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Hi 30baders!

I would like to convince my friend to go vegan for 30days so she can test and see by herself the increase energy and maybe make the permanent change. Do you guys knows any article on the net that would be helpful convincng her. How would you convince someone, wish fact would you use...
Thanks a bunch ahead for your helpfull input!

Peace and fruit!

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No articles from me, but I do have a book recommendation. The World Peace Diet. Maybe you've read it. I made the decision to go veg before even getting halfway through the book. It covers a wide variety of issues, including both the animal rights and environmental issues...even health ones, it just doesn't go very in depth on that topic (for that, I'd say The China Study is the best, but I'm sure others will chime in with shorter articles).

She can download it here here for free by entering her e-mail address. 

I actually shared this with a friend who was considering going vegetarian but read this and went all the way, vegan :)



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