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Hi dear moms,


I would like to know what food should I start to offer to my baby.  With which fruit can I start? Or is vegetable better to begin with? My son is now 5 months old, breastfed exclusively, and as far as I know I should soon introduce him solids . Thanks for sharing your experience.


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first 6 months he slept with me, but I think that it made his sleep worse and restless, now he sleeps in his cot next to my bed, and feeds 1 or 2 times a night.

I gave mine avocados and bananas at 7 months. She loved them right away! At two years old she still loves bananas, but her tastes have changed and she no longer wants avocado. :( After that she had mango and pear without the skin. Because she was a foster child I couldn't just give her fruit so I also gave her baked sweet potato which she still eats every night.

My son is now 8 months old and still breastfed. He eats solids 2 times a day, hates avocado, loves fruit. Is it ok to give him just fruit (cucumber, tomato being also fruits)? What about vegetables like carrots, is it ok to eat them raw? Another thing is that he almost doesnt grow, in 2 months he grew 1 cm, and took only 400 grams. Do you think something s wrong with my milk or should I give him some foods that are more caloric dense?  He is very active, he crawls, he cannot sit still. Could you please show me exactly how to feed him?Also I cannot feed him exotic fruits because he got some rashes on his face from it. So I give him pears, carrots, apples, broccoli and cucumber, a bit bananas, tomatos.

BTW, I m not 100% raw any more, it is very difficult to go and search for the fruit all the time, the amounts and quality of fruit are my big problems

thanks for answers

Hey Maria,


My son is now 17 months.  He went through a stage where it seemed he just wouldn't grow. Like you son, he was always active and well proportioned (ie not fat or thin, although with society's preference for chubby babies he did seem small in comparison to others). My wife would worry and fret when she would plot his stats on the growth curve and it wouldn't match up. Then a month later breathe a sigh of relief when he'd be back following the curve. I think the growth curve may be a good tool to check how you match up to the rest of the population, and doctors may use with other symptoms to diagnose a problem, but on their own aren't much use beyond being a curiosity item. If your child is healthy, that is all that matters. Growth happens on its own (hahah, if only I had followed that advice when I was concerned! LOL). I think its probably one of those things you have to live through before you realize there isn’t much you can do but love them and give them what they need and the rest will take care of its self.


He was breastfed at first, but due to some medical reasons, mommy had to stop and formula was introduced (yuck!). When he started to move towards solids we gave him banana and avocado. We tried some blended carrots/yam/etc but they didn’t go down so well – well I guess they went down ok, the problem was when the came back up! So we stayed away from veggies and stuck with fresh fruits after that. We blend mango, banana, coconut, pear, peach, nectarine, and when we do strawberry, blackberry or raspberry we add dates to take some of the bite off. I tried blueberry but it gets very jelly-like and not all that appealing. (note - most of the fruits would be peeled)


We also give him coconut water fresh from young thai coconuts. To battle our fear about lack of veggies led us to give him diluted green juice (Parsley, Celery, Carrot, Cucumber and apple) which he quite enjoys.


We give him the choice of what he’d like to drink – coconut, green juice, milk… he chooses which bottle he’d like from the fridge and its kind of exciting to know he learning about decision making and the results.


It’s a little more tricky for him to choose from the pureed food because they are in little mason jars and not very unique looking (other than colour).



Now that he is older he’ll communicate his desire for a whole banana or avocado. With the arrival of teeth (8 so far) he’ll chomp into and eat an apple, or even gnaw on a baby carrot. He would bite fresh tomatoes out of the garden, but after a few bites it would turn into more of a play thing than a meal.


I would say give them what they like. If they are eating raw, let them follow their instincts. I see some parents forcing their kids to eat “baby food” and the horrible faces they make, but the kids are hungry, so they have to go back for more…

Now, sometimes when trying something new kids will make a face because of the unexpected taste, and happily go back for more, so don’t confuse “shock” with distaste.


When you say “can’t sit still” do you mean that in a good way or a bad way? We were at a party where he got a hold of some bread. We didn’t want to make a scene, and let him explore. But he was really really rangy afterwards. So if you mean it in a bad way, it could be from grains? The hyperactive stage only lasted that one day, and soon he was back to his normal calm self – but still active!


Hope this helps in some way!


favourite quote regarding children: The days are long but the years are short!

wow thank you for your exhausting answer

cant sit still - i mean that in a positive way, I feed him only fruits and veggies, no grains.


and yes it helps

BTW you have a beautiful son

Hey Maria


How do you feed him carrots and broccoli raw? Do you blend them? I think these would be a little risky foods really. Cooked and mashed might be ok, but raw could prove risky in terms of choking and/or irritating his digestive tract.


Are you definately eating enough and well hydrated enough? It may be that his growth rate will increase with time. As has been said, growth rates tend to reflect more what is normal for someone on a SAD diet, containing animal products. It might be more useful to compare growth rates to asian infants, but it is a good idea to be certain that you are eating enough first. If you are dehydrated or malnourished, this will affect the quality of your milk, which could affect his growth rate.


Take care


Adam x




Take care


Adam x

Hey Adam,


yes I blend them raw. Therefore I am asking here these stupid questions, because I dont know whether its ok. I want my son to be raw, but I dont know how to proceed, dont know whether only fruits are ok at this stage, or veggies have to be cooked, if they are good for his digestion when raw. I am reading a book New vegetarian Baby by Sharon Yntema and Christine Beard, and it makes me so confused. They say that raw foodism is dangerous for babies, they put there some studies... Vegan diet is ok according to them, but I dont want to feed my baby cereals. Or are they ok for babies?

Maybe I dont eat enough... I eat 2/3 raw vegan, 1/3 cooked vegan (almost always), sometimes I am raw the whole day, it depends on how much fruit I am able to buy. With a baby, for me it s difficult to buy such amounts of fruit that I would need to be really hcrv.


Could you suggest some ideas? I would be so glad.

thank you so much




If you want to feed your baby just a raw diet for now, then you really just need to be focusing on fruits and non-sweet fruits, with the rest of his nutrition coming from your milk. I think that the fibres in raw veggies like broccoli and carrots will be a bit harsh for his digestive system and I definately wouldn't recommend cereals. Potatoes would be preferable if you were going to feed him any cooked food. Grains are too harsh for infants digestive tracts.


I strongly suggest you start tracking your own food intake for a short while to make sure you are eating enough. Use cronometer to do this. You really need to be making sure you are eating plenty, otherwise your baby won't be getting enough nutrients.


Take care


Adam x

Thanks you so much Adam,
I think my baby had some eczema on his cheeks when i was giving him exotic fruit like mangos, persimmons, therefore i gave him some vegetables. Are green smothies ok? What about celery?
Thanks a lot

I introduced solids for my kids when they showed various signs of readiness including sitting up straight (able to cough something up if necessary), desire for solid food (you can't miss this one) and first tooth cutting.  One child really wasn't ready until about 8 months and the others around 6 1/2 mo.  Breastmilk should be the primary food if possible until at least 1.

When you do start -

Bananas!!!!!!!!!!!  the perfect starter fruit in my opinion.  Mash em up or give them cut pieces.  I started out my kids on those.  They also loved avacado &  sweet potato (I know not optimal on hcrv). 

Do you think I can give my baby sprouted red lentils - raw? the pediatrician wants me to give him proteins for growth and my baby doesnt want any seeds or nuts still. He wants to eat only with his hands - he prefers avocados, pomegranates and goji berries. I would really like to give him some proteins. What do you think would be the best?




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