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This will be my probably 3rd or 4th attempt at trying raw veganism.  I think this time I am going to try with the raw till 4 because i think that it may be a smoother transition. 

The reasons that I have failed in the past follow:

  • I live at home and lack support, and there's junky foods everywhere
  • very difficult to be social and bring food with me with friends/boyfriend
  • lack of motivation and community ( i think i need a fruity pal to try with me )
  • not eating the freshest or most organic foods
  • lack of funds ( which is no longer a problem)

anybody who has or has had similar issues that wants to become friends?

anybody that has had these setbacks and wants to share some advice on how they overcame them?

I also think that maybe starting a daily blog/vlog to keep me motivated might be a good idea as well.  let me know what you think, or would be interested in doing the same but are little scared to begin like I am.

Thanks so much, and feel free to add me to your friends list! <3

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The biggest problem to overcome, as DR said (which I find I do agree with looking at most people), is the social opposition and caring what people think about you. Food has a tie to social values and norms, and people feel uncomfortable in breaking or changing them. Idea is to approach it with an attitude as it's normal to eat nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.

If you think raw or raw till 4 is too hard you could try a cooked vegan low fat diet.

Keep on it. It's more than possible, and the reward will speak for itself. Cooked food is milestones away from R811, and something that I shouldn't even bother in the first place to compare in a discussion.  

Don't ever give up on anything in your life merely because it's too "hard", or because of what other people think about your goals. :)

Its not that i think it is too hard to do, i am just trying to transition myself step by step.  I have mastered vegetarianism. now im going to try raw till 4 and eventually i may be able to kick cooked foods all together. I have big goals, but i want to accomplish them in small doses.

i think that defining where i have gone wrong in past attempts, and trying to work around these setbacks is a good way to keep me moving forward and to stay on track.

I agree. Perhaps have also misinterpreted Emcardle there (wasn't directly responding to the content of the original post, but the comment). My apologies.

I was actually agreeing with you and not him, but its not a big deal..

This my third try at going totally raw. I went raw in 2010 after discovering Harley on You-tube and recovered well for Ross River fever and Glandular Fever on a raw diet but also I had IV therapy - intravenous Vitamin C, Mag, and all the B vitamins because my adrenals where so stuffed. I stayed raw for a total of six months but then little by little I started back on tea and coffee and then the odd white bread roll then two then three until I fell off and was eating 30% cooked vegan.

This time around I am yes keeping a health, food and wellbeing diary which is a bit of a pain now that I am on day 18. But it has helped. I have also set myself a challenge to stay 100% raw for 40 days. 18 days in I have lost 7kgs, and this is with little to no exercise because I am nursing a bad injury for the past five months. Before this round with raw, nothing had shifted more than 2kgs over a long period of time with massive amounts of torturous exercise and pretty much starving myself.

But this time around even though I have started in winter here in OZ, it has been relatively easy to stay raw so far. Certainly if I am honest I have had a few cravings for things like potato fries when I was out and about, but beyond that I have really focused on stuffing the calories into myself and telling myself that 'this too shall pass' and it did.

However I understand that if I was working with other people or in close association with others staying raw might be a bit more of a challenge. But when I am out with friends who are not vegan let alone raw vegans, I have a plan - I simply make up a really big banana and date smoothie and take it with me and offer taste tests to everyone else, with the result I have not had too much harassment this time around at all.

Good luck and keep the faith (in yourself)

It is tough, especially when you don't have many vegan friends IRL. We're kind of in the same boat, I fell off the wagon recently and now I'm getting back on it!

I'm really trying to work on my relationship with food and my mentality when eating. Like if you slip up, it doesn't ruin your eating for the whole week or day. In a couple hours, it is a new meal!
My pitfall is failing to plan ahead and making sure I have options. XD



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