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Hi dear moms,


I would like to know what food should I start to offer to my baby.  With which fruit can I start? Or is vegetable better to begin with? My son is now 5 months old, breastfed exclusively, and as far as I know I should soon introduce him solids . Thanks for sharing your experience.


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My baby's first foods were melons because they are easiest to digest.

Congratulations on keeping your wee one on milk for this long.  If more mothers would realize the importance of this, we'd have a far healthier world. 

It's perfectly ok to keep things as they are, even for a year or two or more.  It's actually not necessary for you to do the solid intruductions.  When ready, your baby will begin to show interest, more out of a playful spirit than any real food desire. 

Thus, your son may sometime begin reaching for what you're eating.  As long as it's safe (not grapes for the very young, for instance), let him play and taste away.  It just makes sense to have the variety be as wide as possible for him to get a broad spectrum of tastes and textures in the fruit and veggie realm.

Take care :)


A baby cannot be exclusively breastfed for two years by a long shot or even one in most cases , did I misunderstand you, Windlord?  sorry if I did.

Hope dads will do too.


I wouldn't say you "should" introduce solids; babies generally know when they want them. Let him taste whichever fruits you have, see if he's interested. If he is, let him have as much as he likes and can handle. If not, fine. He'll know when he's ready and he knows which ones he likes. Just make sure it's good quality, preferably organic, and properly ripe. Variation helps, too. See how things go and if you want to and can, have him breastfeed as often and as long as he feels like. My daughter breastfed for 5.5 years and would have gladly gone on for a couple more years had her mother been fine with it. I don't remember when we introduced solids but she has always known everything better than us. Like she wouldn't breastfeed as a newborn when she needed to pee - she wanted to pee first, then breastfeed. Who wants to eat when you have to pee, right? Didn't like peeing in her diaper. Took us a couple of weeks to figure out but eventually, when she had been to the potty, she fed just fine. And always knew which foods she liked, which not. Unfortunately we didn't know of 811 at the time so she developed a taste for bread and stuff, but still, she's always known what she needs and likes. Her little brother has had a more fruity life and he's always known, too. They know... usually it's enough for us moms and dads to listen, observe and follow.


Lots of ♥, have a wonderful time with him =D




I should modify that by adding that some fruits are harder on the digestion, like grapes. Our son would pass the skins whole back in the day, can't remember how old he was but I do remember the grape skins in his poo. Between 1 and 2 years probably, but my memory's like a sieve in some ways... He's 4 now, no undigested grape skins anymore.

Mashed banana. 

Every baby is different, so see how your baby reacts to the food.  If there is any gagging reflex or the baby is trying to push the food out of the mouth with their toungue, they are not ready yet. 

Sometimes lfrv peeps have to adjust their lifestyle with so called conventional wisdom.  Some babies need to and desire to exclusively breast feed for 9 months to a year. 

If mom is eating healthy, her milk is probably a better quality than SAD moms who have to supplement earlier than needed with formulas and grains. 

Peace, PK

Dear Maria,

I think babies can vary when they are ready to start soilids.

My elder boy showed no interest in solids when he was 7 months old, but my younger boy was reaching out for my fruit when he was 3 and a half months old.


I think ripe fruits with seeds and skin removed ar the easiest foods for baby to digest.

My children liked ripe organic Bananas, Custard Apples, ripe Persimmon, Papaya, Avocado, and Mangoes as first foods.

I also pre-chewed the fruit before I fed my children when they first started on solids, sounds a bit strange but felt natural to me!


I think your child will start to show an interest in your food when he is ready for solids.


Wishing you all the best ♥

Love and Peaches,

from Anne XX♥

Thank you for your answers.

Yes I want to wait untill he is ready, I just want to be prepared for this period because I wasnt somehow ready for breastfeeding and thus the first 3 months were the most painful experience in my life, and the same is with the sleep of my son, I didnt know that I would have to teach him how to sleep, but I have to...So now spend my days reading how to make him fall asleep.

So, Ijust want to read about the introduction of solids before it could be too late.

What's wrong with nursing him to sleep?  It works for a while especially if you can co-sleep.  If not gradually transitioning to back rubbing after nursing until asleep.  And then there's always the "drive".

it can become a hard thing when a baby wakes up many times a night and the only thing that will make him sleep is breastfeeding. My son had a period when he would breastfeed 5 times a night - the only problem was that it was hurting horribly (until some 4 - 5 months old), so i had to stop it

Hey Maria, does he sleep with you in your bed, or do you keep him in a cot?


Take care


Adam x



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