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Obviously I'm not going to do that (stop eating fruit), but I really need some advice.

Baby girl is almost 7 weeks old (first-time mama here).  When she was about 3 weeks old, I got a really horrendous gum infection behind my bottom wisdom tooth.  I tried treating it naturally for a few days, but the pain became too severe and eventually I resorted to penicillin (and this was after giving birth at home with no pain meds!  Gum infections are no fun!).

Fast forward to a few days ago and I finally started to put symptoms together...thick white stuff on baby's tongue, itchy red patches on my nipples, scalded-looking red rash on baby girl, etc...hello thrush!  (Thrush is a yeast called Candida, for those who are curious...)

Anyway, I do NOT want to expose my baby to anti-fungals, especially after already exposing her to antibiotics.  So I researched natural remedies for thrush and found grapefruit seed extract widely recommended by lactation consultants (breastfeeding goddesses), pediatricians, and midwives.  I went out and bought some, treated us both about four times, and then found out that grapefruit seed extract is almost always cut with a chemical solvent called triclosan--a carcinogen.  Seriously?!  :(

So right now, I'm treating us (her mouth, my nipples, her bottom, and, erm, my ladybits) with apple cider vinegar (diluted, of course...gosh that stuff STINGS), washing all the diapers and my bras and shirts in really hot water and drying either in the sun or on hot in the dryer, using tea tree oil and vinegar in the rinse cycle, taking probiotics, and praying to the universe that this horrible stuff goes away.

Of course, though, everyone is telling me that in order to effectively fight yeast, I need to stop eating fruit completely (good grief, this paleo stuff is popular right now!) and take up a high protein low carb diet because yeast feeds on sugar.  It's true...yeast does feed on sugar (especially the lactose in breastmilk), but I know that this yeast outbreak is due to the antibiotics and not my diet.  I've never in my life had a yeast infection before, and I was high carb moderate fat lacto-ovo vegetarian for almost ten years, high carb moderate fat cooked and raw vegan for almost a year, and high-ish carb moderate fat raw vegan for one month as of today...my fat intake is hovering around 20-30% most days.

I need to boost my immune system, but it's really hard with a new baby and lack of sleep.  I'm not used to being sick, but since I gave birth, it's been one thing after another (cold viruses, urinary tract infection, thrush/yeast).  I need some advice.  I guess what I'm mainly hoping to hear from you all is that I can kick this thrush (in both myself and my poor baby girl) naturally even while consuming lots of sugar from fruit, and that once I get my calorie intake and ratio optimal, my immune system will get back to normal and I'll start feeling better.


Anyone out there have experience fighting off the yeastie beastie while eating HCRV?  Thanks so much in advance.

ETA: I do have Dr. Graham's book and well-understand the 80-10-10 diet.  I also do not follow it to a T because my fat intake is usually 20-30%.  This is due to my love of walnuts and cashews more than anything, but I am definitely willing to cut back if it will help kick this thrush.

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I'll look into it, thank you. :)

is it possible your body is still adjusting to the new lifestyle ? maybe just try eating a bit LESS fruit than you are - and lots and lots of greens for a while to allow your body to cleanse, balance, and re-adjust and then up your fruit intake?

im no expert on this stuff and have no experience - so its just an idea : )

Thank you for the advice...I appreciate it. :)

The problem with eating less fruit and more greens is that I have no idea how I'd get enough calories that way...and I definitely need at least 2500 because I'm breastfeeding.

ohh yes .. that is absolutely true. i hope you resolve this issue quickly! 

Have you read 80/10/10? Cut your fat down not your fruit! It's the fat that makes candida issues worse. And then, you will just have to wait as your system gets back in balance after killing off your good gut bacteria. If you're into them, you could take a good probiotic powder and you can get one's for babies that you just wipe inside their mouths before a feed. Make sure you get a gluten and soy free, vegan probiotic!

Yes, I've had Dr. Graham's book for over a year now (was LFRV before I got pregnant, and then cooked/raw vegan throughout my pregnancy).  I'm having trouble getting my fat down to 10%, and then started to wonder if I need a bit more fat while breastfeeding.  I'm trying to follow my intuition with this, as well...but lately I have been feeling that I'm taking in too much fat.

I am currently taking a vegan probiotic myself and also swabbing my baby's mouth with some of my own saliva to recolonize her mouth with good bacteria.

Cut back on the cashews and walnuts or cut back on the fruit?

Thats like asking, 'cut back on the handfuls of pennies or cut back on the 100$ bills..'

Whoa dude...I never asked if I should cut back on fruit.

sweet. so cut back on the fats or get used to experiencing blood sugar issues that affect your immune system and therefore your bubs immune system.

Eat more veg if you want more healthy fats. Look at the nutrition of greens vs nuts and seeds. Green smoothie time island time. :)

Thank you.  I do appreciate your advice, even though I must admit your net-tone is somewhat difficult to handle when I'm exhausted and dealing with a sick baby.  Most days I'd laugh, though, so I guess I need to stop being so sensitive. ;)

no probs. :)

I have ZERO personal experience raising children. All I see is what my parent friends go thru. Ive looked after kids a little bit. Its like riding your bike up one of those super steep climbs in Malaysia. Constant struggle to keep positive and focused on the right things.

I mean raising kids is so caloric exhausting that if someone said 'you ride 200km a day or you look after kids' Id say gimme the 200k a day cos at least I dont have any responsibility then except keeping my tyres pumped, bike clean and myself hydrated and nourished.

I had a vasectomy cos I know what it takes to raise children right. Thats not my life purpose to do that. Its some peoples though and thats awesome.

We all have different roles to play in this lifetime. Either way, sleep, water and sugar form our foundations from which everything else can grow upon.

Here's a great green smoothie recipe that's PERFECT for nursing moms:

3 cups diced mango

6 bananas

1/2 lb spinach

1 cup water

Add ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.  Drink ALL of it!  :)

Having this for breakfast satisfies 61% of the USRDA for Omega 3 and 37% off the USRDA for Omega 6.  Your body can make the rest of the needed fatty acids for your daughter's milk.

Oh and don't get me started on the other nutrients that are in this green smoothie!  ;)

Let me know how you like it ...




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