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HELP!! Extreme Diarrhea, Dehydration, Stomach Cramps, Sweating.... (Blunt, so don't read if grossed out)

Sorry for the blunt title, but I am in a LOT of pain here digestion wise.  I slipped up so I started over on 811 again, and I can't even last a day because of extreme digestion and diarrhea problems. I've been eating a watermelon every morning the past few days (and sometimes one at night), and I believe that this is what is giving me extreme digestion and diarrhea.  I have to go so often that it hurts, and I feel dizzy, lightheaded, nauseas, and sweating a lot (aka badly dehydrated, I believe).  I've also been eating bananas and dates and making some banana/mixed berry ice cream, but nothing is helping my digestion issues. 


What to do?  I don't want to give up watermelon since it's my favorite fruit, but I am in such bad pain, feel like I am going to pass out when I pass a bowel movement because it's so painful (still diarrhea) and so dehydrated that I feel like I might need to go to the hospital. 

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Hey fruitbat, yes that is a rather dramatic header. I know its not nice to have diar-rear but there is always a good reason behind it, to me it sounds like now you're raw again your body is finally getting the chance to eliminate the nasties from your colon. Although I need to know more before I could commit to that...

So more info for a start...

* How long has it been since you're back on the LFRV wagon?
* What does your eating day look like?
* How much water are you consistently drinking
* Is your pee clear? How many times are you peeing a day?
* Are you eating overt fats?

There's a few to start with.

I'm not fully back on 811 - as in I eat 811 during the day and afternoon and night, and then have a cooked low fat vegan food (like beans or rice) for dinner.

I track my food on CRONOMETER, and get up to 2000 a day of fruit.

I drink water a lot, but not as much as I should. Pee is mostly to all clear.
Ok thanks so it seems pretty clear to me that the watermelon you are having in the morning is running into the cooked food (rice, beans etc) that you had the night before and causing you issues. So its nothing to do with the fruit.

A few solutions...

* Cut out the rice and beans and replace with fruit (suprised to hear that suggestion?;-) 2000 calories from fruit isn't enough for you or else you wouldn't be craving a cooked dinner meal.
Btw beans usually have some spices on them, what condiments are you eating with your rice and beans? You must be having salt as well, these are all NOT good for digestion. Can you share the exact recipe of your evening meal. I bet that's where your digestion issues lay.
I gave up these sorts of foods because of their impact on digestion.

* Exercise first thing in the morning so you are pushing your evening meal through more efficiently, there will be less chance of the melon running into it.

* Have a more dense fruit mono meal first thing in the morning, melon ontop of cooked food is not a wise idea.
How'd you go on this fruitbat?
You all were right! It was the cooked food and then eating fruit for dessert, along with not getting enoug water, not enough fruity carbs, and being a lil stressed too I think. Thanks again!
Good on you for rectifying that, it can definitely be challenging to get out of the whole cooked cycle but boy its worth it!
Ok, I'll give it a try. Too bad though, my husband just picked up 4 more watermelons for me on his way home tonight.
Sorry to hear of your distress! I know who you feel. Last August I was advised by a well meaning person to only eat watermelon. They advised me to do that because I was having diarrhea. After a couple of days, I was in excruciating pain.

Here is what I've learned since...I had colitis. A nasty bowel disease! I'm not suggesting that you have colitis. I purchased a book by David Klein Self healing colitis and crones. Following that diet is working for me. It's nice to know what I can and CAN'T eat.

Right now I'm not eating any acid fruits, I've been on a juice diet of grapes and celery and romain. It's working!!!!! I'm just to darn sensitive to eat!!!! And the more I ate the worse I got! This plan goes hand and hand with 811.

If I can be of further service to you it would be my pleasure.
Thank you, Bill! I appreciate it!

Yeah much thanks Bill. Out of curiosity I googled "colitis" and "crones" and I'm almost certain that I'm halfway between IBS and when things are really bad colitis symptoms. I thought everyone went through these symptoms I go through so one degree or other from time to time, but I'm realizing now it's not at all normal, I should never have these symptoms I've had for the last 20 years. What an interesting past two weeks I've had, one I've figured out that I'm gluten and intolerant to all grains, and now I know what to call this list of odd bowel issues that have been plaguing me. And yes I'm having bowel troubles transitioning to raw, basically have been flared up the last 6 weeks. But every now and then I see hope and normal bowel movement. I really get the sense my guts are healing. Watermelons, lettuce, seem to give me trouble too much roughage I think. So I'm doing a lot of juicing but main thing is 100% no grains etc. and sticking to the raw diet for at least a year to before giving up like I did that last 3x times I tried going raw, it's easy to go raw, it's super hard to stay raw. But I'm finding my health problems only getting worst as I get older eating SAD and the only relief I find is eating raw.

Are you familiar with food combining principles? If not, I think that info will save you. Let us know and we can help you out with more on that. Sounds like you could be mixing things a bit too much or eating them near other foods that isn't working for you right now. I would give your system a rest (skip a meal or two) and then try one food at a time, or in combos you know you can tolerate.
Ditch the melons for a test. Give it a few days. I was having issues with them too. Not the scoots, but everything but the watermelon comes out right after eating one.



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