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About a week ago and last night I smoked some with my bf because he was stressed (His dad went to jail) and it's his birthday today. I knew I shouldn't have but I did. I ended up munching out like crazy and ate a bunch of fatty/salty foods with vinegar and flour and all that crap. Mostly completely homemade and ALL vegan but still :(

I've been tracking my cycles and so far they've been 31, 31, and 24 days long. Today is day 34. I thought before that my periods were usually a few days late when I used an app that used 28 days as a norm. I've been getting symptoms like crazy!!!

about a week and a half ago tight/stretchy feeling in abdomen, a few days up to now constipation and heighten sense of smell and HEARTBURN! I never get heartburn! I haven't been eating very well. rawtil4 but included onions in the past two weeks or so and once in a while a vegan baked good or higher fat things. I've been having weird craving and OMG!!! 

Kay, I'm just FREAKING OUT! Please help me! I need to detox this pot out of my body and I feel like I'm gonna have a breakdown! Is it going to hurt my baby if I'm pregnant? My bf wants to wait 5 days to test because he doesn't want to waste $. I'm sitting here with heartburn and feeling like a bad person. How can I recleanse my body? I'm the type of person that will work myself into a frenzy and become obsessed if I'm not careful. Like I don't use shampoo/conditioner, soap(Except at work cuz I'm a cook), I use free/clear laundry soap even though I think even that makes my skin crawl and itchy!!! I don't use toothpaste etc. I could go on and on. I could even start to become afraid of the artificial floor boards giving off toxic fumes, or the walls, or furniture or my shoes/clothes/phone/laptop leaching crap into my body through my skin by touching it because it isn't organic and non gmo. 

OH MY GOD! :'( I really need help…and reassurance. I feel like even though I've been doing well and planned to have the perfect most clean, raw pregnancy ever now I really screwed up myself and my baby's chances of being superb.


Sorry for all this negativity.

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You have already shown how much you care for yourself and your possible child by being brave enough to be honest and ask for advice. Most people would pretend it never happened and wouldn't share their mistakes in an effort to gain knowledge and reassurance. I say follow Adam Mc's advice, try to focus on any little bit of positivity you can, eat clean, drink lots of water, and get extra rest. Also, consider asking your partner to re-evaluate his pot usage. If it's not medically necessary... I'd weigh the pros and cons of having that in my life. I wish you all the best! You seem lovely :)

Folks, please bear in mind that abortion is such a hot-button issue that the site creators have deemed it not open for any manner of discussion, and certainly no recommendations for it will be allowed.

BW and her unborn child, if indeed there is one, now exist in our company.  Let's focus our energies on helping them to live as healthfully as possible henceforth.  

Ooooookay….whew. I can't honestly say that I'm not extremely overwhelmed by all the posts you guys put. Thank you for all the different views and such though! Sorry that I wasn't super clear. Before I met my bf I used drugs and drank and partied all the time. He drank and partied but never touched drugs or smoked, never had any intentions of it. I quit cold turkey to be with him because I didn't want to be a bad influence on him and I had been trying for so long, he was the perfect extra little push I needed to get myself together. After a year or so I screwed up big time and missed TWO of my exams for university by total accident and collapsed and smoked a joint. Then it didn't stop for a few months while our stressful relationship dwindled. Soooo long story short in the end I broke up with him and then after about four months we got back together. I took the time off to let go of some things that I had been holding on to and that were compromising my ability to live peacefully and be grateful and positive. When I started smoking pot again he started to "have something in common and try to save our relationship". When I broke up with him he went on a bit of a party/pot bender. Anyways, our relationship is better than ever and we haven't been smoking at all or even felt like it since last October. We decided if we wanted to then we would and if not, then it doesn't matter. He doesn't think that once in a while is a big deal and neither did I until I cleansed my body and started on this lifestyle at the end of March. Either way, we/he rarely smokes anymore. I used to be addicted to the lifestyle of being a "stoner" and stuff but I'm okay now. It's a bit taxing how the people I work with and all his friends are into smoking pot and talk about it all the time. It's just everywhere! His Dad smokes and drinks everyday and we both know he isn't healthy but at the same time he looks up to his dad in a lot of ways (not for those reasons). If I'm pregnant then we would be more than excited! He's very financially secure and is super good with saving money and making money. Some people think he's "cheap" but he thinks carefully about where his money goes so that his savings increase the fastest possible. By the way I still have crazy annoying, steady heartburn as soon as I eat something, then all day and I still haven't gotten my period. I will test Sunday though because I'm scheduled for surgery to fix my finger on Monday! I already want to go ahead and do it without any kind of drugs but now if they won't do that and I'm pregnant then I'll have to reschedule I guess /: Sorry this turned into a HUGE paragraph!

Thanks for all your kind words <3

-Deleted my big rant about drug abuse....

Hope it helped, sounds like you're no longer freaking out! :)

There are no known side effects to smoking pot while pregnant and many do it with no issue.

I disagree.  Leave out the word "pot", and you're still left with smoking.  Smoking anything is bad for your health, and things that are bad for health are best avoided:  especially when pregnant.

Do you have any idea how many anti-oxidants are depleted by smoke inhalation?  I don't either, but I reckon it's a good amount.  Smoke (of any kind) contains many toxic byproducts. It is very damaging to the mouth and throat and lungs.

Want me to go deeper?  On my phone right now but I will. 

Smoking cannibis dehydrates the mouth, throat, chest & lungs. Even parts of the face, head and neck.  Dehydration is nothing to write-off.  It severly impacts dental health, for starters, the lack of saliva to clean teeth and such. 

More?  Dehydration inhibits (or may completely removes) the mouth's (glands) ability to produce Amalase, the enzyme needed to properly digest starch.  If you are eating any starch, you now have to deal with improperly-digested foods entering your system.  

I got to run, but when I get bavk to my computer we can talk about the other glands and tissues that are dehydrated upon smoking pot, and the effect on health. (And subsequently, babies' health)

Actually research has shown that pot smoking does not have as much of detrimental effect as smoking cigarettes.

Dehydration is easy to fix.

Otherwise, no, I don't need to hear more about dehydration or smoking. I think people know if they want to be perfectly healthy then they wouldn't use drugs.

We don't need to insult each others intelligence.

My point was simple - no reason to freak out and no _real_ reason to be concerned for her baby.

Obviously more is worse. I don't we think we need to retread the obvious.

The research is always just so... limited.   I don't think there is a single article out there about the effects of dehydration from pot.. especially concerning my amylase* argument.   

*misspelled in my first post.

Maybe there are studies concerning the lack of amylase when it comes to digestion, and maybe we could take a look there and sort-of..  integrate.

No insults intended.  A previous commenter blatantly accused me of pure "ignorance" about smoking marijuana.  As if I haven't spent countless hours of my life using, abusing, cultivating, working in dispensaries, and being legally prescribed the drug from a doctor.  My apologies, my "tone" in my reply to you was very short.  

Anyways, I couldn't just let that one slide.  (your OP).

No freaking-out here, just making educated observations.  (educated meaning: many accredited university hours towards a B.S. in chemical physics).   That tidbit is directed towards my previous commenter, who questions the "legitimacy" of my opinions. 

For the record:   Smoking is bad for health.  As is smoking marijuana.   Don't do it when pregnant!

For the simple sake of Sangamon.  Not much of an argument, I know, but it's a good principle to follow in certain situations.

+Bill Baran:   There's nothing truly at fault with your statement, as it is one made by many, many people.   And thank you for reiterating, or clarifying on the fact that people shouldn't use drugs if they want to be healthy.



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