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Help me write a letter to a naturopath who suggested I eat meat

I thought it would be fun to get some advice on what to say in a letter to a naturopath that suggested I begin eating fish and "grass fed organic meats" and up my protein as part of a regimen to cure my ECZEMA and psoriasis. I know wtf? Anyway I basically wanted to get some blood tests to see if I was sensitve/allergic to foods and in the beginning I had to go through the intake tests - some pretty stupid and hokey tests and questions and then he suggested I take a fish oil (haven't heard THAT before) and start eating fish and grass fed organic meat and up my protein to like 40% . I was like "are you cray cray? no way, I'm not doing that" and I never went back. I just want to explain why I didn't come back and while I don't owe him any explanation, I  think I will provide some feedback.

It makes no sense to me that a naturopath would suggest doing harm (eating animals) when they take an oath to not do harm or to eat inflammatory foods for a condition caused by inflammation. Anyway I got the tests I wanted so I can avoid the foods that I'm sensitive to from another naturopath.

What do you think I should say? Or should I just leave it?

Thanks !!!

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40% protein? the guy wants you to have cancer and all kinds of other stuff?

Yep pretty much. He wants me on dialysis and he wants to break his oath of "do no harm" by prescribing I do harm to the animals I would be eating. So backwards.

Tell him basically what you said here.   Say you're a vegan, and you're not willing to eat wrong; and there's no need.

Thank you gary.

It's a great opportunity because the naturopath talks to a lot of other people about health.  Definitely write him a letter.  I would tell him that the latest in nutritional research by PHDs and MDs shows that a plant based diet of 10% fat and 10% protein is where it's at.  Then list some resources.  I'd keep it short and sweet.  If you have his email, maybe you can converse back and forth with him.

I don't have his email it would have been to the clinic itself in a word doc...I'm not even sure if it's worth the effort. Every time I want to write the irritated letter it's because I'm undercarbed lol

Get The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell and Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease by Dr Caldwell Esselstyn for appropriate ammo to include in your letter.

BTW, your "doc" has minimal knowledge of the a high protein diet in application.  He's fallen for the lie that animal products are good sources of protein; yes they do rate higher in this macro than other food categories do, but they're primarily fat bombs.  The only realistic way to consume 40% protein in a diet is via protein shakes.  Not recommended in any category.

Why do feel it's necessary to respond to this guy at all?  It's not like you're going to change his mind which he's spent much time and money programming.  

Better to invest your energy in finding someone more aligned with your core beliefs, if you need someone at all.  

Yeah I'm not really sure if I will respond or not. He's not going to change his mind like you say.

I didn't think of it that way to get 40% protein you need protein powder. Ugh I wouldn't poop for a week if I did that. Plus protein powders taste bad!

I don't really need anyone - every time I go to some holistic practitioner they don't have anything original or new to say. Oh well.

It's so interesting that a naturopath or all people would fall for that lie. I could see a normal doctor, one who has to look up in a brochure vegan sources of proteins *eye roll* like my doc, but not a naturopath. They're typically supposed to be more plant-based minded. Every book I've read so far by naturopaths and similar have all been 'eat mostly plants' advice

Hm. Well if you ever want to pick my brain, I'd be happy to lend a hand. I'm in naturopathic medical school right now, and I can tell you I am one of two vegans (or even vegetarians) in my class, and the other girl is vegan because she's a 7th day adventist. Most people here are paleo. It's pretty strange. But there are a handful of vegan NDs out there, or at the very least ones who understand how to work with a patient with restrictions.

Strange considering the mountain of evidence we have for not eating animals. What books are they reading? The meat and dairy industries are makin' their way into the ND circle now? "grass fed, organic" buzz words

I honestly don't know what they're reading or why they think paleo is right--mostly I think it has to do with them wanting to find any reason meat is okay to eat.

Alessio Fasano is one MD I know of from them, so maybe that's one person. Loren Cordain, obviously as well. I can tell you that the vast majority of naturopaths are NOT vegan-friendly and would probably have a hard time admitting that plant-based eating is even fully healthy. At best they might admit that it can be healthy if carefully planned. And they certainly wouldn't think 80/10/10 was healthy at all.



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