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I haven't used a toothpaste for almost a year now, therefore my teeth got yellow. Recently, my parents and grandma noticed it which made them reaaally mad. They're acting like crazy about it. My dad comes home in a week and I'm expecting to have freaking hard times with him.

What can I do about it? What to tell them? My dad wants an explanation. Any links, info would be highly appreciated. :)

THANK you all for help. I went to my dentist and she found out that it was the tartar on my teeth that was the real problem. Therefore, I had snadblasting and so on, and she told me I have to use a toothpaste. Thanks again.

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Do you eat highly raw, RT4, or a diet high in cooked starches?  Some starches like grains, and potatoes in some people, can promote plaque build up on teeth

When in doubt, you can go to the dentist and ensure there are no cavities or plaque buildup.  

If everything is normal, I suggest leave them alone, ie do not do bleaching.  Last time I went to dentist, she was impressed.  My xrays were cavity free, and no plaque to pick.  But the hygienist told me I have yellow teeth and tried to sell me a bleaching session.  I said thanks but not thanks.  

Bleaching often causes painful side effects long term and or could weaken enamel.  

A compromise might be to use baking soda.  I like to use a pinch of sensodyne on my brush.  With an alkaline mouth, things bubble up pretty well and I like the taste. Reminder of childhood I guess.  Not necessarily promoting it as healthy.  

In nature, yellow teeth is normal in some animals and even some humans.  You can google search more primate open mouth images as these might not show up clearly here.  


Genetic factors (along with health factors listed here:


Fluoride can cause it.  

Some food can color teeth.  

So, in conclusion, after a dentist properly rules out any medical causes, you and your parents can relax that it is a perfectly normal condition in some people.  

Back in the old days, we used to associate yellow teeth with healthy strong teeth.  

Peace, PK

Thank you for response.

I eat rt4/high in starches (it depends on the fruit ripeness). What would you say about brown discolaration? I've got it on a couple of teeth. What do you think of sandblasting?

I recommend see what the dentist says is the cause.  Some color is natural.  Some is from high fluoride levels in local water supplies.  Filtering water and getting fluoride from raw fruits n greens like peaches might be a better option.  

If you want to be natural, and have your teeth for life, I discourage harsh treatments like bleach and sandblasting.  

You can see my response to Windlord below too.  

Peace, PK

My life is gonna become hell soon I recon now as my mum said she was arguing with dad  about my teeth yesterday for a long time. Help!!

Sandblasting??  please don't if you value your enamel!

Schedule a professional tooth cleaning (I mandate no fluoride be used).  As PK noted, this will rule out or will identify any problems need fixing.  

People build tooth tartar/stain/etc at all different levels.  Some barely need cleaning once yearly, others every couple months.  You might benefit by going more often.

I've tried different methods including no paste.  What's working best for me right now is brushing with an electric Sonicare (way better than my old Oral B) twice daily, for moderate time in the day, and a thorough session in the eve with a mild toothpaste, vegan with minimal and no weird ingredients.  Followed by flossing, up and down each tooth surface, first on one side, then the other, holding the strand in a horse-shoe type form.  

This is no substitute for the above hygiene, but I've also heard that rubbing the inside of a nan peel on your chompers can safely whiten them a bit.   

And swish a bit of water after ever meal.

Isn't sandblasting part of professional tooth cleaning?

Not that I can remember.  I'd think the particles would get everywhere.  

A high pressure water/saline pic is now more standard, at least in the US, methinks.  


I had a dentist once who did the sandblast thing.  

In people eating a diet high in animal products and some processed starchy foods like cakes and cookies or lots of dried fruit, they may end up with a high plaque build up.  Sandblasting might be an emergency measure, but I would not recommend it for everyday cleaning.  

My dentist uses a simple pick to pick plaque and check for cavities.  Then the hygienist uses a polish and water rinse.  I am not sure what the ingredients are in the polish, but the process is quick.  

Whatever the dentist does, one might be able to voice their preferences, like I refuse flouride treatment.  (I had a stomach sensitivity to it even before going more natural.)

Or, find a dentist that will listen to you.  

Peace, PK

All I know is, I'd run from any tooth quack coming at me with one of these!

I remember watching Freelee's video about using banana peel to whiten her teeth. You might want to check it out.

When I first went raw, I though I was nature boy or something, and I didn't use toothpaste for several years, and didn't go to the dentist for about 3 years.  That was a really bad decision on my part.  I've learned from my mistakes.  I now use toothpaste (in addition to flossing and hydro-flossing), and I get dentist cleanings and checkups on a regular basis.



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