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HELP!! Extreme Diarrhea, Dehydration, Stomach Cramps, Sweating.... (Blunt, so don't read if grossed out)

Sorry for the blunt title, but I am in a LOT of pain here digestion wise.  I slipped up so I started over on 811 again, and I can't even last a day because of extreme digestion and diarrhea problems. I've been eating a watermelon every morning the past few days (and sometimes one at night), and I believe that this is what is giving me extreme digestion and diarrhea.  I have to go so often that it hurts, and I feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseas, and sweating a lot (aka badly dehydrated, I believe).  I've also been eating bananas and dates and making some banana/mixed berry ice cream, but nothing is helping my digestion issues. 


What to do?  I don't want to give up watermelon since it's my favorite fruit, but I am in such bad pain, feel like I am going to pass out when I pass a bowel movement because it's so painful (still diarrhea) and so dehydrated that I feel like I might need to go to the hospital. 

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Ahhh, no melons for a few days. :( I'll try.
I do drink water, but definitely not as much as I should. I get a big 2 L bottle and fill it up with water at home but I never drink it all the way through in one day, even though I know I should.

And yes, haha, I am definitely stressed out, a lot. With my health, with classes coming up, with my husband finding a job, us possibly moving soon, my rabbit's health, etc. etc. Didn't think this had much to do with digestion though. Hmmm, interesting.
G'day FruitBat22,
I've found that whether one is relaxed or not has heaps of influence on digestion. For myself, when I had problems with digestion, I found that changing my thoughts on and my approach to life helped more than other changes.

2 litres of water a day is easy to drink. If you start with a liter before breakfast you'll be halfway there and can then increase on 2 later on. For me drinking 3 or more a day does wonders. :)

Adequate amounts of sleep helps too. I also like to stop throughout the day and simply lay down or just be still for 5 minutes and relax. This is great for overall calmness and focus no matter how busy one thinks their self to be.
Hmmm, I hadn't thought of it like that. I am pretty stressed out with lots of things going on. I need to meditate more and just have more "me" focused time. Thanks!!
Oh no!!! Feel better soon!! Sending loving and positive vibes your way!
I would say that Freelee"s posts seem to be dead on. I would second her advice. no need to ditch the melons especially if they are your favorite, i think the rice and beans are your culprit. good luck!
I also agree with Freelee's advice, I often blamed fruit incorrectly when it was actually the cooked food.

Does Doug Graham have diarrhea? Watch the last few seconds of the following video about his excrement resembling fish food.


Look at the following video, but prepare to be disgusted.  This gorilla's feces obviously does not resemble fish food.  Is it not getting enough fruit?


If you want to get people's opinions on this I think you need to post a discussion. Most people are going to respond to the main post. Just a suggestion. That gorilla video was gross. I saw that video with Dr Graham and the fish poop thing made me think that was normal but then I heard other things that makes me think that isn't true. So it is confusing. My feeling is fish poop isn't normal. I hope mine get healthy and normal, whatever normal and healthy is supposed to be.

Ok, thanks.



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