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Hey everyone! I'm hoping to get some input from fellow athletes and runners. Recently, I have been getting some pretty nasty side stitches on my runs, even my short ones of about 3 miles. They are really painful and sometimes make me feel like I am suffocating. I even get them when powerwalking!  Inevitably, I  stop running, get frustrated and feel very lost on fruity path because this never happened when I was running as a cooked vegan. Now, I have no desire to eat cooked food again, but I would like to figure out why I was feeling like a running rock star then, running 9 miles daily and feeling fresh on a 20 mile run...and I'm not feeling the same now on a sweet, fruity diet. Is it sodium? Is it calories? Is it the heat? Is too much/little water? I just need some outside input from experienced athletes because this issue is just killin' my workout mojo :(


Here are some stats:

Weekly mileage: Averg. 20miles total. not training for anything yet, hoping to...

Daily Cals: Averg. 3600 (I have been feeling VERY hungry upon waking and during my runs at times, so I do plan on upping this to 4000)

Daily Menu: Typically, the majority of my diet is dates and bananas, wild blueberries are part of it now occassionally and I'll have fresh OJ and watermelon sometimes. I eat a head of celery 3-4 times a week.

Water: 3-5 liters daily. Rough estimate because I drink by the gallon, usually about 1 1/2 - 2 gallons daily.

Sleep: 8-9 hrs. I usually pee about 2-3 times a night.


Hmm, I think that covers it, but if I'm missing it, please let me know!

Thanks everyone! Peace and fruit! :) :)

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no one? bummer :(
How long have you been lfrv?
I have been eating 100% raw for 5 months and vegan for 3 year :)
What is your height and weight? Is your weight stable? What kind of work do you do?
I'm certainly no expert but maybe 5 litres of water could be a little too much? If you are waking up 3 times a night to go to the toilet?
3 times is what I aim for if I want peak energy and fuel the next day.
Good to know. I think I need to up my water intake. Is there a good time to stop drinking water before sleep, or is any time a good water time?
You dont say when you are eating/training/drinking etc. I reckon your eating/drinking too soon/too much before running..Try running first thing in the morning with a cup of water in you and a bottle sipped/hydration pak whilst running. Or drink a quart and start the run slow. Most runs should be slow anyway. Look at the dairy of elite runners..its slow with track work and racing thrown in once/twice a week.

I know this marathon last sunday I did was with no side stitch cos I didnt drink a bottle of cold water real fast like I did in July's marathon. Its not like cycling where your stomach is pretty stable. With running,your digestive system is bouncing around a lot and must be even lighter to go faster(no eating big meals before fast running). That said, I can still run on a 3000cal meal but must keep it sloooowww of course.Just like Dean Karnezes eating pizzas and running marathons at the same time..they are slooooow marathons.

If you eat/drink too much/fast/close to training, its common to have a bit of a stitch. Hey, go on a running forum and ask if anyone gets stitches... :)

I seen someone crap emselves in last months marathon. :
Hey thanks DR! You might of hit the nail in the hole! I do usually drink about 6 glasses of water before my runs, drink it fast and do tend to start out fast. I never would of thought of this combo as the culprit!
For my next run I will slowly drink 1 cup of water before the run and try and see if this eases the stiches!
and you know, I just remembered that last fall when I was training for my marathon I was only drinking about a glass of water before runs and I had no stitches! glad its not the fruit, hehe ;)



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