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About a week ago and last night I smoked some with my bf because he was stressed (His dad went to jail) and it's his birthday today. I knew I shouldn't have but I did. I ended up munching out like crazy and ate a bunch of fatty/salty foods with vinegar and flour and all that crap. Mostly completely homemade and ALL vegan but still :(

I've been tracking my cycles and so far they've been 31, 31, and 24 days long. Today is day 34. I thought before that my periods were usually a few days late when I used an app that used 28 days as a norm. I've been getting symptoms like crazy!!!

about a week and a half ago tight/stretchy feeling in abdomen, a few days up to now constipation and heighten sense of smell and HEARTBURN! I never get heartburn! I haven't been eating very well. rawtil4 but included onions in the past two weeks or so and once in a while a vegan baked good or higher fat things. I've been having weird craving and OMG!!! 

Kay, I'm just FREAKING OUT! Please help me! I need to detox this pot out of my body and I feel like I'm gonna have a breakdown! Is it going to hurt my baby if I'm pregnant? My bf wants to wait 5 days to test because he doesn't want to waste $. I'm sitting here with heartburn and feeling like a bad person. How can I recleanse my body? I'm the type of person that will work myself into a frenzy and become obsessed if I'm not careful. Like I don't use shampoo/conditioner, soap(Except at work cuz I'm a cook), I use free/clear laundry soap even though I think even that makes my skin crawl and itchy!!! I don't use toothpaste etc. I could go on and on. I could even start to become afraid of the artificial floor boards giving off toxic fumes, or the walls, or furniture or my shoes/clothes/phone/laptop leaching crap into my body through my skin by touching it because it isn't organic and non gmo. 

OH MY GOD! :'( I really need help…and reassurance. I feel like even though I've been doing well and planned to have the perfect most clean, raw pregnancy ever now I really screwed up myself and my baby's chances of being superb.


Sorry for all this negativity.

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You're fine and any potential baby will be fine.  If you want to cleanse just eat raw fruit and veg for a few days.  Cannabis itself isn't going to hurt any but burning material in your lungs over time might/probably will.  Sounds like a good walk in the woods and some deep breathing will help you out.  The world is indeed toxic, perhaps channelling your energy into solutions and working towards a non-toxic world will help you balance out.  Good luck m'dear.

Thank you for your comforting words!!! I smoked it out of a can though of all things! :( I know there isn't any evidence that marijuana hurts unborn babies but still… It scares me! 

The fumes from the burnt aluminum does a lot more harm than the herb ever would or could. But even still, you have nothing to worry about. Your potential baby will be perfectly fine and smoking some herb a time our two has not and will not contaminate your pregnancy. Sounds to me like the best thing for you and your baby at this point is to let it go and stop stressing. Stress is horrible for a developing fetus.

Perhaps channelling you fear into making better choices in the future will work well for you.  Ask yourself how you can learn from this and move forward.

Go buy the test and relieve your stress!  Everything you do effects you but I would not worry about a one time MJ intake or poor food choice. 

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.”
― Śāntideva

This story reminds me of a classic Buddhist story...

The monk had taken vows:

The vows are:
1. To avoid killing
2. To avoid stealing
3. To avoid sexual misconduct
4. To avoid lying
5. To avoid use of intoxicants

He was on a long journey and had stopped by a house to ask for a place to sleep for the night.  A women invited him in and asked if he would like to share her bed for the night.  He explained he had taken vows of celibacy and could not.  She said she had very little food and if he would kill one of her neighbors' many chickens she could fix him a nice meal, although he was very hungry he said he had taken a vow not to kill or steal so could not help her there. As the night went on it got quite cold so the women offered him some alcohol to keep warm, at first he said no because of his vows but as the night went on he thought just a little wine to warm me won't hurt, then he had a little more and with each sip of alcohol his judgement was hampered and skewed.  By the morning he had broken all of his vows.  When we take in things that dilute the clarity of our minds we become very vulnerable.

Daily Words of the Buddha for May 29, 2014

Diso disaṃ yaṃ taṃ kayirā,
verī vā pana verinaṃ;
micchāpaṇihitaṃ cittaṃ
pāpiyo naṃ tato kare.
Listen: http://host.pariyatti.org/dwob/udana_4_33.mp3

Whatever an enemy might do to an enemy,
or a foe to a foe,
the ill-directed mind
can do to you even worse.

Udāna 4.33
Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu


Wise words! Thank you :) I will treat my body and mind as though I am until I can take the test and try to let go and carry on with determination!

Well for what its worth i know plenty of women who smoked dope while pregnant who delivered perfectly happy healthy babies. 

I'm not recomending it or condoneing it but dont have a panic attack about it a womens ability to create a baby and keep it from harm is pretty impressive. 

Gotta say not to that stuff tho. believe me I knwo I love the stinken stuff but it just doesnt jive with being healthy etc.. theres so much better / healthier ways to enjoy yourself then doing that. 

so what you fell off the wagon dust yourself off and get back on.

Your baby is going to be born with dreadlocks now.

Squinting eyes and wearing a tie-dye shirt.  His/her first words are going to be:  "duuude"

I would say that there is a bigger problem at hand here. And that's your BF's substance abuse.  Anyone who has a family crisis, and then turns to drugs, has got some self-improving to do. I hope that marijuana is legal in your state/country.  If not then it's very hypocritical to use illegal drugs upon the excuse of someone going to jail.  Just saying. 

Not implying that you or he are bad people, not in the least. I used cannabis myself, daily, for many... many years. 

If it's not legal, or if your BF is a heavy smoker...  I hope he has a good source of income. Because that stuff is expensive.  And there's a reason that people eat high fat and high salt when using it.

(WARNING:  this next segment is pure conjecture, all anecdotal, with no evidence to cite. Just my own observations and experiences)  A.K.A. "I'm talking out of my ass, here"

Smoking pot is a huge chemical load.  Your body has to mitigate it. Ever hear someone say that "THC is fat-soluble" ?  That's because it is, along with many other toxic alkaloids in the product.  When someone smokes dope they instinctively reach for fats. Subconsciously.  Ever hear of "oil pulling" ?   Well, it's basically the same concept.  Your body (after smoking) is desperately seeking a way to eliminate (or cancel-out) the toxicity.  Eating foods high in fat, at those times, significantly reduce the chemicals.  From the mouth and throat mostly.  

Ever wonder why people get a "buzz-kill" after they eat the munchie foods?  And they gotta spark up again, right?  It's all just chemicals-in, chemicals-out.  Apparently the body feels that it would rather eat junk than to allow the chemicals to remain in your body.  Kinda goes to show how dangerous it really is.  I mean, all of us here know how bad fats, salts, and junk food is.  Smoking must be worse.


If you truly think that you are pregnant, just chill out.  Not "smoke a joint" chill out, haha, but just try to feel like everything is going to work out fine.  If you really are pregnant:  you are very lucky.

Infertility is a real issue that gets worse and worse for people on this earth every day.

Feel blessed, because you are.  Doing ANY type of detox regiment is the worst idea, ever. All forms of detox release pent-up chemicals from you body out into your bloodstream, and you don't want this if you are pregnant.

The only safe way to detox, is the same as the only safe way to live:

Eat your fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink R/O water. Stay active. And get to bed early.

Again, if you are pregnant, it's not the correct time to be worrying about toxic fumes from floorboards and furniture, out-gassing from carpets and such.  Your #1 job is to remain calm, and do the best you can. Spend more time outside, breathing fresh air. But don't obsess.  Consider yourself extremely lucky to be blessed with the gift of life, take up yoga + meditation maybe, don't focus on what is negative around you: focus on what is positive inside of you.

Just my 2 cents, hope some of it is helpful.

Good luck!  : )

I worry about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g., like Barefoot Wildchild, and I found this very helpful, thank you. :)

Adam Mc...you are completely talking out of your ass, as you said. So in the future, just don't. You are extremely ignorant on the topic of marijuana so please dont pretend like you have any clue. If you really want to inform her about the risks of using mj then first educate yourself. And once you do, from legitimate viable sources, you will no longer have anything negative or fearful to say. You are spreading misinformation and that's not helpful to anyone ever.
By the way, "fat suitable" has nothing to do with craving fatty foods. You're confused and making shit up.

and what's your explanation on why people crave fatty foods after smoking?   I hope it's good, considering you took the time to...   whatever this is that you're doing to me.  I'm really interested in hearing it.  

"fat suitable?"   It's soluble, dear.  Obviously you don't even understand the concept, but that's okay.  (i'll chalk it up to:  maybe you are typing on your phone, and auto-complete messed up your word?)

Also, if anyone is "talking out of their ass", it's you.   You can't just say that someone is wrong without presenting an argument.  You claim these "legitimate viable sources"... well... where are they?  Let's see them.   Bring me some "legitimate" information on why people crave high-fat foods immediately after smoking pot.

At least I warned everyone that I was speaking purely anecdotal.. But you, on the other hand, did not.  Instead you use hostile phrases towards me, with nothing to back it up.  You, madam, are "confused and making s*** up" just as much as I.



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