Start with water before your smoothie...try a liter/quart and then just drink at least 3 more during the day.  If you set a time, like whenever you get up, then every 3-5 hours, and use a quart container/glass/blender/pitcher and just drink, then you will be getting enough.  Remember that eating cooked (I do too) you need more water since the food you eat doesn't have natural juices.  

One more point: the more water you drink, the more capacity your bladder has and you will go fewer times, but larger quantities.  It does take a bit of time, maybe 2-3 weeks depending on your consistency.

Hope this helps!!

it's a heap of BS

Written by: Kimberly Snyder

blood type

I get questions sometimes from readers about the Eat Right for Your Blood Type diet plan. Published in 1996, Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type suggests that your blood type dictates your diet based upon ancestral styles of eating.

Basics of the Blood Type Diet

basic blood type dietThe basic reasoning is this: people with the same blood type share a common genetic heritage, while those with different blood types do not. Therefore, according to the author’s reasoning, people with Type O blood have different nutritional and exercise requirements than those who are Type As, and they are also susceptible to different diseases and health issues. For example, according to the plan, people with blood Type O have emerged from caveman hunter ancestors, and therefore they require a high animal protein/meat diet. The author also suggests that certain blood types should avoid some foods at all costs, because to eat foods that are genetically inappropriate causes lectin deposits that agglutinate your blood. In other words, substances that naturally occur in the foods you eat cause blood clumping that diminishes blood flow and clogs vessels and organs.

Unfortunately, the reasoning in this popular diet plan is flawed and not backed by research or studies. The result is that people who adhere to this type of an eating plan may be eating foods that do not contribute to good health – no matter what your blood type. Furthermore, the people that have experienced positive results from the plan may simply be cutting out some processed and allergenic foods that anyone would improve from, regardless of their blood type.

About Blood Type

about blood typeThere are eight basic blood types. The most common type, O+, is present in about 39 percent of the population. This is followed closely by A+ and B+. Your blood type is determined by the type of antigens existing on the surface of the red blood cells. These antigens determine whether blood type is A, B, AB, or O. The other factor that types blood is the Rh factor, which is expressed as + or -.

Blood type is genetically inherited from both parents; however, it is slightly more complex than just directly passing on one or the other blood types of the parents. For example, according to the Red Cross, a child with both parents having the AB blood type can have A, B, or AB. A child with parents who both have a blood type of B may have either Type O or Type B blood, and so on.

Blood type is important for blood donation. For example, someone with Type A blood can’t donate to someone with Type B. This is because when the body receives an incompatible blood type, it sees the foreign blood as an invader. This leads to an immune response that causes clotting. How the blood type affects our body’s response to the foods we eat, however, is much less clear.

Debunking the Diet

One of the claims in the blood type diet is that Type O is the very first blood type that existed, present among early hunters. Microbiological research, on the other hand, suggests that the original blood type was A. Since the blood type diet begins with such a flawed premise, it is not surprising that its hypotheses and recommendations are flawed, as well.

debunk the dietOne of the biggest flaws in the diet I see is this: The author suggests that the human species as a whole does not have an ideal diet. Rather, he states that subgroups within this species (in this case humans separated by blood type) each have distinct ideal diets that vary extensively. This is not something found in nature. In fact, if you look at the animal kingdom, every species has an ideal diet that suits the entire species. For example, consider gorillas or cats. All gorillas or cats do best with a certain diet, and that doesn’t change wherever you’re feeding one. Why should people be any different?

Every human being has the same anatomy and digestive tract, and therefore the way we process the foods we eat are roughly the same. While genetic inheritance and upbringing may give rise to certain things such as susceptibility to disease, allergies, food sensitivities, and many others, reactions to food have more to do with individual genetic tendencies. That’s why you can and should determine and eat the specific foods do best for your body. But to apply those to a broad group of people based on blood type is false, and it can mislead people into eating foods that aren’t best for humans as a species and avoiding those that are.

Another claim the blood type diet makes is that lectins from specific foods only cause agglutination of specific blood types. Research seems to show the opposite. Very few plant foods contain lectins that react with specific blood types; however, animal foods are more likely to be blood type specific. Likewise, lectins are in virtually every food human beings eat – plants, animals, grains, nuts – so avoiding them is nearly impossible unless you eat a grossly restrictive diet. Humans have been eating lectin-containing foods since the beginning, yet many of the health issues of civilization (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc.) have only come about in relatively recent human history.

Many experts also refute the blood type diet, saying that it lacks solid backing in research.

The bottom line is this: the blood type diet lacks solid, controlled studies to back up the author’s reasoning. Likewise, much of the diet’s reasoning is based on a faulty premise. It also doesn’t fall in line with the laws of nature whereby a species as a whole has a general, ideal natural diet, based on its anatomy, digestive tract, etc.

How to Eat

I am an advocate of plant-based diets, which are tailored to the human digestive system and meet human nutritional needs ideally. I believe anyone, regardless of blood type, can benefit from an alkaline plant-based diet rich in enzymes and nutrients to achieve optimal health. You can keep a small amount of animal protein in your diet, if you would really like to, but this should be limited, no matter what your blood type. If you eat too much meat your body will become overly acidic.

See which foods your body digests the best and that you feel the best on, and avoid the ones that don’t specifically work for you. Keep meals more simple, for better digestion.

I don't get why your doctor said UTI's don't heal on their own. Seems like the antibiotic pushers have actually been stepping up their game recently. I don't know how to help you, Carlie, especially since you haven't posted any information on what/how you've been eating or anything, but I hope things get better for you sooner rather than later. If I were you, I'd be trying for 8 quarts a day right now. You'll be alright. Keep us posted.

When asking for assistance please include the following information...

When requesting assistance please include the following information so other members of 30BaD can assist you more efficiently...

* How long have you been 100% low fat raw vegan?
* When did you last have cooked food?
* How much water do you drink a day? Are you peeing clear 10+ times daily?
* How much exercise do you get?
* When do you go to bed? How many hours do you sleep each night?
* How much sunshine do you get?
* What is your past health history?

*How many calories do you get daily?

*Are you sure your fruit is ripe?

*Are you using proper food combing?

At the same time when you are assisting other members please ask these questions.

In order to give objective advice this lifestyle information is vital.

If you can think of any other suitable questions please let us know :-)

Do some research and get your hands on some d-mannose! Honestly, it saved me! 

what a fascinating nutrient

Don't take this the wrong way but which way do you wipe? Some women wipe from back to front which spreads infection. You have to be very careful.

Of course if this isn't the problem, it could be that you partner may need to have a shower before being intimate, my ex wasn't big on washing and I would always end up with an infection.

just a thought

I have/had painful urination/bladder spasms/UTI's and blood of +1 and lived with it for two years (along with a host of other issues). My docs diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis and wanted to do a scope of my bladder through my urethra. NOPE! Not happening. Switched doctors. Long story short, no docs could ever help me. I jumped ship a year ago when I discovered Freelee. I would only take an antibiotic if my life depended on it. The more you take them, the more the good bacteria will be killed too. I was urinating a lot with fruits and I found some specifically aggravated me. Each person is different. My body is healing now on 80/10/10. Bella is right with her advice!



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