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Hi 80:10:10 crew.
My friend suffers from fructose malabsorption, meaning she feels violently ill when she eats mosts fruits.

She is currently following the FODMAP diet:

She has stopped being vegan because she lost so much weight, and didn't know how to maintain health as a vegan with her dietary restrictions.

What would you suggest?

Any one had any experience with this?

I really would like her to stay for a while with us in our vegan sanctuary, so need to find a way to feed her with out her getting ill.  :(

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i have a friend with the same problem...the doctor basically told her that she should not eat any fruits, just a few greens, meat and lots of dairy...WTF?!?!?! 

Great response, Esperanza!

Honestly I think most of the problems today are with the SAD eating program toxic overload and she needs to do a water fast asap at a retreat.  The problems are not fruit, but fat that is stored in the body and the chemicals etc that need to come out. 

Thank you :)

I can't see your post Esperanza. I've been going to all the raw sites for an article to pass on to a friend too. x

Hmm, that's odd, it must have gotten deleted somehow. If you want, PM me with more details and I can give you some advice/info to pass on to your friend about it.

Thanks Esperanza.  I've passed that on to my friend  :)

I have this condition at the moment. It is chemo induced.

Fruits that have a 1:1 ratio of fructose to glucose seem to be far more tolerable. For example I can eat several bananas but if I eat a meal of grapes or a few mangoes I'm out for the count.

Glucosamine might help. I water fasted for a a few days but it stops you exercising which is not conducive to this lifestyle so I do not recommend it. At the moment I do McDougall style with as much fruit as I can tolerate before each meal.

Hi Carlos,

thanks for your thoughts.

How does glucosamine help?

can you tell me how your diet is McDougall style?  I am pretty ignorant, so start with the basics, and maybe an example of what you eat


And I hope you are getting healthier every day - remembering to laugh, to meditate, to laugh harder, to smile and to love

It says right on the page you linked that a person that has fructose malabsorption can tolerate these fruits:

Blueberries – buy organic
Boysenberry – buy organic
Star fruit
Cranberry – buy organic
Durian (i wouldnt eat cause of the fat)
Grapes – buy organic
Honeydew melon
Passion fruit
Paw paw
Raspberry – buy organic
Strawberry – buy organic

Suitable dried fruits (some people are ok with dried fruits, others are not):
Banana chips
Cranberries (often are coated in sugar – only eat if not sweetened)
Paw paw
Pineapple (often are coated in sugar – only eat if not sweetened)
Raisins (may not be suitable for everyone…)

So you can load up on those for sure.  Over time, they should be able to consume the other fruits.  McDougall style is basically any gluten free grains or starches from my understanding. potato, millet, oats, quinoa, rice, lentils, etc. 

I have found my body reacts to oats and quinoa.  It really doesnt like it.

<p>I'm really struggling with fructose malabsorption, and I've realised that I've had it since my early teens. I never knew why it was certain fruits and foods like apples and bread made me need to urinate CONSTANTLY, I can't eat cooked foods either. I have found that I can't even eat quite a lot of the foods on the suitable list includings grapes and melons. I'm hoping it will heal over time since I think the problem is my body is so damaged from my a western diet. It's a nightmare though, I have such a narrow range of foods I can eat, but no way am I going back to animal products.

I would love to hear from anybody who has had experience with healing from Fructose Malabsorption! I have two very dear family members who have been following a low FODMAPs diet for months and are only getting more ill. One has even had to have their Galbladder removed and is suffering with hypothyroidism. I constantly see them overconsume animal products and underconsume altogether. They are also growing more irritable and resistant to listening to anything to do with a plant based diet, seeing as plants are the foods highest in FODMAPs and fructose.

The body can't heal with only about 1600 calories per day, very low fibre and high amounts of saturated fat. Any light shed on this situation would be truly appreciated.

Ashlee Anne x

Aside from consuming fruits that have a more tolerable fructose:glucose ratio; it can also help to load up on the tender leafy greens. For whatever reason, increasing mineral/trace mineral intake helps immensely with digestion. Huge salad of lettuce/celery/etc helps, but even better is if you go out and find a bunch of wild stinging nettle leaves and put 1/2lb in your smoothie each morning. That helped me immensely after doing it for a week or two (although I stopped for a while and the digestion problems started right up again.)

Note that stinging nettle only contains a nominal amount of poison (completely harmless) and the only reason it stings is because of the precise delivery mechanism to a localized spot (the plant has hypodermic needles on the leaves that are destroyed if it is blended, cooked, or dried.) Stinging nettle is very rich in many minerals as well as chlorophyl if it's grown in the shade, extremely nutritious.

Some people (Andrew Perlot for example, who has an article about this on his website) experienced relief with a chromium picolinate supplement. Although of course supplementation should not be taken lightly nor should it be considered a permanent solution to any problem.



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