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Help! I don't want to participate in anatomy class dissections!

I'm in anatomy class at my school and I have to sign a syllabus saying that we have to participate in all the dissections which could include: sheep brains, pig hearts, fetal pig or rat, etc.  I go to a Catholic school so I don't know if I could say I 'm not going to do it because of my religion,which is what I did to get out of dissecting a rat when I was a freshman at a public school.  This is really upsetting to me because I want to take the class, but I don't feel comfortable with this.  Should I just do the dissections?  I'm asking because I want to do something in the health field, so this will come up again in college.  Plus, this teacher is a guy, and he's one of the strictest teachers in my whole school! Any suggestions?

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You don't have to be Catholic to go to Catholic School, so in theory you could use the religious reason card.  Can you have a respectful discussion with the teacher, stating that you are a vegan and it would go against your philosophy?  

That's true! Yeah, I think I'm going to talk to him about it and if he still says I have to do it then I'll write a letter saying my religious beliefs are against it or something.  Thanks!

Yeah, I have a feeling I will have to go to the administration to get exempt.  I'm definitely gonna research why dissection isn't necessary to be ready to politely argue with my teacher, haha.  Thanks for the reply and friend request!

I got a really great argument but my luck I"ll offend someone. But I kinda just think something doesnt add up catholics, fetal... pigs.. and there stance on abortion etc... I dunno can they have there cake and eat it too?

I was born and raised catholic went to catholic school. I found disections friggen disgusting and repulsive at the time. 

Now I think its rather interestin to see the innards a handful of times and identify whats what. But after a few times the fascination wears off and thats that and I dont intend do surgery or something anytime soon so its pointless for me.

Hmm, I never thought about that.  It makes sense though cause they teach us that all life is sacred, so how can they leave out animal life? If I have to write a letter to the board I might possibly throw that in there.  

peter's suggestion often does the trick. if you don't fight it, you don't make change.

this thread may be helpful:


and this site:


in friendship,


Thanks for the links!  I'm definitely going to talk to the teacher and go from there if he says no.  

i pretty much just skip the class no big deal but maybe that isnt the best option but @%#& cutting up animals

+ 1

I'd skip that school...

Lol, I would but if I skipped it I would fail the class, so I'm gonna have to be exempt. 

Are you working in groups to dissect them? If so offer to take good notes for the group instead of doing the dirty work. That's what my sister did in her cadaver class.
Or just be like me and just don't bother with that biology *&^%$#@!. I don't want to see that nasty stuff. I took a plant biology class to fill my science requirement instead.



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