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I am so depressed lethargic and unable to maintain a job because of my diet. AN example of my diet so far today is 3 little cesars pizzas for breakfast, which was also my dinner last night (my homeless brother visited and brought home many boxes that were going to get thrown away.

and don’t say “rice is cheap” you’re not trying hard enough” I make $0. And have you ever lived on only rice for weeks or longer... didn’t think so! Also you don’t know my struggles, and don’t try to one up my struggles either...

I digest rice so quickly and it doesn’t keep my as full as the same dollar amount of fat calories. So I go as long as I can without eating then I binge on high fat foods. I know it’s not healthy but it keeps me alive

I am posting trying to get help with the CA food stamp/SNAP application process.

I am “22 or older”(I’m 22) and "prepare my own food separate from the others in my household" (when I can afford to! I hate the wording on the applications.. ugh) 

So my parent’s income doesn’t/shouldn’t count against me. (I don’t see a dime from them btw, but they do let me live at home and the feed me junk food every now and then... (I hope that doesn’t hurt my eligibility, am I suppose to lie and say I don’t eat their food? If so then how should I say I feed myself with $0 income?!? I am seriously considering water fasting as long as I can before the interview, if there is one, so I look emanicipated and not like I’m lying... because right now I look chubby. I don’t prepare all my own food because I eat their chips from time to time, but I have been starting to do illegal things, money under the table, etc, to buy food, Idk if I should mention this because it’s illegal.... I also check trash cans frequently for food, but that is such a hit or miss and not worth the effort most the time.

I have $0 income.

here is my only hang up for applying:

I have $1000 in my bank account which I believe I can still qualify with that amount, but I get less money the more I have in my account, so I might as well cash out that amount right? But I am so worried they will ask what did I do with that money and I will need proof of what I spent it on... I mostly want to save it, and when ready I will likely spend it on a bike to get around, because currently I have to walk, ask for rides, or sneak on public transit without paying to get around.

I am also a recovering drug user, idk if that is significant but it is just something that makes it hard for me to keep a job... the stress makes me wants to use again. I also have a knee injury that makes physical labor difficult. I don’t get disability benefits because I don’t think my injury is bad enough.

Can anyone help? Hopefully there is someone who has been through the CA foodstamps/ snap benefits program before and can help me, I don’t want to call them because some of the things I want to do is trying to get more money and may not be following the rules. It may get me in trouble, Like I am thinking of saying that $1,000 went to rent to pay my parents... showing I am paying rent will get me more money as well as having an empty account. Please can someone help and understand that I just want to get healthy so I can be a productive member of society one day. All I do is stay in my room and be depressed... the only times I leave the house are to hike and look for free stuff and food or sleep with random men I meet on the internet so they will buy me food. I’m not scamming the system. I’m sick of living this way and I need some help. If I am going to make the effort to apply I want to get the most I can legally or not, as long as I don’t get caught. If the government is reading this I don’t give a ****.... jail wouldn’t be much different than the life I am living now.

and if some of you are weary about giving me advice, all the money I get from foodstamps will go to buy healthy vegan foods and improve my life... I promise!

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Thanks buddy!! <3

Unfortunately yes though, money laundering would be taking your money out of the bank account in effort to conceal the existence of it, which is what Cash4Fruit mentioned they are thinking about doing. 

gardengirl... track me down and sue me I don’t care.... I just want to eat healthier and be able to afford it... I am “stealing” money from the government and giving it to fruit farmers... morally I see nothing wrong with that... (organic fruit farmers would be better..). You have any idea how much of yours and tax payers money goes to funding wars on innocent countries? And how much is wasted in the process.... my now homeless, veteran brother who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq for 8 years can tell you all about it.

do you have any idea how much of taxpayers money goes to supporting people who don't have enough drive and dissapline to get a job and keep it?

ya about a penny a year.  meanwhile 75% of our taxes go to the military industrial complex, the rest goes to medical industrial complex and the corporate industrial complex and maybe another penny to our infrastructure. welfare for people is a good thing and people who want to use it, need to because of a larger broken system.

Thank you ednshell. I don’t deny that some people abuse the system, but there are greater issues at hand than people “scamming the system” to get basic needs like nutrition. But I won’t get too upset about other’s ignorance, I know what is true and I will do what I feel is right. I would not be surprised if those numbers are 100% accurate. Money gets wasted on so many destructive things. But you won’t hear about that on the media, you will hear that welfare is what is destroying the country. The government wants you misinformed, you would think a forum like this one would be aware of information like this. I will spend every penny of the foodstamp money on life giving food, to improve my health and eventually follow my passions of helping others, possibly growing/providing healthy food to people, sharing truthful information, teaching others to be happy and healthy, etc. 

This is true. Food stamps is not what is destroying the country. Crony capitalism is what is. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Record inequality today. The statistics are out there. And the minimum wage should have been close to $15 an hour today if it followed 70's wage adjusted for inflation.

I would love to live on Rice, potatoes, and bananas but I can’t afford even that. I can afford about $30 of groceries once every 2 weeks. I usually buy a ton of bananas and oranges or juice, I buy bulk bags of rice often too.

do you not understand I am piss poor? and have been for years? Also I did not want to go into reason why I can’t work, foodstamps will not ask about that either... they just want proof I am broke. I am just wondering what I should do with my money before I apply... It’s not like I am a millionaire.. I have a couple thousand on hand and in the bank total and many bills to pay... but this is ALL my money and I’m a little nervous about spending it all. What if my parents kick me out which they have been threatening? Should I invest in a car to live in or will I be able to stay at home and use the money for a bike(cheaper than a car) to commute to my future job.

Stop stealing rides? I pay sometimes but in general I can sneak on the bus without paying... again sue me... that is $2 extra to go to fruit. I use the bus to go to doctor’s appointments and to commute to the few jobs I can find. I walk most places I go sometimes close to 20 miles... blisters and knee issues motivate me to take the risk of sneaking on public transit.... also the calories I burn walking I will have to spend money to refuel..

Durianrider has suggested and given advice to get on foodstamps and divert the government dollars to produce farmers, and to get off animal products for those who can’t afford this lifestyle... actually in a recent video, I can find it for you if you’d like.

Victim mentality? I will work on my psyche after I fix my physiology by CarbingTFU. I am grateful not to be starving and in a country that provides benefits. Thanks universe, Namaste. Now onto to how I can carb up.. 

I don’t see this thread going too well either because most people with the free time to browse health food forums are privileged and have never felt what it’s like to go hungry, or have no choice but to eat food you know makes you sick so that you won’t go hungry.. but there may be a few people out there that were in a similar situation and are willing to help. 

I was searching for people who have been through the process before. Diospryos gave some info I have not heard before I just want to know if it’s legit. 

I haven't applied in California but I've applied in PA. Just apply, send them whatever info you can and speak with your social worker if there are any issues. It shouldn't be a huge issue, what they are looking for people committing welfare fraud, not honest people looking for help. It sounds like you are talking yourself out of it before even applying? 

Thanks, I just don’t want to apply and then get rejected, I read you can't reapply for a while if that happens, I have under $2,000 in the bank, no income, so I should get accepted.. 



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