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Alright, so I did a week of fully raw and I fell of the wagon :( booo! Keeps happening but I'm gonna keep on truckin'. What caused the fall were a few things. Maybe you can help me with these issues so I can finally stick this out.

1. The first few days were awesome but then all of a sudden I got really worn out and tired all the time and had massive awful diarrhea. I felt like I was going to shit myself every 5 minutes. As soon as I ended up eating some grains the watery poo stopped. what gives?

2. and by far the biggest thing that caused the fall was that I made my life so difficult! I know we dont condone eating cooked food here and I dont really even want it but I am in the process of traveling back and forth between 3 different places and it makes it really difficult to constantly carry bananas with me in this heat! My boyfriend and I are moving to a house in the mountains and his parents live right nearby. While we were getting our stuff moved in we had to stay at his parents house so I was lugging my bananas back and forth. It was 115 degrees here...needless to say my bananas turned to mush. I ran out of fruit. There werent any stores around that sell much fruit. And I'm so broke right now! I have around 70 dollars in my bank account.

I know many of you believe that we need to just be around people who are on this lifestyle but I love my boyfriend, his family, my friends and my family and none of them are on this lifestyle. A few of my friends are raw but not high carb low fat. I want to do this but still have a connection with my loved ones. Please give me some suggestions or encouragement because I keep thinking this is just not working for me every time I try. Then, when I fall off the wagon I become so depressed and really believe that being fruity is the way to go. I want to do this gradually but I worry that the combination of eating lots of fruit and cooked food will cause digestive issues. 

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I came across this video last night. Maybe it will be of help for you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqcxRnU17-g&feature=share

Thanks for that link! Very helpful. I dont really want to eat cooked food but I just feel like my lack of money and the stress of having to lug around food with me back and forth is interferring. I dont have trouble when I go out to eat though. I always order a salad, except when my family wants to go to sushi. I am obsessed with avocado rolls!

Don't beat yourself up! Think of it as a journey, and be patient with yourself. Do your best to plan ahead. Dates make easy snacks for some people. Or buy a hand juicer and get your hands on some oranges. Buy a cooler or a firm contained for your bananas, and keep them all around. You will learn tips and tricks.

As for the diarrhea. Make sure you are properly combining food. Or try mono meals only. Drink lots of water. I feel like my belly is a little weird whenever I transition too. I slowly increase the amount I eat over time.

As for your fam, etc. Don't worry. You can be a shining example. As long as they are respectful of your preferences, you should be fine. My husband doesn't eat 801010, but I am okay with it. He keeps me on track.

Good luck!!!

Thanks Lala, I had so many dates with me but after a couple I start feeling nauseous. I do have a citrus juicer but I dont have much money to buy boxes and boxes of citrus. I have basically been doing mono meals. I was having cherries for breakfast, bananas for lunch, orange juice for a snack, cantaloupe before dinner and then a salad with lots of veggies and some avocado for dinner. Does that sound OK?

Every person on this planet is a constant work in progress--whether or not they even realize it. You just can't expect to get excited about celery and cucumbers or even fruit like you do when think of your favorite cooked dishes. Going from being raised on SAD to 100% 811rv in a SAD world can be a task as everyone on 30BaD can attest to. So first of all, shake it off and get back on the horse (life is all about falling off and getting back on the horse anyway right???) It's all good.

In the past year I noticed that every time I gave in to a cooked meal or processed food, I also automatically felt a sense of guilt. After a while I noticed this pattern and I realized that every time I cheated, the guilt would feed related emotions such as shame and create self-disrespect. Realizing this was important because my performance as a guitar player, athlete and a functioning citizen trying to earn respect from others relies on confidence. However, any guilt>self-disrespect I was accumulating through compromising my dietary beliefs or any other beliefs was directly sabotaging my confidence since the biggest foundation of confidence is self-respect!

Like anything else worth having, you usually have to put some elbow grease into it. Eating fruit during the day was usually easy for me but getting my mineral fix with vegetables at night was tough and still can be. But it's actually getting EASIER--but only because I been working at it and remembering that my inner psyche is also depending on it because getting thru life takes more than just eating raw fruits and vegetables! The more you stay with it while accepting occasional trip ups, the more you will notice an increase in self-respect/self-image. Obviously this resulting psychological cascade of emotions can have a profound impact on your subconscious world ultimately manifesting itself in your everyday actions and habits (including eating 811rv).

There came a tipping point for me where I would decide that the pizza/lasagna/chips/rice+beans/whatever was just not worth the harm to my psychological framework. I already knew it was better for my body but now I realized that it was just as good for my mind.



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